Monday 11 October 2010


Fake friends... I wonder why do I have many? Perhaps, I come across somebody as help to them, and despite realising that they are fake, I stick around wishing that my belief is wrong or the other person would change. Now I realise that I had been making a mistake, rather a blunder! For some I was important as I was a source of notes for them, some wanted me to extend favour every now and then etc etc... 

But why did I turn a cold eye to  those minor signs which say that you are being fake?

I realise that I have been bringing disgrace to the concept of friends.What is real friendship? Something that is described aptly in KK's 'Yaaron Dosti bari hi haseen hai...' 

So a few words dedicated to all those who are just so special for my friends~
I know I can be silly with my actions, but you mean the world to me.
I might have never told you that you are amongst those whom I love!
Dear friend, thanks for accepting me the way I am.
I hate those irritating things that you do, and I laugh at them thinking about you :), this makes me adore you more than I ever did.
I do take your suggestions seriously and ponder over it!
When I find myself in trouble, I wish you were around.
You teach me to be right, and stand with composure.
I can confide all the silly things I did, without the fear of getting my actions analysed... Sigh

Author's Note: Considering the beauty of the word friend, I proclaim that I will erase those so called friends, who actually are fake pals out of my life. Apologies to those who did not succeed in conning me :p

P.S: True friends are hard to find and I love all those real ones!


  1. in any case,,,fake or real the hard fact is that we want them around,,,,

  2. well its more of a personal choice, some want them around just to create value to themselves, or it might be giving thenm an ego boost... While others may resort to a selected few, and rejoice true pals..

  3. Very thoughtful but I feel that sooner or later guilt kills all. Further this phase of realization is what reforms people & excavates the goodness in them.

  4. Friends are friends. If there are fake people around u then they are not friends. Hence keep only friends.

  5. No
    chill its a part of life.
    At 1 point of time Hugging,crying & laughing and at other point of time Betraying,mocking & lying or making use of them.
    As coin has 2 sides Heads & Tails,where we can't accept as we want,similarly are the relations some will gud some wil bad.
    U have to be Cautious and sensible.

  6. are nahi itna sochenge to life kab jeeyenge,,,,saaf si baat hai,,,akele tym kaatne se achha chahe bekar k saath hi kyun na, par jee lo,,,,ab barish mein nachne se pehele itna kya sochna,,,itna kya darna,,,,aap bhi sochti bahut ho,,,

  7. @ Ravish: It is just a perspective and importance one gives to friend. Some cannot spend tym alone and just need someone... I cannot be with fake one and can be alone!! IItna to sochna hi chahiye


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