Wednesday 22 December 2010

Envious on Roads!

On the December 5, 2010, I was at  JK Tyre Constitution Club Car Rally!

Cars are necessity these days, but the luxury element associated with it leaves me wondering which one I want. Don't you find a feeling associated with each of the kinds. So what do you like? An SUV, a small compact one, a sleazy limo or a convertible! I am sure we have many novice here! Let me take the opportunity to help you with the task. Also with each of the types of cars, I will share what feeling I associate with it!


Open roof or closed one, its your choice to either fold the roof or detach it! Some of the renowned convertibles are Ford Mustang, Dodge Avenger and Pontiac Sunfire!
Ford Mustang 1965

So what is the feeling that comes to my mind, when I think about riding on this one? Its look is dusky, classic and showy!

Dumping all the water sport equipments and accessories. Hitting the road on a high speed, loud music with my girl gang on a sunny morning. Sunbathing  and playing volleyball at the beach with my girlfriends, guys can join us at the other end of the net! 

A small two door car, with a roof inclined towards back! Some of the famous coupe models in market today include the Bentley Continental GT Coupé and Aston Martin DBS. Those sitting on the back seat may have to slouch!
Jaguar XKE E Type Coupe 1964

On a highway to Las Vegas. What strikes me is the guys gang heading to Las Vegas in the Hollywood flick The Hangover! So had Doug Billings would be father in law did not offer him to take the BMW, they could considered the one in right!

Anyways when it comes to me, I will be more than happy to take a ride with Bradley Cooper to ofcourse Las Vegas. Other hunks can join us at the back seat! :p

The USP of hatchbacks is the ample cargo space and a large door to tuck in all your luggage. The cargo space of these medium sized cars is accessible from the rear seat, most popular hatchback models include Audi S3, Geo Metro and Dodge Caliber. Tata Nano is a compact hatchback!
Citroen Hatchback 1938

Lets go back to the times of When Harry Met Sally . Sally could offer to give Harry a ride to New York from the University of Chicago in this one as well. 

Coming back to me, given the tough and classic look, I would want to participate in a car rally in this one. I wish the silencer in this one does not exist!


These cars range from mid-sized to large models, and typically feature two rows of seats. Being considerably large, they provide ample space for people who occupy the rear seat as well. Toyota Camry and Ford Taurus are popular medium sized sedans, while Ford Crown Victoria and Buick LeSabre are popular large sedans available in the market. Maruti Swift is a compact sedan!

Hudson Super Six Sedan 1947

Being spacious, a family car, I may also drive from across India with my family. It goes with the rural India look, it also maintains a rustic city look. 

This one can also accompany me if I plan to visit all the pilgrimages acros India!

These mid-sized cars provide ample space for passengers, as well as cargo transportation. Some of these multi-utility vehicles (MUVs) are four wheel drive, while some offer seats which can be folded as to convert the passenger car to a utility vehicle. The popular ones are Dodge Grand Caravan, Volkswagen Routan and Kia CarnivalMaruti Omin also falls in this category.
Chrysler Minivans Future Classic 1984

Well the one on right for me defines a trip to Rishikesh for river rafting. Its spacious and family and friends can drive! 


Jeep Patriot 2008

Mini van can replace an SUV, so I will again go for a family picnic with my family

These are power packed two seater cars, which are designed to derive the maximum fun of a speedy ride. Their prominent features include a muscular engine and sleek looks, based on the laws of aerodynamics. They may seem to be a bit expensive, but these cars are meant for people who don't like to compromise with power and looks.

Detomaso Pantera 1971

I can be on a racing track with my man. I cannot compromise on speed, so this one is the right choice for a non stop expedition. 

I would prefer something open roof.. As it is a sports car, I would like to dress up in long shoes, denim jacket and shorts... Curled hair and a cowboy hat! 


These are also known as estate car, whose body style varies from sedan/saloon with its roof extended rearward over a shared passenger/cargo volume with access at the back via a third or fifth door (the liftgate or tailgate), instead of a trunk lid.
Wagon Snippet: 1956 De Soto

All the cars are best for long drive, this one to be parked on a calm highway, below a bushy tree. Unpack the camping accessories and start setting it for a romantic countryside evening!

Sip into some Red Red Wine~~

The word Gypsy reminds me that I long to meet my Gypsy boy! I almost forgot about it! 

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy
The guy has to have a Gypsy, and it can be our accomplice! No matter where I go, be it Jim Corbett or Leh Laddakh! I want to experience the thrill of open roof, tough ride on a Gypsy!

There is nothing that can touch a Gypsy off the road! We will take the ride from the archaic leaf springs all round is horribly bumpy and the interiors are utilitarian as well. 

The entire discussion about cars is not complete if I don't mention the vintage collection. I love them, wish to possess one!

As I wish to possess one, I had this opportunity to get myself clicked next to this ! Although I don't know which model it is, I would be extermly grateful to someone who cam help me find the name of this model.  This exotic beauty brings a feeling of class.

I wish that I have a celebrated feeling of becoming an owner of such an exotic beauty

The best picture fits in my mind about this car!

Ford Mustang 1967
On this open roof with a vintage look, I would want to drive it on a highway running across a sea. I would want someone special to accompany me.
With a sheer fact that I am a big foodies, I would love to park this and have boiled fish with a pinch of salt and squeeze some lemon on it! Sipping in coconut water while riding on this wagon will be the best bet! Yuuuuuhooo!!
Check out more classic sports cars Here 
References, Click Here  

Author's Note: I have deliberately chosen the classic version of most the cars for you all to view on my blog. The newer ones are already gracing the roads.

Friday 17 December 2010

Love at first sight

Do you believe it? Some agree that it happens and some don't. Something that clicks. Something that tell you that this is what you have always been wanting! Love at first sight....

Well love at first sight is something that I will be able to discus once I fall in love. The single hood that I have been relishing is compelling me to define what love at first sight would be? Anyways follow this instance and help me to come to a conclusion!


Love at first sight

Do you believe it? Some agree that it happens and some don't. Something that clicks. Something that tell you that this is what you have always been wanting! Love at first sight....

Well love at first sight is something that I will be able to discus once I fall in love. The singlehood that I have been relishing is compelling me to define what love at first sight would be? Anyways follow this instance and help me to come to a conclusion!

Prachi was discussing about what she would want her partner to be with Pia. Well for me the first impression matter, but looks.. naaah!. I will prefer intelligence over looks, sensibility over shrued, acquaintance over stranger. 

So you will never fall for a stranger?, interrogated Pia.

No, never! you never know what that stranger would be, Prachi uttered with a dramatised tone. Moreover what if the guy pretended to be what he is.

Pretention, that is a different thing, people do pretent and betray.. Pia said. 

But think about it, knowing each other! hmm, well do not you find it amazing when two complete strangers meet and fall in love. You never know what it would be for, weather you fall for looks, or the way he talks, for his sensibilities, or just a gesture that wanted you to meet him again. Familiarity brings monotony in life, I always feel that a stranger element should always exist! You learn something new about the other person everyday, that may all the more, make you fall in love with him. This will be love at each of sight of a new him, that one will fall in love for.

Prachi was still not convinced, but Pia wanted to meet that a sensible guy, who would take her away to secret place! But the question remains.. Does love at first sight happen?

Author's Note: Love is when you risk everything for just one person. Is love at first sight something true? Or are such people carrying their heart in hands?

Friday 10 December 2010

When I would be in love with you!

When I would be in love with you!
It would be just you and its true
Your smile will be with me and you
Each day will be swayed with fun and hue..

Click here to read the remaining part of the verse! 

Friday 26 November 2010

DMRC and the Women's Coach

It came as a blessing in disguise! All the ladies were happy that they will have a comfortable journey. The coach is comparitively less crowded. But, I was particularly upset about a ladies coach, considering that I would not be able to catch a glimpse of hunks around... It was rare to spot a hunk though! As time passed I realised that the ladies coach has more reasons to be upset about. 

I started getting use-to the comfort, and finally away from the uncomfortable gaze of those unpleasant men,who find it macho to pass that knowingly unknowing gesture. I remember fighting back, where the entire gamut of men reply, lar ke aayee hai ghar se (she must have fought with her family memebers)! or Kuch to nahi kiya usne madam (he did not do anything, Madam). or the guy hinself shouts  maine to kuch nahi kiya, kya kiya maine bolo? (I did not do anything, what did I do? can you tell me?) Yes I do tell them, I reply back, wanting to paste a tight slap on their faces.. Now, women are away from those insensible lot.

But don't assume that girls are good either. Its equally uncomfortable to listen to those aunties and and tolerate those ill-mannered girls, who refuse to move in to accommodate those standing on the platform, keep commenting about thenew generation girl-kind and what not! More so is the tendency to not letting others to deboard, but howling inside the train. No one is willing to leave their seat at the sight of an old lady. Men hoard inside the coach, and when you confront them, they fight back. there is no mechanism to complain about such lot. 

And what about the general compartment! The decent men are offended, and the other lot has garnered a licence to misbehave. The moment you get off the train, they try and brush off, as if now that they have been segmented, they have every right to misbehave. If at all a female enters, they start taunting them that they should get into the women coach. Huh!!!

Also about those who were punished to sit-up for some 50 times or so.. That was all the more disgusting act. What makes the authorities to humiliate the violators of law, what can allow them to punish them do such an embarrassing act? OK, so they have got inside the women coach, but then don't we have decent ways to punish, charge fine, or whatever?

Why segment the two genders? Isn't it socially challenging us and a tendency wherein the two equal parts of nature should be sensitised to behave and travel cordially?

Author's Note: Now the authorities are planning to add two more coaches to the trains, lets see how the six coach fare! Also there would be a connectivity between Mandi House and Central secretriat,  promising plans but humiliating Crowd Management Strategy... Sigh!

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Jack and Me!

'All work and no play made jack a dull boy'
All work and no blogging , seemingly had been doing the same to me!

Apologies to those who have been waiting for my blog-posts. Its easier to convey sorry to my followers than dealing with my psyche which keep cursing me for not been able to follow my passion!

As Shesha reaffirmed that one get to come across more blog ideas when you are neck deep into work. I am sailing the same boat. I plan to write often and maintain steady streams of posts on all my blogs. I have to find the way out. 

Monday 11 October 2010


Fake friends... I wonder why do I have many? Perhaps, I come across somebody as help to them, and despite realising that they are fake, I stick around wishing that my belief is wrong or the other person would change. Now I realise that I had been making a mistake, rather a blunder! For some I was important as I was a source of notes for them, some wanted me to extend favour every now and then etc etc... 

But why did I turn a cold eye to  those minor signs which say that you are being fake?

I realise that I have been bringing disgrace to the concept of friends.What is real friendship? Something that is described aptly in KK's 'Yaaron Dosti bari hi haseen hai...' 

So a few words dedicated to all those who are just so special for my friends~
I know I can be silly with my actions, but you mean the world to me.
I might have never told you that you are amongst those whom I love!
Dear friend, thanks for accepting me the way I am.
I hate those irritating things that you do, and I laugh at them thinking about you :), this makes me adore you more than I ever did.
I do take your suggestions seriously and ponder over it!
When I find myself in trouble, I wish you were around.
You teach me to be right, and stand with composure.
I can confide all the silly things I did, without the fear of getting my actions analysed... Sigh

Author's Note: Considering the beauty of the word friend, I proclaim that I will erase those so called friends, who actually are fake pals out of my life. Apologies to those who did not succeed in conning me :p

P.S: True friends are hard to find and I love all those real ones!

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Babri Masjid Verdict (बाबरी मस्जि का फैसला)

बाबरी मस्जिद का फैसला आने वाला है, हो सकता हे इस फैसले से कुछ विवाद हो,विभिन्न धार्मिक पार्टी उकसाए, मंदिर और मस्जिद की बात करे, तब एक बात याद रखना की दंगो में मरने वाला ना हिन्दू होता है ना मुसलमान वो सिर्फ किसी का भाई , बेटा , बाप या किसी के घर का चिराग होता है. कोई हिन्दू या मुसलमान नहीं होता है और इसी इंसानियत के नाते एस मेसेजे को ...जितना हो सके फैला दो और बचा लो बेगुनाहों को....

The verdict for Babri Masjid will be out tomorrow i.e. September 30, 2010. This verdict will lead to controversies, religious parties will come forth, and may lead to riots. Remember that whoever dies in riot is neither a hindu or a muslim.. The person who sacrifices his life ts some one's brother, son, father or the bread winner of a family. For humanitarian reasons, please spread this message, and save the innocents.  

Author's Note: Waiting for a peaceful verdict. Refer to the story here, which says that the political parties have started crafting their strategies for the verdict.

Tuesday 21 September 2010


This post is dedicated to all the fellow and aspiring blogger. Through this post I attempt to share how I reach to the blog post ideas. Its not rare that I get up in the middle of night just to scribble a few thoughts that can make an interesting read. Sometimes I post it on my blog and sometimes I do not (perhaps not when it reveals some deepest darkest secrets)...  

What are ideas? Especially for a communications personnel, we have to come up with innovative ideas. Adding to this is a blogger's zeal to sound interested to the dedicated stream of readers. Most of the followers/readers of my blog ask how do I come to think of these blog post ideas? This is one of the second most toughest question I come across, the first one is when people ask me to define myself. 

I believe that a blogger has to be creative, with an understanding about the concepts. And most importantly have an opinion, biased or unbiased... I as a blogger try to be as objective as possible, but the universal truth remains, each one of us live with spectrum of our own biases, steming from preconceived notions, psychological setup, concerns etc. Opinion develops from thinking. So a blogger has to think, and develop an opinion about the topic. 

Moreover, reading helps a lot. It not only helps in developing an instinct for catching ideas but also in understanding the flow of writing. No two people can write the same, the way of expression differs. A blogger should stick to her/his own writing style, rather than copying styles from others... However one should improvise on their own writing style, with newer ideas and way of expressions. Its something like those people who keep changing their attitude to mimic the the group they hang out with or people they wish as their ideal. So while writing a person should stay original and simple. That's what being classic is all about! I believe that anyone can write, its simply putting in words what you really feel :)

Author's Note: This is one of my midnight scribble post~

PS: I dont think I have to upload a picture to each of my blog post.. Reaffirming this belief is the state of mind which reads, I am being lazy! 

Monday 20 September 2010


I look out through strands of steel.

I fail to chase the beaming streams.

I am trapped without hope and zeal.

I am caged and want to break free!

For the remainig part of the verse, Click HERE

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