Monday 30 June 2014

An Old Love Affair

Unveiled each layer of her life
Each layer was mute and dark
It shouted out of silence
To break free of manacle wrapped around her
She waited it to get corroded and rusted
But she feared losing her zeal
She silenced her muted shouts
Allowed her zeal to do the talking

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The cuffs of his shirt were dirty
The fragrance of his sweat was fresh
No manacle could fit his wrist
Because he was a free spirited man
It was that passion that rested within him
He heard those silenced muted shouts
And followed the noise to find her

Like the wine gets better with time, their old love affair got stronger with time.

Author's Note: It was either to look at the beauty of the word love or pay obedience to the beast that resides in the word affair.

P.S.: To those love stories that have come out stronger through the test of time.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

The Story of Smoke

Desires to bring you comfort.
Desires to bring you happiness.
Desires that bring you a momentary pleasure.
I am smoke, and you created me to satisfy those desires.
I was not existent till the time you lit a cigar, you burned that fuel, you brought fire to the woods...

I was born when you destructed mother nature. As I came to life, I had to make way through a narrow path. The way that was dark, and it was suffocated due to my presence. The more I was bound, the more fierce I became to find a way out. My zeal to break into the real world did not die.

I kept finding way out till I found it. From an insignificant mass inside a narrow lane, I busted into the air. I spread myself under the endless skies. Forming various shapes and dancing to the sound of strong wind that did not welcome me, but merged me into the air. It did not kill me, but it took away my identity. I existed, but no one could see me.

I was left to cause you death. My impact was there - a strong one. I promise to haunt you to revenge my destruction.

Author's Note: I have always been fascinated by the smoke coming out of Chimneys, I was reminded that today.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Friendship and the Nots!

We have all had our share of fake friends, they are those who show with all their might that they care. But when you are not there, they make fun of your weak points. They discuss you with other people, only to derive some pleasure of gossip. At times when you are there, they will out of innocence make a comment that will pinch you so hard that you will wonder if what you understood what the real meaning of that comment.

Sometimes people take you for granted. They start thinking that they are living your life, and knowingly or unknowingly start doing things that the you do not like. Here are a few things that I do not like and just hope that I do not do these to you. 

When I think about friends, here are some things I would not do to a friend:

#1. I will not judge you. Simply hear you out - with no judgements. I mean it!
#2. I will not have crush on your crush, or hit on your guy.
#3. I will not speak on your behalf or make plans for you without your consent.
#4. I will not feed on your pain point, even when we are no more friends.
#5. I will not ignore your phone calls.
#6. I will not influence the choices you make.
#7. I will not get you to tell me something that you do not want to.

Author's Note: Friendship is an association that will help people grow, together, for better. I will never pull you down, or manipulate your choices.

P.S.: If you are being a false friend then our friendship will drift apart, of not soon then within a matter of weeks or months.

Monday 16 June 2014

To get better...

When things fade, do they fade for something better?
After a scorching summer heat, rain is welcomed with open arms.

Be it the sun, rain, cold, hail, snow or storm.
All are short-lived, yet cause a big impact.

When I think of weather, I think of life - it never stays still.
It keeps moving and obstructs excess of anything.

Troubles or good times are short-lived.
The impact they cause is for a lifetime.

Author's Note: It gets bad only to get better!

P.S.: Good and bad coexist, embrace the goodness and ignore the rest.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Gambling Away Love

The arrival of June in Delhi is not pleasant. Birds look for water, dogs are never found with their tongue tucked in, cows laze around and for humans it is the time when they got no time to move out, but to stay indoors, next to an AC that causes temperature inside her room go down, but throws all the heat outside.

And there she was, cursing the AC each time she is out in sun. Machines running on the concept of reverse 'carnot cycle' do not make stepping out of home a pleasant experience. June has arrived and her mind is full of questions. Questions about survival, questions about life, questions about friends & those fake ones, questions about people who either turned or will turn non-existent and questions about love.


For a few days she has been trying to make a big decision - a decision that once made will change her life forever. The question that haunted her forever was will she fall in love again? Will she adore someone more than she adored her first love? Will she care for someone more than she cared for him?

She started penning down in her diary, she still wanted to give him a chance, but she was scared - of a No. And if it would be a yes - she was scared of lies, being betrayed and left again. Because she needs someone who will love her unconditionally and did not want to be the only one who gave away all the conditions to be with him. She was sick of giving and not getting that unconditional love in return.

So she decided that she will not believe in love anymore. Her pure feelings did not make her strong she will keep her emotions on guard! She will play it on as a gamble.

Author's Note: It is not logical to fall in love with someone beyond any condition, but it is all fine when it is not coming from just one side.

P.S.: Matters of heart are like gambling, it is either a big loss or a huge win! 
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