Thursday 22 October 2009

NP please

Yes! This one comes for you.. Remember the way you smartly took the newspaper from my hand today morning. And you loved reading it too, as it was a change from my suggestion (read Hindu everyday) to something better and refreshing (read Hindustan Times). So how important is it to read a newspaper? 

I have been giving lectures to my siblings as to why they should not miss reading the newspaper. We all know why is it crucial for students, professionals, people on a whole. The logic of suggesting reading Hindu is not the point here. Its just that I want you to develop reading as a habit. Read as much as one can, read anything. It really helps! 

I can write really a lot on how reading is beneficial. But putting it in Gen Y's term my dear chicks and dudes.. its cool to be informed! Almost everyone has access to newspapers, they are preferred over e-papers, and the infinite world of virtual information! I have subscribe to email newsletters from Economic Times, but nothing quite matched the fun of holding a paper sheet and scanning through the page. 

- Your dream college is enrolling for the dream course. Sure if you read newspaper smartly enough you are not gonna miss it.  Sure you have to prepare for the exam, but applying for it is the first step to get into it. 

- Word Builder: Just could not get where the hell people get the coolest world from. Dude, its the morning paper that the vendor throws everyday in your veranda. Please take pain (if you would want to really call it pain) to read it. 

- Knowledge of things happening: Okay, politics, business, economy, international relation etc has got nothing to do with you. But there is actually nothing wrong in knowing about it. The transition from pseudo-intellect to and intellectual happens through information and knowledge. Newspapers in regional languages in India has really empowered the masses, with information from RTI, consumer rights, to ambani's rift. 

- General Knowledge: If you feel that you are not suppose to know who's is the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission.. think again. I got this question  for selection in a multinational entity. Knowing about people in key position adds to your intellect and shows one is aware the world. 

- Spicy gossips anyone! Refer to the lifestyle pages. They too are full of cool words and jazzy slang's. These colourful pages add up to the feel good factor of monotonous life. My colleague taught me how to really scan through the lifestyle pages :-)

Author's Note: This post is purely for the purpose of getting someone in the habit of reading newspapers.

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Winters ~ Courtesy Kay!!

I love winters, as much as I love summers, spring and Autumn.. Each season bring along memories. I am sure some 'I's' around.. Yes sis I know you love it too.

Diwali marks the advent of winters. These days its cold at night and in the morning, while through the day one would feel right in the mid June

While on my way back home yester-night I was rather scared how will I cope with deadly winters. My sister smiled back and said, Di its nice time.. Everything is beautiful when its cold. I know there are many other things she wanted to tell me about winter, but she knew that my head is aching badly and all I want is to get home ASAP. Just listing some of the most obvious things that kay wanted to tell me:

- Colourful, beautiful woolens teamed-up with a scarf. It looks gorgeous!
- Evening walks at north campus, nothing on earth can beat it. 
- Cold breeze and hot coffee!
- Chit chatting with my siblings at night till the clock reads 6 in the morning, it happens with us!
- Terrace talks, both morning and nights!
- Sunday task to get sufficient Vitamin D
- Getting up late and staying in bed till noon. I do that :-)
- Its shopping time, winter clothing etc you see...
- Makki di roti, I gorge to it during most of the winter weekend
- Hot water bath
- That New year's feeling, its synonymous to winters
- Kay, I am damn sure you have to add more

Author's Note: This post is dedicated to Kay and the spirit with which you have been welcoming winters! Dear reader please add how do you welcome winters?

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Celebrate with true spirits

Well its coming a little late, but in full Spirits.. Wishing you all a very happy Diwali. It is festival of lights, sweets and gifts! It was celebrated on the 17th October 2009. 

While I am least concerned about the puja part, I had to participate in on as a part of family decorum. The moment the puja was over, I hopped on to sweets. That's the best part about the festivities. I just love to gorge on anything delicious. I am sure even if I gain a hundred kilos I will never be able to stop myself from having good food. Secondly the lights, I love the feeling but ironically the twinging lights coming inside my room from the shield of a window and curtain is still irritating posing as a hindrance to get me asleep. And about gifts, ask yourself who don't like gifts.. We all love it, isn't it??

The most amazing part, and sadly the most unfortunate part is the crackers bursting. It take the pollution levels to a toll. My little cousin, who is not even a year old was to be hospitalised. He got respiratory infection due to increased pollution. I myself has been advocating crackers free diwali within my family. Thankfully my siblings subscribe to same school of though. But people don't despite being well apprised abut the noise and environmental pollution. 

Author's Note: I strongly feel that people turn blind eye to anything bad! Same goes with pollution. We all must celebrate festivals with true spirits to maintain cleanliness in the air, water and land around. I don't really know this post will be of any persuasion, but still I wanted to speak it through my blog.

Thursday 15 October 2009


While coming towards my office building today I saw a girl sitting comfortably on the back seat of and SUV, and her glares were pretty prominent. As always I went on to a philosophical mode, wondering how each one of us view the world from a self made artificial view. You can colour it grey, brown, blue, red, etc. 

So which glare do you wear? 

Wednesday 14 October 2009


Lying on bed, its time to sleep! I think of past, when smile reaches my lip! Sadness evades when I go to the crazy things we did. Adrenalin rush in when we took bike rides reading 120 kmph. Now the days are gone, and nights are blue, everyday before going to bed, I think of you!

Author's Note: Tried my hand at Fiction 55

Letter in the bottle!!

Strangest things happen when you are least expecting them... Some of the strange instances that happen to be when I did not realise that it could ever happen to me. I am an optimistic person. I look forward to the day, but by the EOD I feel, was I thinking the day to pass in such a monotonous fashion. Therefore, the strangest thing that happen to all of us is monotony, at some or the other point in life. 

Some are bugged sitting home, going to college, roaming around in the markets, sitting at the office desk, chatting with pals, etc tec cet..... *(pardon my etsectras). We all look forward to the day for a bunch of happy moments. Some people who don't, according to me are either old, accepted their plight or sad with life. I too am bugged with no work mode. But thankfully my team is rolling up the sleeves to get into some action. So what do you need to erase this monotony from life?? I chit chat with my loved ones, go out alone on long walks, blog, dream big about life, I dream of sealing a love letter and leaving it in the sea for my man!

Author's Note: Please share what do you all do to erase predictability, monotony, routine, or whatever you wanna call it from your life..

Tuesday 6 October 2009

55 Fiction... Widgets... beautifying my blog!

Recession took a toll, but its aftermath is dangerous. I did not know that sitting ideal in office, especially you when you read news everyday about the markets getting back in shape, can be so frustrating. 

Well I am completely bored.. absolutely no work! I keep scanning through links of blogs, news portals, try my hands at beautifying my weblog etc. 

During this endeavour I came  across the concept of 55 Fiction

The story has to be narrated in no more than 55 words. Sure I will try my hands at it at my fiction blog. Probably I have written a few like the three versions of Runaway Bride.

I tried my hands at widgets too... Have a look at the amazing gadget on the top right of this page. Now I can know the visitors toll on my blog. I wish I knew about it when I started blogging :-( anyways.

Author's Note: The entire post is the note :-p

A miniature city made out of millions of toothpicks

It took Stan Munro (38), 6 years to build this toothpick city. He used 6 million toothpicks and 170 liters of glue. He can spend until 6 months to create a building and each of his creations is built to 1:164 scale. He works at the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse , New York ( USA ). Look at the amazing works of one of the most patient men in the world.

Author's Note: Hey all.. Me and my siblings too tried hand at this art. I made some small artifacts. This was a forwarded mail, thought of putting on my blog :-)
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