Monday 22 March 2010

My Beloved Delhi

There is already a whole lot of furore over decorating Delhi so that she is able to receive some 2 million foreign tourists and 4.5 million domestic ones, during the 12 d-days in October 2010. The development for the Games has also threatened many people off their livelihood. Success of the Commonwealth Games will add stars to Delhi's bid to host the Olympics. The successful hosting of the Hockey World Cup in Delhi has added sense of confidence about hosting the games. 

I intend to come up with a few observations about the 1st Delhi Tourism Conclave held between 18-19 March 2010. A few applauds and some thumbs down!

Delhi Rejoices:
- The city is home to 200 monuments, has heritage linked to Harappan, neolithic/paleolithic era. This  will get a huge uplift during the Games. Historic charm of the city is likely to be highlighted
- The traditional shopping hubs of Delhi such as Janpath etc have registered a makeover already. The planners intend to make the city more walkable / cycle-able
- The stadia's developed to host the games will act as schools for imbibing sports culture in the city
- Chances of a bomb blast (at least till the bidding for Olympics) in the city is grim, as the security forces are up in arms 24x7
- Educating notorious Delhiites through the means of mass communication (advertisements / banners / leaflets) on behavioural aspects will come closer to the games
- Aiming at making Delhi the Asian capital of sports, challenging Malaysia!
- Delhi's spirit in the Metro is unmatchable!
- Development of infrastructure is just so amazing!
- Its getting greener with Delhiites involvement in planting saplings, campaings like nanhi chaa

Delhi Thumbs Down:
- The policy makers say cannot afford a blast in the city, at least till the bidding for Olympics. Sadly I am obliged to write are we (the Delhiites) not considered while thinking about such policy initiatives. Are we not equally important for the policy makers as the foreign tourists. Perhaps Not!
- Price hike!
- Bogey Cops, though they are working on how to bug pleasantly
- Making the city cycle-able sounds fun. But what about those sick lads who would bug me while on road?
- Crooky auto/taxi drivers
- Ms. Madhu Purnima Kishwar, Professor, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies pointed out harshly that a city which does not treat its citizen's properly is not worthy of tourism. Why is the government trying to give a plastic make-over to the city by throwing the vendors / rickshaw pullers out. Isn't it possible to let the poor play an integral part of development directed at the reception of Commonwealth Games. Aren't we paving way for a restless society by sidelining them. Why is that the policy makers believe that covering the river Yamuna will spare us the stink of sewage poured into the holy river. 

Can tourism help reviving the historic charms of Delhi, the city ranked 1 in overall quality of life as outlined in The Liveability Index 2010 by CII and Institute of Competitiveness. I love my city due to the fact that I am born and bought up here. I commend and salute the spirit of the city, where people get together and fight wrongs like Jessica Lal's Murder, Priyadarshini Mattoo Rape or Nitish Katara's case. These cases have revived confidence in the judicial system, and has conveyed to the powerful that they cannot override the civic framework. I know where to go to get what. 

At the same time I also get saddened that the fast paced life here can anytime come to halt. We keep reading the the city isn't safe, but nothing concrete comes up. The only guidelines the policymakers think of would be coming closer to the games, so that the effect of the campaign does not withers away. 

Author's Note: The development plan for the city is disgusting! Its great to have the Commonwealth Games here, but it should not come as a burden to those who have been living in the city.

PS: Delhiites will observe holiday on the first and the last day during the games. Colleges and Schools will remain closed for 12 Days.

PPS: Which is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Delhi? For me its not the Metro, its the plight of the river Yamuna. The river which helped saving the empire by shielding the city's landmark Red fort.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Blabber! Oops Blogger~

Although I never felt like putting my everyday chorus on this blog, (by now all the dedicated followers of my blog know I have a personal blog for that ;P), but today I wish to try my hands at it.

I herewith plan to feature a usual day of an unusual blabber! Oops Blogger~~

This stared with an early morning day, packed with meeting over coffee, luncheon briefings(read in the pantry with ofcourse Nish)! I get up after one hour of snoozing alarm, on both the cell phones! As I need to catch-up with the beauty packed sleep. Rush to brush, bathe, get ready and sip into whatever is available to break the night-long fast.

The moment I step out of home, there is an awakening of a feminist inside me. A contradiction of ideologies over reaching office in time or should I fight with that moron, well whatever that is... Now all you guys know why am I mostly late for office.

Well, after a grilling day in office come a mirror-showing moment. Your beloved blogger still manage to look stunning! Well the proof for this come as people sharing contact details by reciting their phone number 9177 ~~ something louder than they ideally would have. Wish I noted his number and put it here!

It was fine to acknowledge my good looks, but that stingy A** got a bad stare, and a clear signal to brush off otherwise the feminist will take on. Besides such sweet acts just make my day!

Author's Note: This post is dedicated to all the blabbers out there! Brush up your skills people, Blabbering is flourishing the creative industry today~

Thursday 11 March 2010

Brainy Men!

Brainy men less likely to cheat, for more details read this. New analysis of social trends indicates that intelligent place greater value on monogamy and sexual exclusivity than their less intelligent peers. The expert claims that the correlation between intelligence and monogamy in men has its origins in evolutionary development. Hmm, well for all those loony hearts who feel face the unbearable philandering partners should dump them and look-out for an intelligent prospect. While those who have already dumped those polygamous male partners, can reassert their facts that the guy was a dumb!

Chronicwriter has come-up with his 399th post on sex education, a worth scroll! 

Author's Note: I am these days enticed to write on relationship. Seems I am soon gonna hop on to a new professional venture to develop content on relationship issues.

PS: The research profiled here does not applies to women :D

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Defining Flirt....

Of-late, I have been bugging my sister by seeking definition of flirting. After consistent questions and her un-fazed expressions I was tempted to of course google it. And that followed asking my friend as to what do they mean by flirting?

Ravs after initial  bugging predictable pata nahi, followed by a of-course a Google search stated, flirting is a common form of social interaction whereby one person obliquely indicates a romantic or sexual interest towards another. Rav intends to change the entire dating system in India, and seek invitations from gals to take him out on date. Not me dude unless you take me on a long drive in your new pulsar :p

Sharing an extensive insight, Abhi who has been crazy for a gal for more than 2 years. He wants that the gal should know that he is a decent man. While the gal feels that he is an angry young man. His idea goes like, 'there are many forms of flirting like acting over smart, trying to initiate a talk, this happens at the initial stages. But when you know the person for a considerable amount of time, then compliments like nice nail paint, hair etc matter, followed by telling that you look gorgeous amounts to flirting. Though Abhi outlines that flirting is a negative connotation.

Vibs says that it depends on an individual's perspective. Sucking out seriousness from relationship amounts to flirting. While he believes that flirting is the first step toward firming up relationship, if considering a long term perspective.

Coming on to a girl's perspective, Shesha said flirting is playful romance for temporary period. On asking if flirting is short lived, she agrees saying that if a guy with genuine intentions try getting close to a gal and if his intentions are true and not temporary, the act may not called as flirting.

Psychology student Ritu says, that the word come across something negative. Its hip for the youth while if we consider the societal perspective its something negative. Being a brimming face of tomorrow's young India she feels that its uncool to flirt! True intentions should prevail, as the concept's misuse, end up emotionally weak people insecure and depressed.

While Nish, who is in bed trying to recuperate from fever believes that flirting cannot be tagged as something wrong. Its wrong if it is adopted with a teasing or time pass approach.

The brilliant self proclaimed ideological guru, the author of this blog, Ms Kapoor after this survey care to point out that flirting has been largely perceived as a negative connotation. Healthy flirting is fine, it should not be such that one get into relationship after flirtatious deeds just for fun, this was echoed by all the female participants in the survey. The findings of this quick survey also reveal that both the genders give their due credit to serious facets of flirting. Its a two-faced sword!

Author's Note: Readers are welcome to put their understanding of flirt via comments. People quoted here can add further by contributing comments. 

Monday 8 March 2010

Happy Women's Day

A few points to note this year on Women's Day, but before I starting typing them down, lemme be a bit generous to wish all the ladies out there a very Happy Women's Day. For me the best women are my moma, sisters, and all my lady friends!

Well has it been really 'a Happy day'? Let me outline the first one as UN Asia-Pacific Human Development Report. The report brings forth that the condition of women worse in Asia, as compared to the rest of the world. The report also outlines that women earn less as compares to their male counterparts. The report's concern with the absence of a female voice in the Asia-Pacific’s political systems was strengthened by the harassment of Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari with torn pieces of women's reservation bill of 30% in parliament in the Upper House of parliament. The first thought that crossed my mind was are these bunch ill-mannered of people holding seats at Rajya Sabha? I am sure I am gonna cast my vote under section 49(O) for the coming few years.

The first Oscar award to a lady director, Kathryn Bigelow for her movie 'The Hurt Locker' . This certainly an achievement! Anything that comes first at Oscars makes news, be it Rehman being the first India to fetch an award, or Bollywood movies like Laagan, Taare Zameen Par getting nominated under an insignificant category. But on retrospection, was their really no even a single women director worthy of the Academy Awards (known as Oscars) whose 1st ceremony took place way back in 1929. Is it only after close to 81 editions that someone could qualify for it?

Author's Note: For me, I acknowledged that its the Women's day only after I wished a colleague Happy Birthday and wished me Happy Women's Day. Then another friend calling up to wish! Late at night my college sweetheart messaged me, it was then that I felt that all the significant ladies have to be wished, and I quickle bulk sms'd to them!

PS: I don't think that women need a day to convey that we can do it better, be it the parliament, Oscars, Household or corporate!

Friday 5 March 2010

Bully Proof Youself!

It's when the cynicism flows through, their act amounts to abuse - physical / emotional / social. Well quite often than never we come across people who are real cynic. You end up wondering how on earth can someone be such a kowtow for sarcasm? Like you all humble souls around, I too happen to come across many such people who pay genuine obedience to fault findings.

I often brush up my irritation by calling them useless fellows, but that calls for a bit of search on it and understanding psychological aspects that make them so inhumane. Its called bullying! Bullying is a form of abuse, of authority, words, gestures. It could be anyone who tries to possess an authoritarian attitude on others, and get pride out of it.

It's like cactus that stands so calm, but even a gentle encounter may leave you bruised. It's like a street dog, who has to bark at each and every by-passer, more so when the street is calm proclaiming his dominance.
So don't cream their egos by agreeing to them. Try differing and show them a mirror. Never confide in them, they may be coming back to you leaving you all the more hurt. Answer back their crap, they are just testing your capabilities by bugging you. And finally don't pay heed to their blabbering! Remember that bullies are a bunch of underconfident people who are mentally sick. Don't succumb to them, try speaking out!

Author's Note: I prefer being humble. Now that my sister is gonna come out as a psychologist, I happen to learn close to as much as she did during her course. Please feel free to drop in your comments with ideas of dealing with bullies.
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