Monday 20 February 2012

Quit Smoking

In the morning when my mom came inside my room, she told me that an acquaintance has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Since she has seen her father suffer, she was visibly shaken and was recalling how terrible it is for the patient as well as the family when a person suffers from cancer.

Whenever I hear cancer, I picture in my maternal grandfather, my Daddyji, he suffered with lung cancer, fought like a soldier but succumbed to death. He had quit smoking long ago, but his lungs were damage with the tobacco tart that he had smoked before quitting... He had respiratory problems and every now and then he had to be rushed to ICU. With a survival rate of zero percent, Lung cancer or small cell carcinoma grows to third or fourth stage within 15 days.  By the time it is diagnosed, a patient is already in critical stage.

I recall how I wished that the doctors tell us that they diagnosed it wrong, and tried to convey to everyone that a medical professional can go wrong. Till the end, I did not feel that he will ever leave us, even when he was on ventilator. Even when we had to rush as the doctors said that he is left with 30 min of life. I am proud that he fought... Smiled through the oxygen mask whenever I met him in the ICU, he blinked whenever I spoke to him, holding his hand and telling him to get well soon.

I would confess that I was also about to give into the temptation of smoking, but I did not. And I thank god for that... I reiterate this today, I reiterate this as you read it, and I reiterate it every time someone Quits to smoke. Cancer knows no love, no boundary, no colour, no caste, no creed... Lets fight it, lets start with boycotting things that lead the cancer to grow.

Author's Note: Quit Smoking, nothing is worthy to take away a part of your life.. And its not cool, its doesn't make one a better artist, it cannot bring out the creativity in you, it doesn't take away your stress, and the list goes on....... whatever reason you have, it doesn't help at all..

PS: Daddyji, I love you...   I am glad I was always able to make up to convey this to you!
You are (I still believe that you are around us) the best, And I miss you..
Wherever you are, I wish lots of happiness, health and smiles for you... 
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