Thursday 31 December 2009

Comedy of Errors

My computer has been slow as their is some mistakes in the system. The seat is wintery since december is the month of cold in my house-land. Air force has been coming inside to my desk because the door is not wind-proof. Coming to office was a war situation today and everyone in office are missing as they want to come late and go early. I had some chewing gums in the morning which are very tasty to taste. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Dear Readers, the trick here is to commit errors to work as comedy! A colleague introduced me to the concept today morning, and I thought that the last post of the year should end on a smiling note! Chronicwriter has been my constant inspiration and I bow down to all those friends who have brought smile to my face during the past years! 

Happy & Prosperous New Year 2010

Love you all!

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Jingle Bells

So there is something happening in my office, a game, which goes like: 

The Game ‘Secret Santa’ - You simply pick a chit with a name on it, and you’ll be the secret Santa for that person. Remember, don’t you leak out the name on your chit! Now it’s up to you to pamper the lucky one for the entire week starting tomorrow till weekend (Thursday, 24th Dec ’09)..... 

Got this mail on 21st December 2009 and  on 22nd December 2009, when I went to the pantry for lunch, someone left a packed on my desk. I came back and knew that its my Secret Santa who has left the gift. It had a candle and some chocolate...

I am also playing secret santa for someone..

Author's Note: Wanted to thank my secret santa, since its a secret till 24th December, I thought of putting it on my blog!

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Be passionate, its rejuvenating!

Anything that takes you away from stress can be your passion!

Now if you are still cribbing that you could not reach your dream destination, then I would say that you were/are not yet passionate about it! And if you were very passionate about it, but now you feel hopeless about reaching there.. Think again? Is it the reality or is it the truth. I can bet you that further introspection can do the trick.

Loosing track of ones passion, according to me is one the the most dreaded deeds! Many of us are not happy with our profession, end up highly engrossed in it while not missing a single opportunity to crib about it. Off late I too lost track of my passion, the passion to write, the zeal to be able to express myself. And then I was introduced to the world of blogging, and I write whatever I feel like, and pass it on to the minuscule base of my readers. Thank you all for reading it. I feel pleased that the virtual world has made it all possible for me.

So in my own little world where I collect my dreams and aspirations, I have come across a lot of hidden traits in me. I find a lot of things possible today. So this post is particularly about exploring the imprints of our dreams. Is it the world which is making one loose track of our dreams? or is it us who are implicitly accepting to mend our ways to fit into the ideal image for the world?

So why not move out of your couch and explore your hidden talents. It doesn't really matter what profession one is into, a passionate follower will find time and energy spend on it. It could be anything, as simple as building forts in the air to capturing sunsetting calmly in a rowdy city! Drawing a dessert scene to experimenting with calligraphic traits. Making a visit to the old age home to taking long strolls on a weekend. Playing with street dogs to feeding pigeons. Enrolling in a dance class, learning swimming to experimenting in a theatre stage! Travelling, long drives, adventure, sports, yoga, aerobics, music, anything that can bring smile to your face and make you feel that life is not that bad as you thought. Such activities can emerge as your passion!

Author's Note: One should grow-up learning not to live on diagonal ends of a jinxed figure. Its the right time that one should stand up and reach out to his/her passion. And please for god sake don't compare yourself with what your mates have achieved in life, by doing this you are insulting your worth!

Mirror Mirror on the wall!!

Well finally my sis is spiritedly awaken by my call! that shows how badly I wanted to recall that earth-shattering idea~~ Remember the one I mentioned in the previous blog.

So ladies and gentlemen.. that idea was to discuss how many of you get up and look at your face in the mirror.. I do get up and the first thing I do is to adore my face in a mirror, just next to my bed. Actually whenever I get up from my bed I laze around near the mirror, it is a ritual for me. This also happens whenever I try a smoky eye make up with a tinge of blue (my favourite colour) my foot get glued on the dressing table, adorning a ravisher! I don't feel conscious sharing anything with my mirror.. be it some wacky look or just out of the bed smudged kohl untidy hair prink.

What happened last night was that I asked my sister how many times does she adorn herself in front of the mirror. Her reply was many times.. Actually same as mine..... So I went into introspection wondering many of us don't miss to notice ourselves in the rear view mirror of car smartly parked on the road! Or who all of us try to figure out the impressive quotient by tilting a bit on the window panes of a hip-lifestyle showroom?

So much so that my cousin, who just crossed one year of his age, did not want to move away from his image casted on the window panes of a car. Every time I started walking, he shouted and insisted me to hold him so that we can stand right next to the car, and he kept looking at himself..

I have also found quite a few animals (by that I mean cows, cats and dogs) staring at their image on an object that acts as a mirror for them. I notice quite a few of living beings embellishing themselves. Getting in the philosophical mode, may I proclaim that whatever is done by masses is OK and whatever done by classes is cool! So this action of many of us is just okay!!

A few merits of facial adorning traits are as follows
~ You know how you are looking on a particular day
~ You get comfortable with your look
~ You experiment with your looks

Author's Note: Isn't it an earth-shattering blog post?? Well I forgot most of the points that I thought I will write in this post last night!! 

Blog post ideas!

In a day, with 24 hours or 24x60 minutes or 26x60x60 seconds... (pls do the calculations), whichever ways you would want to consider a day, I come across numerous blog post ideas! And by the time I am sitting in front of a comp, all set to jot a few word to upload on my blog, I am simply black. I am a thousand percent confident, in the backdrop of that amazing blog-post idea, that I will never forget it, but end up loosing track of it. 

So I just thought of putting it on my blog. Yesternight, I has an earth shattering blog post idea. I specifically mentioned to my sister to remind me of the idea the next morning. And the fact that she gets up late I am still not able to figure out whether she remembered the idea or not. 

This blog post is aimed at paying condolences to those amazing blog post ideas that are lost in the hustle-bustle of life. I am so sorry for the ideas that I just could not wrap them in a golden coffin of my virtual world and dump them forever on my blog.

Author's Note: I am waiting for my sister to wake up, so that I may know that status of the self proclaimed earth shattering blog idea :)

Thursday 10 December 2009

Incidental meeting!

My eyes were struck at the jacket displayed on a road-side shop. Considering the advent of winters, I really needed one! Making my way through a cluttered street, I was marching towards the shop. The task should be termed 'herculean', as on a Sunday evening, most of the people move out of their couch to vouch for shop-ables! In this backdrop, shopping turn into an achievement. Many voices were doing the rounds around me, but I did not bother as non of them sounded familiar to me. However I could make out someone coming towards me knows me. His style of walking, said it all. I noticed it even when my eyes were struck on the jacket, and the board which read 'For Sale'. He is an old friend, trying to convey that he is passing by, before saying a charming Hi!

Author's Note: Familiarity, is what I describe the incidental meeting in the story. The character struck on her shopping object.

Gone to the past!

The last few days were eventful especially with me finding childhood friends on facebook. We got to share a few messages and called up each other. Sure we are planning to meet. I did not know their surnames, but a little strategy took me to their profiles. Its simple just type down their name and search if their sibling's name is listed in their friends' list. Well if you dont know the name of any of their sibling, then make use of the stuff positioned inside your skull and strategies. You can just find anyone! Virtual world is amazing!

I also got to chat with a high school buddy 'Pratik'. Though did not interact much, but those few seconds spend with him were nostalgic. Remember how he looked when we use to tease him. How scared he was when I almost ran up a scooty on him. How he felt when I was a little loud with him. Sorry buddy, never wanted to hurt you!! I just cant get over that candy uncle who pestered him whenever the entire group stood for chat session in a busy market. His philosophies were just so cool! Sipping coffee in the winter evening at the shop around the corner! I even now at times go back to those unbeatable moments. Thanks to these networking sites, one is updated with mood / accomplishments / failures / farmville levels of the active members. One doesnt feel alienated on meeting after a long time.

Author's Note: I simply have to say that the time spend with friends can never be replaced. I miss it and look forward to meet them :). No matter what, those past memories will remain a part of me, and I will relish those good times forever!

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