Wednesday 21 December 2011

Seems to be....

and it seems to be a river bed
and we two seem to be in love...

and we seem to be talking
and the talks seem to never end....

and the sun seems to have already went to sleep behind the endless green hallows
and the sun seems to have been listening to us all this while
and the birds seem to have gone to sleep in their dens quite a while ago...

and the river is still awake with the waters flowing peacefully
and each part of the water in the river is paying homage to words that live for a very brief moment
and the words leaving us seem to be giving way to the ones that are stocked inside us...

and a boat seem to be resting on the moving waters
and there seem to be a night rider sitting on the throttle
and the rider seems to wait for his prey unfazed with our presence
and it seems the rider knows that we are practicing the newly learnt language of love, the language, which needs no words

and the moon seem to be seeping through the dark
and it seems to be standing on our head asserting his presence
and the moon seems to be shining making it too hard for us not to notice him...
and he seems to tell us that he will be our accomplice through the night
and the stars seem to twinkle in consent....

and the vampires of the night seem to be out for hunt
and I seem to be fearless as I am with you...
and we seem to still have a long way to go
and we still have long endless talks ....

Author's Note: This is what all it seems, do not know how much of this will be true

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Facebook Stalkers and Me

I never entertain facebook friend requests by strangers.. But there is no dearth of facebook stalkers and those people who repeatedly send you friend requests despite your declining it... On that note, I just realized that I have some fodder for my blog, leaving you here to read the messages that reach on "Facebook - Message - Other" link (these messages are sent by people who are out of your network, i.e. you don't have any mutual friend)..

I respect everyone's individuality so don't ask for their identity.. But you will get to read my reactions to these messages....

Message: Hey hi, I just gone through ur pics and profile and liked it very much, its nice. Can v b frends, if u dnt mind? Pls reply.
Reaction: Shine wonders if this is a marriage proposal? Even if it had been one, Shine would have declined it  :-/... AND YES I DO MIND

Message: nice profile..can i knw u and be ur frnd..myself a CA by proff and like making frnds
Reaction: Whoaaaa I just learnt that making friends is a trait that is comparable to being a CA by profession

Message: hello shine nice pic.. well i am neeraj working with MNC as analyst at travelling, listening to music so can v b frnd
Reaction: What is he trying to tell me? Is he saying that since he likes travelling and listening to music, I should be his friend.... 

Message: hi, ur very gorgeous,, cn v b frnz ? 97118*****79.. plz reply karna
Reaction: I wish I could bring to your notice that all buggers who call on my mobile get their number circulated amongst gangsters of Ramjas College.. These gangsters have many sim cards, and they has a passion for competing with these buggers, as to who bugs the best.... Anyways I am yet to decide on what to do with those who leave their numbers in my facebook inbox... 

Message: do looks nice. a natural tinge of subtle beauty in there..
Reaction: Nice... This is a compliment, though I see grammatical error

Message: How r u doing mate ? amazing smile u have got ... sum1 will be really lucky to see it for rest of his life .... keep it up.. You must b the cutest frnd suggestion FB ever gave me are you working with google 2 ?
Reaction: Blush Blush....

Message: hi , pl add me as ur frnd. i saw ur pic, very beautiful u r. can we be good frnds. i m B.Tech.+M.Tech. working as engineer in ghaziabad. u can contact me at 081***14355. if u dont mind. waiting 4 sweet reply. bye.
Reaction: This one seems to be stalking me on facebook 

Author's Note: Readers are welcome to post their reactions...
PS: I have written a few incomplete posts, shall post them soon.. Love you all, but my blog the most :)

Tuesday 18 October 2011


I don't believe in thee almighty
They pray and claim to be his followers
I believe in more than thee

They see power in an idol
I see power in me
I don't say I am supreme
Its just I don't believe in the almighty

They feel they follow five times a day ritual 
And they have done their duty
I feel they did some twisting and turning
And just got up in the wee

I see they taking processions
Decorate their deity
I see it as a fest
A colourful spree

I don't believe in god! 
I am wrong, I don't care  if you tell me
I do not subscribe your silent ways to party
I find it baseless and a reason worth to flee!

P.S.: No offense to the larger non-atheists' community! Hate mails and comments can make way for my inbox :)

Monday 18 July 2011

Blasts in Mumbai... banking on numbers and spirits!

I do not claim this as a solution, infact I don't really have a solution to it.... All we need are open eyes, ears, senses................. And we shall fight terror!

- शाइन कपूर

They call an urgent meeting and start talking about their hush hush analysis, buck passing and how will they share intelligence that a terror attack will not happen again.. The death count is another consideration which highlights the severity of such meetings.. 

How do they mellow down  the effect.. bring in the dead and injured data, news channels will analyse that this attack was less severe from the earlier one! Thats not it.. Lets treat each attack similar, no matter how harsh or naive it went on the mankind... 

Coz if we will go by numbers, the blasts carried in Mumbai on July the 13th can be overlooked by our polite home minister. I feel that the fact that blasts happened should be a reason enough for us to stand up and ask for an extended safety shield for each on of us. 

I question how can P Chidambram dare say that all Indian cities are vulnerable.... Why could he not add that we will do away with this vulnerability?

Rahul Gadhi said 1% terrorism is acceptable.... Why? Are those 1% not important vote base for them? Infact if I look at India, the people who die during terror attack do not even constitute 1% of population.. So shall we expect more severe attack to substantiate Mr Gandhi's statement?

I do not support killing Kasab.... I never felt pride when Osama Bin Laden was captured and allegedly killed and thrown in the sea, I somehow feel that he is alive in the custody of the Americans. I would also go out of context with Saddam's trail by the US court.. I just did not like it! 

Its just the way I look at it differ.................... I feel that if they are killing people to find place in heaven, lets not make it easy for them.... Let them live..... 

Coz just killing them will never ensure that justice has been done to those who shed tears during the traumatic experience they went through.. 

Now the glorified phrase on all the news channels, 'city back to its spirit... business as usual., people are doing what they do everyday.. Do they have any choice??

Mankind destroying humankind... We need help, don't glorify our helplessness as our spirits.....
We need help!
They need help, more than we do.. By they I mean those terror outfits!' 

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Stepping 27!

I have stepped up the ladder, now I am 27!

I am not gonna grow up, I will remain stubborn, and will keep making weird sounds while you talk, I love to make crazy faces etc for all the coming years! 

Thanks for all the wishes, belated advance and on-time.. All of them are cherished and has brought even bigger smile on my face. To make it keyword friendly... I am compelled to write Happy Birthday to me.. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes.. bla bla bla.. credited to the social media workshop held by my organisation, I am all gaa gaa over making me an influential voice as a youth expert, yea I like the word, 'YOUTH EXPERT'! Fashion, style, travel etc all have been explored by my fellow buddies.. So this birthday I take a resolution to be a youth expert blogger! 

Last year I wanted my facebook status to read something like, Shine is in a relationship, I know it will bring sleepless nights to many! May be thats why nothing seemingly conceptualized! I did not find a single guy worth dating, which reaffirmed my faith in the saying that that all nice men are taken or gay.. 

But now its not about the time, its about the right guy! Someone who would just hop on the terrace of my house, manage to cross all the hurdled and locks to reach my room, which is in basement and take me away.. a secret place, a sweet escape, take me away (I love this song)! I wanna be with someone with crazy rockstar attitude, a man not a confused lad!

Since I did not find anyone last year, I plan to take the hunk hunt forward! I am willing to wait till eternity for my man..  People telling me the factors which should be considered while choosing a guy should just take a walk. I know what kinda guy I wanna spend my life with, your versions confuse me!

To end with, note a few things which will for sure bring a smile to you.. if not smile than a loud laugh, nothing less than that!

- Shine stepped out of her house and found a known vendor passing a gesture of appreciation to her, which can easily be translated as eve teasing. It seem that the vendor did not realise that this is the same girl who ends messing up the eve teasers and landing 'em in jail. As soon as the vendor realised that it is Shine, he knew he has been caught and Shine is looking at him with a questioning expression??? After that the vendor never looked up at Shine! 

- Shine was traveling in a crowded metro as a security personnel entered with a sniffing dog. Shine is kinda scared of dogs, and this lad stepped on her and practically sitting on Shine's foot. And a gal standing next to Shine was telling shine not to step on dog's tail. And the metro driver was not driving pretty smooth. The moment doors open Shine jumped out of the metro! Gosh that was relief! ppphewww

PS: Blogger is planning a comeback.. I am sorry my dear blog to not been able to spend time with you!

Author's note: Finding the right pic is a  task errrrr

Thursday 30 June 2011

Assaulted... or frisked :-/

Was I assaulted? 
I am 99.9% sure that I was! The 0.1% can be attributed to doubt.....

Why not use the metal frisker than making your hands run through me..  Its a female, but she can be a homo or a bi! Had this been a man, I would have kicked him flat on ground.

I hitch a ride for metro twice a day and get frisked, twice a day! I am suppose to stand still, lift my arms and adhere to her dictations.. I am being assaulted and I cannot speak up. I thank goodness when they have the frisking instrument of the frisking lady is missing from the spot. But that is rare!

Do we not need frisking guidelines. The way I am being frisked conveys that I am a victim!

Monday 6 June 2011


Don't make me hate the colour saffron!

All the politics that do rounds around  hindu religious sentiments are tagged saffron...
Its a beautiful colour, dont make it rustic!

Every other person stand up with a saffron flay and play politics.
Its a beautiful colour, dont politicise it!

Wednesday 18 May 2011


This is something that happened outside at the traffic signal of SGTB Khalsa College, North Campus.. Delhi, India.. during 1999 or 2000..

A red Maruti Omni opened its door and pointed blank at a man!. The man got scared and covered his head with his hands.. It was then he realised that he had been pranked. Three people in the car were laughing like anything. And all that man could do was to stare at them till the signal  went green.

The car had two teenage girls with their father. The girls' grandpa gifted them a toy gun in the  morning and they were playing with the gun, pretending shooting people on the road.

Those two girls were me and my sister. And even today I go bonkers laughing about the incident!

I am so sorry for the agony caused to that man.. But that was fun ;p

Sunday 3 April 2011

'Ifs and Buts'.. India Won

~In the end, winner is the one with the cup.. India Won! Team India Rocks~

I know.. Who said what! Some were pessimist, actually negativity of hard wired in the minds of us, Indians. If not negativity, then a sheer sense of insulting others (in case of match with Pakistan).

In this case I admire Gautam (not Gautam Gambhir) the hero! Gautam is the boy who pained himself with tricolour and sat through each of the match, cheering for the team. Those who have followed the match must have noticed him. After winning the cup, Sachin called him to the dressing room and clicked a picture with Gautam holding the cup. I did my bit by sporting the Indian flag on my T-shirt!

And as promised by me, if India wins I will declare my love to Zaheer Khan. I hereby declare that I Love Zaheer Khan. I have got to tell this to him before he gets married. I love his balling, the way he speaks, his intense expressions and cool composure, his walking, his fielding and his batting. I hope I am not missing on something? Well I am perhaps missing the reality, and that is he is taken. I have sweared that I will never run after taken men. And this hunk is taken.

So what if he is taken. We have better options, namely Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, I hope they aren't taken.

Ok enough of heart talks! The fact is the nation came on streets and celebrated the home coming of the World Cup, after 28 years. In 1983 Kapil Dev got it home.

This time each of the team member contributed. The team has dedicated the cup was to the nation, they say they have won it for Sachin. I am not sad about Sreesanth's performance, perhaps his loose bowling stiffed up the fielders, or the Indian batsmen who had to chase seemingly a little impossible score, and braced themselves from the very start. A round of applause for Gautam Gambhir, who contributed 97 runs for the team.

About Yuvraj's crying a bucketful of tears, I would exult that he has pasted a hard slap on the faces of critics. Yuvraj, you made us proud, and your credentials are all the more appreciated by being conferred the title of 'Man of the Tournament'.


Those unsolicited expert commentators, better shut up. People who are on the ground are the best of you all. Had this not been the case, then the situation must have been otherwise.

No prize for guessing that the entire nation will carry the hangover till the next tournament.

Author's Note: I an against criticisers. True, one lets the best come up when criticised, Yuvraj did. But many must have succumbed to the emotional trauma. It was an emotional upheaval for not just Yuvraj, but the team.

If one has noticed, they all collected on the ground and shed a tear or two.

Happy tears for the achievement, or just a sense of gratification for being able to hit hard the criticisers.

PS: Good times become good memories, and bad times become good lessons.

Team Australia: Overconfidence can knock you down. It did.
Team Pakistan: Thanks for being a sport for the game
Team Sri Lanka: hmm nothing to say really. Good play!

Team India: The Team Rocks.. Jee karta hai sarkoo pe zoor se gaoon, sab aapne ghar ki khirkii kholen (I wanna sing loud on roads so that everyone open their window)

PPS: It would be really very hard to find Gary Kristan's replacement.

Love the Indian Cricket Team... Hope we can now move beyond the 'ifs and buts'!

I had to edit the post to commend Dhoni.. your cool composure make you unique!  

Thursday 31 March 2011

Go India Go

Optimism pays.. In this case every one's optimism payed.. India won yesterday's world cup semi final match against Pakistan! An easy match does not make it a real game. The fun comes with the hardship to set the target, to chase the score, to stop the ball from skipping the boundary, to witness missing of a critical catch or two! The real game is not an easy win.

To me it doesn't really matters who wins at the end. I prefer sitting through moments of match rich in adrenalin, as it tosses and turns through the day. Easy win does not make it a match. It was not an easy win for India, neither was it an easy loss for Pakistan. Both the contenders were right into the match, pushing through every moment of a jam packed stadium.

I actually watched the entire match after ages. I remember there was a time when I was crazyyyyy about cricket. And man of the match for every match was my crush till the next match :| ;| :) ;) :D ;D ;p

Back then India had (as if I am reading out my diary to grandchildren) a strong bating line up, and the only reason India use to loose was due to loopholes in the fielding and bowling front. Pakistan had always had a strong bowling line up.

I remember Afridi use to be the opening batsman for Pakistan and he was Pakistan's Sehwag. The one who would pick up as many runs and hit fearless shots.
This time, I observed and laud that India has a reliable batting lineup and fielding has commendably improved. Pakistan on the other hand has poor fielding and had succumbed to the task of chasing India's score of 260. Indians managed a score for which Pakistan had to maintain a run rate of approximately 5.
As I reached home, I was glued to the TV set. India played beautifully, please guys lets not get into analysis of whatever... I pity people who say that had this been the case, India would have never won...

The ground reality came at 11 pm, India casted a declarative win and after that I participated in the local street side celebration. Almost everyone was  on street, which must have been the case across India. As I was standing on the terrace, I relished a visual and audatory wassail of fireworks and snorting for the team India.

It was like the Diwali time...
All the fancy fireworks were out and I observed street dogs running around in confusion :/

A standing ovation for the team!

Go India Go
Go boys, lift the cup
Roar loud
Bring bangs for a buff
Lets cheer and smile
India will win this time
Go India Go

Author's Note: I have a strong intuition that India will win, otherwise I wouldn't have written this post :) I am hopeful that India will grab the world cup..  

PS: Waiting for the final on Saturday 2nd April 2011~~
PPS: Wait for another post after the final!

Wednesday 30 March 2011

India Pakistan head on!

Before the match.. And a few observations:

Today India and Pakistan will take on each other at World Cup 2011 Semifinal match in Mohali. Whoever wins will secure a place in the finals scheduled for 2nd March 2011. Srilanka won yesterday against New Zealand, and is a formal contender at the finals..

I am positive that India will win~~ India has a track record of beating Pakistan during world cups.. This will be no exception. India is a strong team as it has beated Australia at the quarter finals.

Sport brings foes together.. Dr Manmohan Singh and Pakistan’s counterpart will be seated in the same pavilion.

Locals in Mohali have been giving warm hospitality to guests coming from across the border.

My office pays solidarity to the Indian cricket team, most of us are in Blue and Orange attire. And those who missed are liable to penalty. And we have an evening party.

News all over exclaiming, Indian Muslims pray for Indian team.. Big deal.. huh. Do we actually need to reiterate that those who are Indians will side by their own country. Every Indian is praying for Team India.

This is the time when I realized that I would love to watch sport in stadium.. Anyone with the tickets.? I have been following radio channels to win ticket for the upcoming IPL 4.

pS: i wIsh tO loAd poSt  afTeR tHe deClaraTion Of mAtch rEsult! Cheers. i wRotE tHiS posT tO gIVe a prE-mAtcH sTaTe aboUt a declaRatIve legenDaRY plAY oFf.

Friday 25 March 2011

Common (Cyber) Sence

Any deal based on an outright lie will come back to haunt you...... and a complete narration a bit of research on the ongoing unrest in the middle east. I have to keep myself updated with the current affairs, its not that I have to chase any deadline! It comes naturally to me. 

For the remaining CLICK HERE

Or visit

Common (Cyber) Sense

Any deal based on an outright lie will come back to haunt you...... and a complete narration a bit of research on the ongoing unrest in the middle east. I have to keep myself updated with the current affairs, its not that I have to chase any deadline! It comes naturally to me.

My eyes were itchy and I decided to give myself some relief with a glass of icy cold coffee. Yes cold coffee in winters! I know how to do it, step inside the kitchen and put together all the stuff, while pretending that you dont really acknowledge anyone else's presence. Mom unverbal nags must have started by now... You see, I know my mom will nag me, but I get a kick with a cold punch smouldering through me! Done.. I managed to do it by avoiding eye contact with mum and seeking today's newspaper.

Many NRIs from the gulf are coming back. I thinking about the India-Pakistan partition. Just a signature by Nehru and consent of Mahatma Gandi divided the country into two. And my ancestors who were well setteled were suppose to come to India. I always wanted to know how did it feel during partition, I wanted the first hand narration. But to my despair, I do not have anyone to sit with me on the terrace at night and talk about the partition. I have managed to get the information in bits and pieces. I google about the places of my ancestoral origin. Facebook connects me to people with similar interests and I had many virtual friends.

Prayag was one of them. We never missed chatting at least once a day, and I never wanted that day to end. He too seem to be too eager to chat with me, I felt like a teenaged girl madly in love with a rock star. He actually was a rock star, atleast fits into my defination of a rockstar. I knew that whenever he would confess his love to a girl, it would be under the moonlight, on a beach and he would compose a song and strum the guitar. I knew this much coz it had been really a lot of time, something like 6 months, approximately 178 days of chatting everyday, without fail.

I wanted to take this forward and decided to meet him. But no wonder, its only commonsense that one finds cons on the virtual world, its full of liars. Knowing that people lie online, I would be a fool to fall for him.

PS: I know those who are die heart believers in love would differ.. I am not :p

Wednesday 23 February 2011


I was walking on a calm road. However, it ought to be a busy one, as it is right besides a busy ringroad. But this one is calm, you dont get to hear the honking to rash bus drivers, its rare to spot a car or two. I am amongst the pedestrians who take resort to an evening walk everyday after work.

Do I actually come here for a walk? I often ask myself. I have a strange association with this place. During the day its all green, peaceful and lively. One can just sit around while missing college days! At night its mysterious. Is it really enigmatic or I make it that way? I make stories as I stand beneath a tree I detest looking up as I fear a child will be sitting on the branch and will wave at me. While walking in dark I feel a witch is riding on a broom stick chasing me.

For the remaining part of the story CLICK HERE


I was walking on a calm road. However, it ought to be a busy one, as it is right besides a busy ringroad. But this one is calm, you don't get to hear the honking of rash bus driven, its rare to spot a car or two. I am amongst the pedestrians who take resort to an evening walk everyday after work.

Do I actually come here for a walk? I often ask myself. I have a strange association with this place. During the day its all green, peaceful and lively. One can just sit around while missing college days! At night its mysterious. Is it really enigmatic or I make it that way? I make stories as I stand beneath a tree I detest looking up as I fear a child will be sitting on the branch and will wave at me. While walking in dark I feel a witch is riding on a broom stick chasing me.

I know I come here to face my fear! To affirm that I am a brave girl. Of late I have observed myself facing my fears and this makes me feel high about myself. Ironically I feel that I am just being silly, nothing of this sort happens! Perhaps I am in love with this place, my accomplice for happy and sad times. When I am happy I want to take a long walk and celebrate my happiness with the trees and birds around. When I am sad I want to find a secluded corner to cry.

Today was a strange day. I woke up in the morning with someone knocking on the door of my room on opening it no one was there. While commuting a women passed by my car and on my shouting at her she gave a wicked smile to me, as if she wasn't scared of being hit by my car. The lift-man of the office building was a new guy who greeted me with a big smile, dressed like the doorman of five star hotels.

While this thought was crossing my mind, I saw a man coming towards me. He seem like a sensible gentleman in his early 40s. He sought me to guide him for the way to the ringroad. I was distracted from a self interrogation session. This is meant to be my me-time, I don't even take my mobile calls during this time. Irritated, I politely responded to his query to guide him a way to the ringroad. He seem confused and requested me to accompany him till the turn where it would be easier for me to help him locate the way.

Not wanting to walk towards the other end of the road with a stranger. I thought to start interacting with him. I have always been apprehensive about sharing my thoughts and vulnerability with someone known, as it would give them a means to for them to be judgemental. For the world, I am an introvert.

The gentleman introduced himself, I am Dr. Khocchar, I am a management professor at Harvard Business School. For a moment I was taken aback. HBS, well this is amongst the best b-schools in the world, rather the top most school. Ohh, I am Maanvi, I work as a researcher with Mc Kinsey!

I like this place, greenery and peace despite being a part of the national capital, he said.
Is it the first time you have come here? I asked.
He replied, yes, I was suppose to visit FMS, its good to come back to your country.
Mhmmm, I murmured.
This being a campus area, I have been noticing a lot of billboards aimed at sensitising the youngsters about STDs, HIV, fighting eve teasers, and what not.... Is it actually safe? I have been reading quite a few things on Delhi being unsafe.
Yes its safe! I was be-dazed by his question. At least I have never noticed anything supernatural and I don't even want to, I thought.
Ohkkk... he seemingly was perturbed by my being stunned. Well its ought to be safe, I have seen police around, he was trying to get be back at ease.
I smiled at him and decided to share my vulnerability. I said actually you asking me this question took me off my senses. I took your question to a completely different connotation. I told him that I find this place unsafe and fear facing supernatural powers, but I still come here. He heard me with patience.
So you face your fear.. That's amazing, not many people can do it. I must say that you are a brave girl, this made me feel as it I am a kid and someone is telling me that I am the best! I just could not stop now, I started narrating all the instances and philosophies that I have about life and my fear. It was the time that we reached the corner of the road where we were suppose to part ways. He said that he would have loved to spend time with me, a brave girl!

Situation 1: He asked could we sit for some time together and talk about it. We sat roadside and discussed my philosophies with him. He was an amazing human being and I was no more an introvert. After an hour, he had to leave, we shared visiting cards and stayed in touch. He was someone who will remain unknown to me, but I have managed to have a pal to share my vulnerability with, without the fear of being judged.

Situation 2: Now however he had to leave as he had a to rush. Can we meet sometime in future, he asked while we exchanged cards. He promised to meet tomorrow and then vanished instantly in the air. He was a spirit... I was dead scared.

Situation 3: For today its not possible, I have to head for home. I notices a vendor staring at us. Can we meet tomorrow? He asked. Yes we can I said and we shook hands. We took our ways and looked back to pass the last glance for the day. He was not there. He perhaps vanished. I asked a vendor, where is the gentelman? He replied who gentelman. I have been noticing you talking to yourself. I was not scared, he perhaps we a ghost or an illusion. I plan to met him tomorrow. I know I am brave.

Author's Note: Which is the best situation of all... Please give your preference.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Everything comes with an expiry term, so did 2010, here comes an account of last year and the resolutions for 2011 etc!

The advent of new years was greeted with being with my maasi, mausaji and my sisters! What were we doing.. well it was all palm reading, chit chatting and discussing life! I tossed off to sleep by 3:30 or so... 

Amongst the bestest things happened to me in 2010 was meeting Saumya.. This is the second time when meeting someone for the first time casted a beautiful impression on my mind. The first time was when I met Pari at the hospital when she was born. I remember how much I wanted to have a sister, now we are the self proclaimed power puffed girls! Coming back to Saumya, who ran to me, hugged me and said I love you Shine Didi! I will never forget this meeting, perhaps for the lifetime.

I felt all the more rejuvenated during the last week of 2010. During this time I realised that I wanted a change, everyone does. Don't you feel that monotony kills.. It does, it rots you from inside, hijacks your creativity and keep singing sad song!

Another important facet about 2010 was Diksha's winter visit, I remember all that I was scared of was what if she catches fever.. Her parents will never allow her to visit us again. Thankfully she went back home in the best of health.

Other things that made 2010 special were weekend cycling during the rainy days, listening to music all night long, evening walks and bargaining!

Considering the resolution bit, I resolve to avoid loosers! Thanks everyone, who made me feel important. I will enjoy my singlehood! and do everything possible to make my life all the more better! And yes, not to forget mentioning my lovely blog.. Brace up guys to read some more posts! 
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