Wednesday 14 October 2009

Letter in the bottle!!

Strangest things happen when you are least expecting them... Some of the strange instances that happen to be when I did not realise that it could ever happen to me. I am an optimistic person. I look forward to the day, but by the EOD I feel, was I thinking the day to pass in such a monotonous fashion. Therefore, the strangest thing that happen to all of us is monotony, at some or the other point in life. 

Some are bugged sitting home, going to college, roaming around in the markets, sitting at the office desk, chatting with pals, etc tec cet..... *(pardon my etsectras). We all look forward to the day for a bunch of happy moments. Some people who don't, according to me are either old, accepted their plight or sad with life. I too am bugged with no work mode. But thankfully my team is rolling up the sleeves to get into some action. So what do you need to erase this monotony from life?? I chit chat with my loved ones, go out alone on long walks, blog, dream big about life, I dream of sealing a love letter and leaving it in the sea for my man!

Author's Note: Please share what do you all do to erase predictability, monotony, routine, or whatever you wanna call it from your life..


  1. Nice one to kill time. Well now that you have asked let me tell you what I do. I surf and surf and then I surf :)

  2. Hey,
    Innovation and positive attitude these are two things required to counter boredom. Everyone has desires within ur hearts....and what better time than when ur getting bored to go out n fulfill them.

  3. Hey Shine,
    I usually never get bored, as I try n keep myself busy..but whenever I have the time to do nothing :)...I fantasize and day dream. I think about things which I want to do...which excite me...which make my blood rush.....and make my heart beat that next time when I have the time to do nothing...i am doing some of these things...


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