Thursday 18 December 2014

Peshawar Seige, reminder of my encounter with Terror

I think I was in 8th standard, my sisters were in 6th and 3rd - some short circuit, some sparks and kids ran towards the ground. Rumour said it was a terror attack, some said armed men have held us hostage and a few kids are badly wounded. It was all rumour though, but the entire school was shocked and assembled in the ground. And my eyes frisked the ground trying to locate my sisters, and they found me and we three were together.

I recollect back in September 2008, I was in Gaffar, Karol Bagh moments before the serial blasts in Delhi, me and my younger sister were in metro when we got to know about the blasts. We turned back to CP to catch up with our youngest sister and reach home at 11. It was a curfew at 8 pm. ITO's traffic signal that has always been choc-o-blocked was quite, and we quite had made up our mind that there is gonna be no conveyance today, we might have to walk home. The biggest accomplishment that day was that three of us were together.

Indians could sympathize with #Pakistan on #PeshawarSeige because we know the pain, fear and helplessness that terrorism causes. 

I have grown up with terrorism as a way of life, just like a road accident or a heart attacks. Whenever I heard a minister delivering a pompous speech on anti-terrorism, I would think of whether this man knows about people entering metro premises without being frisked? Does he know that at this point we are not hitting the root of terrorism, a tragedy that could have been avoided to create a terrorist? 

Let's talk about Taliban, there is no good or bad Taliban, they are men with Guns teaching boys to hold guns. Do not let them flourish because beyond all righteous and not-so-righteous is humanity that says COEXIST. Pakistan, your Taliban (your good Taliban) does the same with us what Peshawar attack Taliban (the so called bad Taliban) did to Army Public School Kids. Those kids fought solo, by stuffing something in their mouth, or by acting dead, they did a great job. But they could do it only because you were camouflaged by the dead. Can we just be alive and not be shielded by something?

Pakistan I am sorry for your loss, and my heart goes out for the families who have lost their loved one. I am sharing some words of Gulzaar

अपनी मर्जी से तो मजहब भी नहीं उसने चुना था,
उसका मज़हब था जो माँ बाप से ही उसने विरासत में लिया था,
अपने माँ बाप चुने कोई ये मुमकिन ही कहाँ है, मुल्क में मर्ज़ी थी उसकी ,
न वतन उसकी रजा से वो तो कुल नौ ही बरस का था,
उसे क्यों चुनकर, फिरकादाराना फसादात ने कल क़त्ल किया 

Author's Note: As far as my encounter with terrorism is concerned, it seems that it is my sole responsibility to protect myself if a terror attack happened. When one does not have a choice, all one can do is to bravely declare it as a sole responsibility because yes, I fear next time it could be me - point blank at a terrorist's radar. And for the love I have for people close to me I do not want to imagine any loved one in such a scenario, so sorry I will stop here than to elongate that emotion.

Sunday 7 December 2014

Masked Facade

Being novice
Or are you shutdown
Of those notions
Source: Google Search
That do the rounds
When the lovers meet
On dark midnight

Being lazy
Or are you waiting
Of the facade
That reads of hope
When time is ripe
On moonlit night

Being twisted
Or are you aware
Of her wanting
That she will give up
When you tell her
On words wrapped in lies

Author's Note: We give acceptable names to not so acceptable facets of our personality! You put a mask carry tiny bit of everything so that all may approve of what you show them. 

Saturday 6 December 2014

Temple and Tampons

You fight for temples and tampons,
I will walk inside sacred door.
Source: Google Search

You hand me that sweet somethings,
I will relish it as candy.

You want me to don that amulet,
I will not tote to that force.

You hold me by neck to make me to take a bow,
I will not bow inside a museum.

You tell me to sin and repent till I die,
I will be a sinner innumerable times in your eyes.

You follow what a shepherd wrote,
And I need no such note.

Author's Note: 
You call yourself the saviour of Mosque and Mensuration.
You tell us what should be done with Temple and Tits.
You dictate the rules that govern Churches and Clits.
And  fight over whose preaching is based on science.
And you want theocracy to run countries.
And you kill whoever not following your faith.

P.S.: Religion is only beautiful till it is not forced upon someone. Let us all coexist in the name of humanity!

Twisted Obsession

That wound
He scrached
Hoping the pain
To come back
Source: Google Search
And the pieces
Of her heart
Will only want
To be picked up
And glued together
It only hurts
She got better
At bearing the pain
Of betrayal
And wanting
Of his twisted
Mind and her
Inability to look
Beyond what she
Kept right in front
Of her eyes
Just looking at it
And hoping
It will happen
That he was not
That twisted
And she was not
Obsessed anymore!

Author's Note: Just like the Unicorn, he was mystical! Just like a hopeless, she was romanticised! 

Monday 17 November 2014

My kind of #KissOfLove

Will I stare at a kissing couple? No.
Will I be bothered if someone stares at a kissing couple? No.
Will I protest against someone who stares at a kissing couple? No.
Will I be upset if someone attacks or physically injures a kissing couple? Yes.
Will I protest against someone who attacks a kissing couple? Yes.

And here is my kind of Kiss Of Love protest
Bob Dylan - The Times They Are a-Changin'

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

Author's Note: Will I kiss in public or not? Well I abstain you from discussing what you hold right for me. And as for as you are concerned, here is what I want you to know: 

Kiss if you must, I will not harm you.
Kiss if you must, I will not sexual-ise it.
Kiss if you love, I will not demonize love.

P.S.: The core thought is whether you will pop your eyes when you see two people Kiss!

Sunday 2 November 2014

Before you share on Social Media

Source: Google Search
We carry the world in our palm and we know what is happening in the world within minutes of an act. The power of social is immense, but there is a grim line that gyrates between sensational, responsible and funny!

Think of - purely funny. It presents unverified information for virality. Knowing that it is an outright lie, we laugh and even share some of the updates. Here are the recent ones>>

Being bombarded with information in various social touch-points, we are often taken with the sensational aspect of it. We do not cross check it but start becoming a part of a spree that allows for mindless hooliganism.

Most recent example is mocking Pakistan over gender issue. Pakistan has emerged as the world's second-worst country in terms of gender equality, according to the annual Global Gender Gap Report published by the World Economic Forum. Detailed information brings forth additional shocker - India's ranking fell from 101 out of 136 countries last year to 114 out of 142 countries this year.

I noticed people responsibly sharing their thoughts on the gender issue while using Pakistan gender ranking news to substantiate their point - which is a good strategy. However those who mocked Pakistan need to move beyond comparing apples to oranges philosophy. What should bother us more? In such a scenario, I think India deserves a bigger mocking for not being able to sustain its position forget scaling up the ranking. This was just one example, but there are instances where we join the herd - without thinking much about what we to say. There are times when you can stay quite, it doesn't hurt.

Author's Note: Do you #Google (cross-check) any information (presented as a fact) on social media ? And even if it is a valid information, do you share the thought to bring out a sensational aspect of it or responsible aspect of it?

P.S.: The point to ponder is whether we even realise if we are made to like seemingly responsible story for a sensational purpose.

Saturday 1 November 2014

When life gives you Coffee beans

It was a quick mug of coffee that she craved. She rushed into the office pantry slipped a mug from the shelf, filled it with hot water, threw coffee, sugar and milk powder in it. Moved a spoon inside the mug for precisely five rotations. It tasted bad, but it worked wonders for her.

Source: Google Search
Author's Note: Life is just as a cup of coffee, it will not taste great always but will be just perfect for you.

P.S.: No matter how great you want your coffee to be, sometimes just a quick one cannot match the one presented by the best of Barista(s). I assume that all hot, cold, frothy, espresso, latte, cappuccino, arabian coffee lovers connect to this post.

Friday 31 October 2014

Complicating Love

Source - Google Search
We can talk about it later, we have all the time. Why do you want to spoil the day? he asked while answering the question - I think you like being melodramatic.

She was enraged, melodramatic was a strong word. He was as calm as still waters as if he did not say anything offensive. From the very beginning, it was impossible for her to read his mind. For her who could read anyone's mind within a span of few seconds, her sense was turned blind when he was the one. His face never invited her judgement, it was non conditional feeling that numbed her mind.

I do not ask anything other than a yes or a no, she said while looking right in his eyes.

He was quite, his eyes did not reveal anything. After a long uncomfortable silence, he said, saying either is not as simple as it sounds.

She left with a broken heart and managed to hide her tears. She did not want to explain to him the basic concept of love. She hoped to be wanted by him, not as a person who can make his day but as a companion who could sweep him away.

Author's Note: Love is not complicated, people are. 

P.S.: It is okay to get your heart broken, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that prince charming. (wink)

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Go for a Plain and Simple Diwali!

A 10 year old girl discovered smog for the first time. It was the day after Diwali, when her mom was cleaning the terrace that was mauled by crackers. Welcoming the advent of winters – she announced to her mom that the fog has come. Her mom, not so enthusiastically, told her that it is not fog – it is smog! Looking at question in her eyes – what is smog?, her mom continued telling her that it is the product of pollution that comes from crackers that people burst during Diwali. The 10 year old was not excited anymore. She looked closely at the layer of smog. It appeared like a black mass resting between the sky and earth. It looked beautifully calm, but it was the calmness that was haunting! Like a predator, moving slowly towards a prey. And till the time the prey realizes that, it is dead!

After that day she did not burst crackers. The haunting image of smog appeared in front of her.

Source: The Logical Indian
Now there is something doing rounds on social media – against an annoying pretentious friend who insists on a plain and silent Deepawali! Check it here >>

The claims made by this message include the following and I bring to you my opinion about the message that is being extensively shared by people who enjoy bursting crackers.

1. The major source of pollution - vehicles and industries burning fossil fuels. Hits the nail on the spot. That is why renewable energy is being so talked about. That is why carbon credits exist. That is why we protest deforestation.

2. Even smoking a cigarette is much bigger source of pollution
If cigarette haunts you so much, then during Diwali a non smoker inhales smoke that is equivalent to 100 sticks. 

3. The deadly CFC gases from the ACs these leftists pseudo-intellectuals put in their comfy rooms. Can we live without ACs? Climate change is inevitable – the only possibility is to delay it by being responsible towards environment. Rather than using ACs in all the rooms, use AC in just one room, keep the temperature between 22 to 24 and stuff.

4. Mere 1 day's worth of air-travel in the world produces much more deadly pollution that a Diwali celebration that we observe just once a year.
Exhausts out of an Aero-plane are under checks – exhausts out of crackers are not!

5. We're silently suffering million times more pollution then we shouldn't complain about something insignificant in comparison. As long as people do it in moderation, and enjoy it no one should have a problem.
It could appear insignificant to those who do not suffer. An asthmatic person suffers and while the regulated industrial limit does not seem to kill a lung patient, crackers bursted on the Diwali day do! Who keeps a check on moderation? We do not have any regulations to limit using crackers?

Author's Note: Please do not pick a better wrong out of many wrongs. Celebrate plain and simple Diwali. Celebrations must not encourage damaging the environment. 

Friday 17 October 2014

Queen is what the Queen does!

I bring to you opinions of a guest on my blog - Anupriya Karmakar. She has some special observations to share on Queen! (the Movie). Here is her post:

This year saw several woman centric movies. Some struggled at the box office and were off the cineplexes in a jiffy (Gulab Gang, Bobby Jasoos, Revolver Rani), while others managed to garner rave reviews (Highway, Mary Kom, Mardani). For me this year belonged to Queen.

What I loved about this movie was that it was such a simple story made with sheer honesty. A perfect blend of emotions, fun, and serious messages said in a moderate tone. Never did I feel it was trying to preach anything yet it left a great impact. While many of you may have different memories from the movie, I personally have kept a few with me. Forever.

Go on a trip alone: Rani, the protagonist, decides to go for her honeymoon all by herself. To many of us it may seem bizarre but that’s what we all need – a trip alone. Being a woman, especially in India, we all are warned even to think of travelling alone. No matter how liberal our parents are. ‘Akeli ladki’ (Lone woman) are just some words that have been haunting us for ages. All we end up doing is calling up a bunch of disinterested friends who have unending excuses.

Make your backpack your companion. Whether going through a tough phase or not – just head out!

Let first impressions not impair your judgments: During her trip to Paris and Amsterdam Rani meets and befriends new people. Not only she gets close to people from different cultural backgrounds but makes new ‘male’ friends – something she would have never thought of.

At times we are quick to form an opinion about a new person. Our actions are ruled by what we think of that person. But we forget it’s not always the time that decides how well we know someone.

Don’t wash dirty linen in public: There’s just one instance when Rani gets sloshed in Paris and bares her heart out to Vijaylaxmi. However, when her friends in Amsterdam get into a brawl with her ex/fiancé, she clearly tells them to stay out.

No matter how much damage a person does to your feelings, it’s more dignified when you choose not to humiliate or try giving them a dosage of their own medicine in front of others. Respect is something that can elevate or tear someone apart with equal intensity.

Unleash the wild within you: Rani is a naïve girl, who even after being in a relationship is shown to have never French-kissed. She meets a stranger,Marcello, in Amsterdam and accepts his challenge to prove Indian style of kissing is the best by kissing him. She goes out to night-clubs and dances her heart out – something her fiancé had forbidden her from indulging in.

It’s sometimes good to let your hair down and just have a good time. The point made is not getting intimate with a stranger. That’s at your own discretion! ;)

Give your passion a chance: Thanks to Marcello that Rani gets to explore her hidden culinary skills and impresses the visitors at a fair with her desi Indian snack – GolGuppa. At first what it seemed as a failure, turns out a huge hit among the foreigners.

There’s no such thing as the perfect time to do what you like doing. It’s therapeutic when you want to break from the mundane.

The movie holds a special place in my heart. For starters: It’s my first movie alone in a theatre! Being a person conscious of the way I conduct myself in public (well, most of the times), the thought of watching a movie and reacting emotionally, all by myself, was nerve-racking. What if the stranger sitting next to you thinks you’re a retard? For me movie-watching is an experience that’s best enjoyed in the company of others. That’s just my personal viewpoint. I need another post to state the reasons. Anyway, thanks to a friend who ditched me at the last moment – for vaild professional reasons, of course (obviously I would never buy a ticket for just myself in the first place), I got to enjoy a wonderful piece of cinema, irrespective of who sat beside me that day.

As Rani took her final majestic walk after meeting her fiancé in the end, that’s how I felt on my way back after watching the movie – in my own little way with my own little achievement!

Author's Note: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Shine for sharing her space on the blog with me and, most importantly, for encouraging me to write a blog post after ages.

P.S.: Thank you Anupriya! I hope you be a recipient of happy hospitality on my blog. You deserve a double thank you - for writing the post and helping with quite a few images - that makes me want to visit the movie again.

Photo Credit: Google Search

Sunday 5 October 2014

Five reasons not to #BoycottHaider

To me bashing any piece of creativity is unjustified, be it fatwa against Salman Rushdie for his work, censor board's stalling Deepa Mehta's Fire, or Tweeples talking #BoycottHaider. Just for the records the movie garnered 8.9 IMBD rating and people in my circle, who have watched the movie, have liked it. So to me all that criticism and Boycott talk is coming from people who have boycotted it already - most of the participants in the #BoycottHaider drive have not even watched the movie!
Source: Google Search

Here is my observation about the claims made on Twitter. I will refrain from sharing the story line, but I will pick up points that you will be able to relate with once you watch it!

1. The story is about the struggles of a Muslim family. It shows that Muslims in Kashmir are vulnerable, the ones who spread violence are those who are across the border. They mislead youth and use them as a tool to spread disharmony in India. People follow the wrong path for a reason - mostly for sentiments not for big ideologies.

2. I do not see Army's role is not in a wrong light - it shows that Army is no clairvoyant - they go via the messenger route. The movie indicates that Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) is a draconian law, and if you do a little google search you will find reasons why is it called as a tool of state abuse, oppression and discrimination. Even UN has stated that AFSPA is against international law. The act is applied in the state of Kashmir and North East to protect India from terrorists, but any law - like Dowry Law or Rape Law - is susceptible to misuse. Irom Sharmila has been on a hunger strike from 2000 to get this act out. She has been fed through a pipe attached to her nose. So there are protests against AFSPA for quite a long time - the movie in fact brings this to light.

3. It does not in any way bring Kashmiri pandit into the picture. No talk about Hinduism. The movie is not about them. It is about the struggles parents of Muslim who do not want their kids to fall in the trap of terrorism. Parents who want their kids to move out in other parts of India and experience real freedom.

4. The movie reminds that plebiscite for People of Kashmir was promised by Pt Nehru. The issue has been raised time and again - shows that politicians should not deliver big speeches if they cannot stand upto it, it creates resentment. There is a scene in the movie - that indicated that it is not about freedom of Kashmir but about slavery from across the border.

5. Haider, he was not a hero, but a protagonist, fighting complexities of loss, betrayal and revenge!

Author's Note: Why does a piece of art haunt people? It is just an opinion, and not a holy book! Listening to the other side of the story only makes you human. Young Muslims in Kashmir are being misled by an organised set of terrorists. #HaiderTrueCinema. The movie is based on facts!

Thursday 18 September 2014


Source: Google Search
Complicated Simplicities.
Eased Perplexities.
Insulted Truths.
Honoured Lies.
Gruntled Pains.
Stiff Smiles.
Elongated Yawns.
Ephemeral Felicities.
Transient Adoration.
Lasting Hatered.
Temporary Elations.
Persisting Sobs.

Author's Note: Complex extremes of life!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Success can fail you, failure will not

Often, we are at that point in life where we see success right on our face. It is that time when we can see success coming right to us. It is a feeling of both accomplishment and disquiet because it is just half an inch away from us. Right when we just cannot wait to grab it and this time again success failed us. The intensity of disappointment ranges from the importance of success and frequency of related failures.

Source: Google Search

On the other hand, failure is always a possibility - we can fail at every day task. It is frustrating - something like that cup of coffee that does not taste the way you like it. We may not fear failure, but failing is a denunciation. We cannot succeed every time, failure is imminent. Despite failing many times, failure will not make you get used to it. We have had many such examples - talk of Mark Zuckerberg or Thomas Edison or even a random person you see on your way to work. We all struggle to rise above failure - in our own ways. Look at the brighter side, there are things that only failure can teach us. Things that failure bring to us:

1. Failure is a mirror showing moment: No matter whether the moment of failure came to you because of your own short-comings. A failure brings a wide mirror of reality right on to your face.

2. Failure makes you a take a re-look at your strategy: Innovation is the product of fear of failure or becoming redundant. If you dig deep into why you failed, you can find direction and get one notch higher towards success.

3. Failure brings the best in you as an individual: A failed person will have more respect towards the struggles of people around. A different perspective and a fresh outlook towards the world out there.

Success is a constant struggle we fight in solitude. I do not think that anyone is an accidentally successful person, it needs work to be successful. It takes efforts either of the person who succeeded or of those who work for that person. Success is very brittle and relative.

Author's Note: No one succeeds at the very first shot. Success arrives after a series of failure and it is short lived. The same strategy will not work again.

P.S: If you have something to add, I would be delighted to read.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Life's lessons from The Shawshank Redemption

There is a reason why The Shawshank Redemption got into IMDB highest ranks. It is about the bond shared between two men in prison.
Source: Google Search

They shared emotions, laughs, secrets, regrets and salvation. This movies is my all time favourite not only for the story line but for the lessons it teaches us. And I bring them to you here, as I see them.
  • Keep reminding yourself about where you want to be. And do something about it, no matter how insignificant.
  • Hope……… is a good thing, Maybe………. the best of things, and no good thing……..ever dies. - Andy
  • Be ready to swim through crap.
    “Andy crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to. Five hundred yards… that’s the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile.” – Red
  • Maintain your significance even in most horrible places
  • Carve, dig and smoothen your rock to create a cushion for future. 
  • Take time to know people, do not make snap-impressions.
  • Do not get comfortable with restrictions and limitations.
  • Allow your special people to make a comeback into your life.
  • Do not make people who love you drift away from you.
  • Buy your friends beer ;)
  • Admire women, we enjoy it.
Author's Note: I do not want to share the story line, and highly recommend you to take time and watch the movie. If you have already seen it, great. And if you plan to watch it, do come back to share what you learned.

The thought of being terminated

Many of us get really scared at the thought of being handed over a termination letter, aka Pink Slip. In this kind of a situation your financial stability is likely to go for a toss. You would see a big red flag hanging in front of you, just as the carrot and the donkey visual. The only difference is that you do not want to eat that flag, you want to make it invisible.

Termination is harsh.

If you carry that termination tag as it is, your performance will be under speculation. The threat is not as much on being able to find a new job, but on the impression this TERMINATION stamp make on the next possible employer. What would the next employer think? How will I not let this TERMINATION stamp affect my chances of getting selected in my next job?....

And that mesh of questions have the power to overpower the confidence you have in yourself.

And then you will come up with possible band-aid approach - to hide that work experience all together, and let those hard earned skills that you gained in the job go unnoticed. It will obviously appear like a sabbatical - and may cause a big dent in ones' career.

The only pro about a termination letter is that the employer has to pay a minimum of 3 month pay of severance. The other option is you make it appear like a resignation and take the last month's pay.

My question is, how much does the hiring fraternity understand about termination? Is it a taboo? Here are some cases that could be the case scenario for a termination tag:

  • If it as performance related termination than may be you have to look for a job which allows you to be easy at work. However, being easy at work is a relative concept.
  • What about the other angle of getting fired, let's say that you and your boss could not get along well. Your ideas were innovative and your boss' were conservative, or vice-versa. There was an ego clash and you were asked to leave.
  • The company was not doing so well, and you as a resource were coming across as costly. So you were politely asked to leave.

There could be more such scenarios. I was also terminated once as the company was closed down. The day news broke, I received a call from a former employer asking me to join back at the same salary, I declined. Another case I recall was going for an interview where the interviewer was more interested in understanding the reason for my company's closure than my skills. But ultimately I received two offer letters and realised that it was just a momentary challenge. I became stronger after that incident. Now I do not fear being terminated.
Source: LinkedIn

Tuesday 19 August 2014

The deadly reach of LinkedIn

Just as employers look for a perfect fit for a role through reference checks, rounds of interviews and discussions – we, as job seekers, look for an organization that is a close fit for our career development.

Factor this, you applied for a job, everything went smooth – and now when you are right out there to be handed over that offer. When you are at the verge of putting down your paper, you were suggested to reach out to former employees of the company. How? Of-course LinkedIn, GlassDoor or just Google the name of the company.... It is like a paparazzi and you are out there to pick clues of the reality.

Source: LinkedIn
The company’s secrets are out. Either it could be written somewhere, or you just received a reply from one of the former jilted employees indicating the flaws in the system. And yes those are real flaws – not about office gossip and politics, but about loopholes in the business model, possible jitters that may come in the way of your career development, including the work environment.

Company secrets are no more secrets. It is better if organizations realize that and stop treating an employee as just an employee and make them leave you on a bitter note. Employer branding is a real thing – the dark-side of the office happiness will be exposed. In times to come, organizations will understand the power of employee agony – it can cost you more than a jilted customer.

What are your thoughts on it?
Source: LinkedIn

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Robin Williams' Inspirational Quotes

Words stay, man perishes. I want to pay tribute to this superstar with these best of Robin Williams quotations:

  • "You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
  • "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change this world." - via Dead Poets Society
  • “There is still a lot to learn and there is always great stuff out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.”

Author's Note: It is said that people who smile a lot, are the ones who are struggling the most. Was Robin Williams one such example?

P.S: RIP, one of the greatest actors, comedians of all time.  

Saturday 9 August 2014

Ripples and Perspectives

Just as the ripples streamed through a point.
Those ripples followed each other.
In a perfect circular shape.
And merged with the shores.
Touching the edge of the pond.
One after the other.
In symmetrical streams.
Created for a short span.
No matter who brought those ripples.
Whether a pebble or a Kingfisher.
It brought to motion the calmness.
Some see beauty in calmness.
Some found meaning in the motion.

Author's Note: It all comes down to perspective.

P.S.: It is time for introspection, where do you find solace, in ripples or in calmness.

Friday 8 August 2014

A Wish

A wish that was to come out through her murmur.
Was something she kept so dear and close.
The words she choose were carefully put together.
So that it will not fall beck on being misconstrued.

Each time she was about to say that prayer,
She was stopped for a fear.
What if it came true?
Will she regret asking for it?

Author's Note: Something you badly wanted, but still doubt if you should want it.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Perks of falling in love with the wrong person

Many of you will relate to this topic, because at one time or the other we have all been head over heels for the wrong one. Some of us were stuck in for longer than recommended. This recommended duration comes from people who ask you how could you be with him for so long?
The good times you have had with someone you love was the reason you were together, count the bad times - those were not meant to be there.
But there are some perks to it, so if you curse yourself for being with that jerk for longer than you should have, read on:

The battle of Love Quotations and Love Rules 

Those fancy love quotations are just for those real love stories, they are not the rules of relationship.
The only rules of a love relation is respect for each other, for yourself and for the two of you. The moment that balance is let lose the relationship will fall. Now when you will be in that cursing mode, remember that you have learnt your lesson and have to find that person who possesses real qualities, reciprocates your admiration, accepts you and both of you have mutual respect.

You found out where exactly you went wrong

Being let down repeatedly by him/her and accepting it was wrong on your part.
If you are the one sobbing right now, the chances of you being taken for granted are higher. And if that is the case, then you may also narrate endless incidents about what you did for him/her. Yes there would have been situations where the other one would have reciprocates, but to no match. So you might have realized how powerfully truthful was that little voice in your head.

You learn that you are the center of your world

Your dreams about going for a vacation with him/her are yet to be realized. May be you have also dreamt about your kids, a happy family, et al. And you have held that idea so dear to you that you cannot just let it go. Now you know that nothing will count if the other person is the wrong one. Now you know those red flag situations and will not fall prey to such tricks in life ever and say NO when required.

Once you will clear the clutter in your head, you will get over the fear of unknown, and accept yourself completely. Display the spirit of Dew - Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai (victory lies ahead what you fear).

Author's Note: So that little or long relationship experiment was over (had it been a successful relationship, I would have termed it relationship investment), you know yourself better. Your illusions would have been clear by now and ultimately you will have no time and energy to curse him/her and leave it on karma for hurting you.

P.S: When you were with that wrong person and someone asked you why you love him and her, can you recall your answer? Tell me in the comment box.

Monday 30 June 2014

An Old Love Affair

Unveiled each layer of her life
Each layer was mute and dark
It shouted out of silence
To break free of manacle wrapped around her
She waited it to get corroded and rusted
But she feared losing her zeal
She silenced her muted shouts
Allowed her zeal to do the talking

Source: Google Search
The cuffs of his shirt were dirty
The fragrance of his sweat was fresh
No manacle could fit his wrist
Because he was a free spirited man
It was that passion that rested within him
He heard those silenced muted shouts
And followed the noise to find her

Like the wine gets better with time, their old love affair got stronger with time.

Author's Note: It was either to look at the beauty of the word love or pay obedience to the beast that resides in the word affair.

P.S.: To those love stories that have come out stronger through the test of time.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

The Story of Smoke

Desires to bring you comfort.
Desires to bring you happiness.
Desires that bring you a momentary pleasure.
I am smoke, and you created me to satisfy those desires.
I was not existent till the time you lit a cigar, you burned that fuel, you brought fire to the woods...

I was born when you destructed mother nature. As I came to life, I had to make way through a narrow path. The way that was dark, and it was suffocated due to my presence. The more I was bound, the more fierce I became to find a way out. My zeal to break into the real world did not die.

I kept finding way out till I found it. From an insignificant mass inside a narrow lane, I busted into the air. I spread myself under the endless skies. Forming various shapes and dancing to the sound of strong wind that did not welcome me, but merged me into the air. It did not kill me, but it took away my identity. I existed, but no one could see me.

I was left to cause you death. My impact was there - a strong one. I promise to haunt you to revenge my destruction.

Author's Note: I have always been fascinated by the smoke coming out of Chimneys, I was reminded that today.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Friendship and the Nots!

We have all had our share of fake friends, they are those who show with all their might that they care. But when you are not there, they make fun of your weak points. They discuss you with other people, only to derive some pleasure of gossip. At times when you are there, they will out of innocence make a comment that will pinch you so hard that you will wonder if what you understood what the real meaning of that comment.

Sometimes people take you for granted. They start thinking that they are living your life, and knowingly or unknowingly start doing things that the you do not like. Here are a few things that I do not like and just hope that I do not do these to you. 

When I think about friends, here are some things I would not do to a friend:

#1. I will not judge you. Simply hear you out - with no judgements. I mean it!
#2. I will not have crush on your crush, or hit on your guy.
#3. I will not speak on your behalf or make plans for you without your consent.
#4. I will not feed on your pain point, even when we are no more friends.
#5. I will not ignore your phone calls.
#6. I will not influence the choices you make.
#7. I will not get you to tell me something that you do not want to.

Author's Note: Friendship is an association that will help people grow, together, for better. I will never pull you down, or manipulate your choices.

P.S.: If you are being a false friend then our friendship will drift apart, of not soon then within a matter of weeks or months.

Monday 16 June 2014

To get better...

When things fade, do they fade for something better?
After a scorching summer heat, rain is welcomed with open arms.

Be it the sun, rain, cold, hail, snow or storm.
All are short-lived, yet cause a big impact.

When I think of weather, I think of life - it never stays still.
It keeps moving and obstructs excess of anything.

Troubles or good times are short-lived.
The impact they cause is for a lifetime.

Author's Note: It gets bad only to get better!

P.S.: Good and bad coexist, embrace the goodness and ignore the rest.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Gambling Away Love

The arrival of June in Delhi is not pleasant. Birds look for water, dogs are never found with their tongue tucked in, cows laze around and for humans it is the time when they got no time to move out, but to stay indoors, next to an AC that causes temperature inside her room go down, but throws all the heat outside.

And there she was, cursing the AC each time she is out in sun. Machines running on the concept of reverse 'carnot cycle' do not make stepping out of home a pleasant experience. June has arrived and her mind is full of questions. Questions about survival, questions about life, questions about friends & those fake ones, questions about people who either turned or will turn non-existent and questions about love.


For a few days she has been trying to make a big decision - a decision that once made will change her life forever. The question that haunted her forever was will she fall in love again? Will she adore someone more than she adored her first love? Will she care for someone more than she cared for him?

She started penning down in her diary, she still wanted to give him a chance, but she was scared - of a No. And if it would be a yes - she was scared of lies, being betrayed and left again. Because she needs someone who will love her unconditionally and did not want to be the only one who gave away all the conditions to be with him. She was sick of giving and not getting that unconditional love in return.

So she decided that she will not believe in love anymore. Her pure feelings did not make her strong she will keep her emotions on guard! She will play it on as a gamble.

Author's Note: It is not logical to fall in love with someone beyond any condition, but it is all fine when it is not coming from just one side.

P.S.: Matters of heart are like gambling, it is either a big loss or a huge win! 

Sunday 25 May 2014

Goodbye First Love!

It is the hardest thing to do,
because this is a pure feeling.

It is like tough to break loose,
because we are like swinging Magnets!

We attract and we repel
And keep struggling in our mind

Our Norths do not get along
Our Souths detest each other.

But my North loves your South
And your North loves my South.

That is why it is the hardest thing
To say good bye to you, dear first love!

Author's Note: We attract each other when we are far away and repell each other when we are close.

P.S.: Goodbyes are never easy, and when it is about first love - it is the toughest thing to do.

Friday 16 May 2014

In praise of NaMo - Narendra Modi.

BJP won India's 2014 Union Elections, or did Modi win? Would it be synonymous to say so?  My Facebook feeds are full of 'in praise of NaMo'. I do not have any reasons to say why he should have not won.

When George W. Bush was elected as President of America for the second time, I was sad that Americans are so ignorant that they choose someone who would further the international oil diplomacy surfaced in the form of Iraq war. Americans are ignorant people. They think that the moon is made of cheese and if you tell them that it is not they will not agree, instead argue with you.

The political arena is a dirty place. The PR machinery backing Mr Modi was just a little too aggressive.
Check the image below:

Source: Logical Indian Facebook Page
Apparently, #BJP had done some cost-cutting when it came to pay for 'skilled' graphic designers.

Don't miss to visit the official link attached!
Too many media houses means too many opinions. Sometimes PR machinery goofs up. Modi Refused to Talk about Gujarat Riots, check the video here, where he walks out from an Interview with Karan Thapar.

For people to justify his wrong doings during the Godhra riots, just because he brought development to Gujarat make me feel that Indian's are putting themselves too much into Modi's shoes - ranting & chanting NaMo. And please do not compare two wrongs to justify that the wrong Modi did was still a better wrong than wrongs done during the 1984 Sikh riots. 

I wish he will take India as a secular state, where existence of any religion is not under government's watch.
I wish no Ram Mandir is constructed at Babri Masjid site, make it a memorial for Ayodhya riot victims
To all those religious people out there, who I might have offended, I believe in just The Facebook God!

Author's Note: Good Luck Mr Modi! And Please answer questions raised in my previous post, Modi - The Prime Time Indian Tamasha.

P.S.: I wish we see India where if someone we love did something wrong, we can go upto that person and tell them. Be it those who burnt Sabarmati express, or those who burnt Best Bakery - It was wrong - paving way for a man eats man world!

P.P.S: A little ride on the memory lane, I expect something similar coming to Modi. 

Wednesday 7 May 2014

A-to-Z Challenge - Reflections

First of all I would like to extend a heartfelt thank to Shesha Chaturvedi to bring the challenge to my notice and help me at each step of it. Without this information I would have not been a recipient of get well soon wishes.Many of the fellow bloggers visited my blog and the comments from them kept me going despite being sick. I am much better today, although still not in shape to move out, but too better while recovering from Enteric Fever. It was arrested in the initial stage and did not convert into typhoid.

On thinking back, I learnt a lot about the world of blogging - and the mantra - visit other bloggers, comment if you feel like, do not be rude to a blogger ever (it hurts), be a positive critic, and network on social platforms.

More than anything, I learnt a lot about myself. So here are some things that I learnt about myself:

1. I can put together a case on short deadline, but not while I am having a headache
2. Blogging does not need all the time, but the time when you can just write
3.It may appear monotonous to the writer, but when one goes back to see all write-ups are different.
4. Post around fiction and/or humour works best
5. I managed to follow the theme of Emotions and Expressions.

To read all posts of A-to-Z April Challenge, Click here>>

Author's Note: This was my first participation to such a long challenge, and I totally enjoyed it! A special thanks to the A-to-Z April Challenge secret Facebook group.

Badge : A-to-Z April Challenge [2014] Survivor
P.S.: I made new blog-friends! Including Danny Simon, Beloo Mehra, Nisha, Prasanna Rao, Kathy Combs, Conlee Ricketts, Vishal Bheeroo, Jayanta, Nabanita, Ananya, A Wrter, Tulika, Natasha Borah Khan, Sunday VisitorShiva, and many more...

P.P.S: I tried to further this chain by introducing the challenge to Garima Om. I was glad that she also participated in the challenge, on such a short notice :).

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Zeal: A-to-Z Challenge [30 April 2014]

This is the last post of my A-to-Z April Challenge Journey. The challenge was tough to put upto, given that I traveled to Udaipur where I scheduled my posts and the fact that for over 8 days I am sick, the fever is running as high as 102. The doctor also indicated that it could be typhoid.  I am glad that I am writing the day zero post. I finally managed it.

So without much delay, I thank all those who visited my blog, those who commented and those whose comments gave me an idea to write on. I am sorry for not been able to respond to comments. Today as I stand on Day Zero of the contest, I wish to talk only of one thing - Zeal. 


I have a zeal to write, my words may sound out of context to you, but for me I do strive hard to put together my thoughts. As they say that the toughest task for a writer is to write. Perhaps that is why my aspirational novel of 200 pages is not moving ahead from 70 pages.

When you really want to do something, you cannot afford to do injustice to it. It has to be the best, not for the readers, but for you. Because the toughest critic you have to impress ever is no one but you. I know that I will come up with my book, if not tomorrow, then after a year or ten years.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
I dedicate this post to your zeal. Whatever you wanted to do in life, start today, no matter how small or how big that first step is, just start - because it is the first step that matters, it is the first step that is the toughest and it is the first step that can make all the difference. It will be that first step that you will thank yourself for taking the day you actually meet your much zealous aim.

My list of those aims marked by my active interest and enthusiasm appears to be endless. Many people do not seem to get when I try to make them understand, but at the end, making them understand is not as important for me as it is for me to achieve it.

Author's Note: Through my last post for the contest, I wish a happy zealous achievements to all.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Yummy Factor: A-to-Z Challenge [29 April 2014]

Long long ago, I was watching Discovery Travel and Living. A series on best food from across the world was running on screen. That was the day the fact that good food is the essence of survival of foodies, like me. Here are bring to you a trip to must visit eateries in Delhi and the pictures of some yummy stuff that just does not get out of my head.

1. Andhra Bhawan Thali - I can die/kill for it. Food is cheap and unlimited. Besides food, they serve paan while you exit.

Source: Anupriya Karmakar's fb photographs
2. Yummy is the only word for Chacha's Chole Bhature, Kamla Nagar. It has been really long since I gorged on it. Long waiting stretching upto an hour is expected on Saturdays.

3. South African chain if Lebanese food - Nando's serves the best periperi chicken. When two chicken lovers who talk a lot visit this place, all they do is no talk, just eat!

4. Qd's: I love the Garlic Noodles and Tandoori Momo here. The staff is very prompt and if they pack the wrong order, they are quick to replace it - No frown, just good food.
5. Bengali Market, no matter what you eat, you can find it here as long as you are a vegetarian. Two restaurants situated across a small road have the best to help you with a culinary treat. I love golgappas here!


Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: If you are a Delhite then you should have been to all these places, and if you have not been then do pay a visit. And if you are visiting Delhi, then I bet that your trip is incomplete if you have not has these delectable delights. 

P.S.: I am really sick these days, and my taste buds are totally numb, and neither can I pamper them. Just imagine how bad I feel right now! Food is the best I could think of to write on at this moment. 

P.P.S.: A foodie's emotions and expressions are paramount to me. This contest would have not been complete without a mention of food.

Monday 28 April 2014

Xerox: A-to-Z Challenge [28 April 2014]

“I was so disappointed that you did not want to perform at your uncle’s Sangeet function. Look at your cousin Palak, how confidently she gave her performance making your uncle proud. All the guests were asking me about your performance, and I felt so embarrassed.”, scolded a mother of 7 years Kriti.

“Mom, I wanted to do a stand-up comedian performance, something like we saw in Zurich during our vacation.” explained Kriti.

“I told you, that is not a girl thing. You are a girl, and there are some things that are not meant for them. Your dance teacher will be attending to you for extra hours in the coming three days so that you do not goof up the way you did last night.”

This was the conversation between a mother and her 7 years old daughter Kriti. This young girl gets to hear a lot about achievements of her peers, and a bunch of girls who loved dancing, singing, and getting indulged in girl stuff. All that Kriti’s parents wants is her to catch the best from all of them.

Kriti at a young age has a tight 'mechanical' schedule. She is back at 1:30 from school and after that she is paraded in various classes, right from dance to piano lessons to singing classes, everything was so girlie. She did not know what is girlie and what is not, but she did not like what she was supposed to do, she wanted something else.

Are parents trying to get the Xerox of a girlie girl, and not let her be what she is?

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: I see many parents try to make them fit into a typical xerox of what according to them fits perfect in the frame. A boy should be blue and girl should be pink- why a boy can’t like pink and girl blue?

P.S.: If you are a boy, you should not wear pink, it is a girl's colour. A boy of 5 years told me that and all I wondered was who taught him gender segmentation?

P.P.S.: Thanks Shesha for quick edits.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Winner: A-to-Z Challenge [26 April 2014]

On tasting the flavours of being a Winner.
I was addicted to my failures.
Not because they were good.
But their coming was so grand.
I had to work really towards it to make it a win.


Each one of us is a winner in our own way.  What matters is if you see your failures worth to put you up to where you are or where you want to be. Winning is a very relative concept, for a labourer, earning bread for each day could be a big win but for an industrialist, losing a multimillion contract could be just another day.

Stepping out with an intent to embrace your failures is what makes you a winner. No one can be a winner always, if it is about a genuine effort than it will be accompanied by a lot of failures and a big win!

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: They say that failures are the stepping stones to success. In big pursuits, failures are often regarded as big milestones only winners find on their way to success.

P.S.:  When I look back at my life, I see hardship. At the same time it was accompanied by a belief that it will not get worse than this. It will get only better. I have had my share of failures, my share of losses but the lessons that accompanied those failures made me a winner.

P.P.S: Do share your success on the comment box, with a little flavour of failure.

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