Wednesday, 18 May 2011


This is something that happened outside at the traffic signal of SGTB Khalsa College, North Campus.. Delhi, India.. during 1999 or 2000..

A red Maruti Omni opened its door and pointed blank at a man!. The man got scared and covered his head with his hands.. It was then he realised that he had been pranked. Three people in the car were laughing like anything. And all that man could do was to stare at them till the signal  went green.

The car had two teenage girls with their father. The girls' grandpa gifted them a toy gun in the  morning and they were playing with the gun, pretending shooting people on the road.

Those two girls were me and my sister. And even today I go bonkers laughing about the incident!

I am so sorry for the agony caused to that man.. But that was fun ;p

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

TeeZing 2011

For all of us, a T-shirt is a must. Could you imagine the world without T shirt? I feel that I am trapped in the lift of a high-rise building and there is no escape. Its suffocating without a T-shirt! Be it an easy attitude of a simplist grey, or a flambouyant yellow with a silver text.. We all are incomplete without the basic colours of Tee in our wardrobe. More so, a pair of denim looks the best with a tee.

Let the wackiest, crasiest and funkiest of you come out. Let the T-designing skills move beyond your sleeping-suit. Participate in TeeZing 2011 by logging on to

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PS: What comes to your mind when you think of world without tee? Do comment :)
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