Tuesday 18 October 2011


I don't believe in thee almighty
They pray and claim to be his followers
I believe in more than thee

They see power in an idol
I see power in me
I don't say I am supreme
Its just I don't believe in the almighty

They feel they follow five times a day ritual 
And they have done their duty
I feel they did some twisting and turning
And just got up in the wee

I see they taking processions
Decorate their deity
I see it as a fest
A colourful spree

I don't believe in god! 
I am wrong, I don't care  if you tell me
I do not subscribe your silent ways to party
I find it baseless and a reason worth to flee!

P.S.: No offense to the larger non-atheists' community! Hate mails and comments can make way for my inbox :)
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