Wednesday 27 August 2014

Success can fail you, failure will not

Often, we are at that point in life where we see success right on our face. It is that time when we can see success coming right to us. It is a feeling of both accomplishment and disquiet because it is just half an inch away from us. Right when we just cannot wait to grab it and this time again success failed us. The intensity of disappointment ranges from the importance of success and frequency of related failures.

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On the other hand, failure is always a possibility - we can fail at every day task. It is frustrating - something like that cup of coffee that does not taste the way you like it. We may not fear failure, but failing is a denunciation. We cannot succeed every time, failure is imminent. Despite failing many times, failure will not make you get used to it. We have had many such examples - talk of Mark Zuckerberg or Thomas Edison or even a random person you see on your way to work. We all struggle to rise above failure - in our own ways. Look at the brighter side, there are things that only failure can teach us. Things that failure bring to us:

1. Failure is a mirror showing moment: No matter whether the moment of failure came to you because of your own short-comings. A failure brings a wide mirror of reality right on to your face.

2. Failure makes you a take a re-look at your strategy: Innovation is the product of fear of failure or becoming redundant. If you dig deep into why you failed, you can find direction and get one notch higher towards success.

3. Failure brings the best in you as an individual: A failed person will have more respect towards the struggles of people around. A different perspective and a fresh outlook towards the world out there.

Success is a constant struggle we fight in solitude. I do not think that anyone is an accidentally successful person, it needs work to be successful. It takes efforts either of the person who succeeded or of those who work for that person. Success is very brittle and relative.

Author's Note: No one succeeds at the very first shot. Success arrives after a series of failure and it is short lived. The same strategy will not work again.

P.S: If you have something to add, I would be delighted to read.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Life's lessons from The Shawshank Redemption

There is a reason why The Shawshank Redemption got into IMDB highest ranks. It is about the bond shared between two men in prison.
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They shared emotions, laughs, secrets, regrets and salvation. This movies is my all time favourite not only for the story line but for the lessons it teaches us. And I bring them to you here, as I see them.
  • Keep reminding yourself about where you want to be. And do something about it, no matter how insignificant.
  • Hope……… is a good thing, Maybe………. the best of things, and no good thing……..ever dies. - Andy
  • Be ready to swim through crap.
    “Andy crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to. Five hundred yards… that’s the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile.” – Red
  • Maintain your significance even in most horrible places
  • Carve, dig and smoothen your rock to create a cushion for future. 
  • Take time to know people, do not make snap-impressions.
  • Do not get comfortable with restrictions and limitations.
  • Allow your special people to make a comeback into your life.
  • Do not make people who love you drift away from you.
  • Buy your friends beer ;)
  • Admire women, we enjoy it.
Author's Note: I do not want to share the story line, and highly recommend you to take time and watch the movie. If you have already seen it, great. And if you plan to watch it, do come back to share what you learned.

The thought of being terminated

Many of us get really scared at the thought of being handed over a termination letter, aka Pink Slip. In this kind of a situation your financial stability is likely to go for a toss. You would see a big red flag hanging in front of you, just as the carrot and the donkey visual. The only difference is that you do not want to eat that flag, you want to make it invisible.

Termination is harsh.

If you carry that termination tag as it is, your performance will be under speculation. The threat is not as much on being able to find a new job, but on the impression this TERMINATION stamp make on the next possible employer. What would the next employer think? How will I not let this TERMINATION stamp affect my chances of getting selected in my next job?....

And that mesh of questions have the power to overpower the confidence you have in yourself.

And then you will come up with possible band-aid approach - to hide that work experience all together, and let those hard earned skills that you gained in the job go unnoticed. It will obviously appear like a sabbatical - and may cause a big dent in ones' career.

The only pro about a termination letter is that the employer has to pay a minimum of 3 month pay of severance. The other option is you make it appear like a resignation and take the last month's pay.

My question is, how much does the hiring fraternity understand about termination? Is it a taboo? Here are some cases that could be the case scenario for a termination tag:

  • If it as performance related termination than may be you have to look for a job which allows you to be easy at work. However, being easy at work is a relative concept.
  • What about the other angle of getting fired, let's say that you and your boss could not get along well. Your ideas were innovative and your boss' were conservative, or vice-versa. There was an ego clash and you were asked to leave.
  • The company was not doing so well, and you as a resource were coming across as costly. So you were politely asked to leave.

There could be more such scenarios. I was also terminated once as the company was closed down. The day news broke, I received a call from a former employer asking me to join back at the same salary, I declined. Another case I recall was going for an interview where the interviewer was more interested in understanding the reason for my company's closure than my skills. But ultimately I received two offer letters and realised that it was just a momentary challenge. I became stronger after that incident. Now I do not fear being terminated.
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Tuesday 19 August 2014

The deadly reach of LinkedIn

Just as employers look for a perfect fit for a role through reference checks, rounds of interviews and discussions – we, as job seekers, look for an organization that is a close fit for our career development.

Factor this, you applied for a job, everything went smooth – and now when you are right out there to be handed over that offer. When you are at the verge of putting down your paper, you were suggested to reach out to former employees of the company. How? Of-course LinkedIn, GlassDoor or just Google the name of the company.... It is like a paparazzi and you are out there to pick clues of the reality.

Source: LinkedIn
The company’s secrets are out. Either it could be written somewhere, or you just received a reply from one of the former jilted employees indicating the flaws in the system. And yes those are real flaws – not about office gossip and politics, but about loopholes in the business model, possible jitters that may come in the way of your career development, including the work environment.

Company secrets are no more secrets. It is better if organizations realize that and stop treating an employee as just an employee and make them leave you on a bitter note. Employer branding is a real thing – the dark-side of the office happiness will be exposed. In times to come, organizations will understand the power of employee agony – it can cost you more than a jilted customer.

What are your thoughts on it?
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Tuesday 12 August 2014

Robin Williams' Inspirational Quotes

Words stay, man perishes. I want to pay tribute to this superstar with these best of Robin Williams quotations:

  • "You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
  • "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change this world." - via Dead Poets Society
  • “There is still a lot to learn and there is always great stuff out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.”

Author's Note: It is said that people who smile a lot, are the ones who are struggling the most. Was Robin Williams one such example?

P.S: RIP, one of the greatest actors, comedians of all time.  

Saturday 9 August 2014

Ripples and Perspectives

Just as the ripples streamed through a point.
Those ripples followed each other.
In a perfect circular shape.
And merged with the shores.
Touching the edge of the pond.
One after the other.
In symmetrical streams.
Created for a short span.
No matter who brought those ripples.
Whether a pebble or a Kingfisher.
It brought to motion the calmness.
Some see beauty in calmness.
Some found meaning in the motion.

Author's Note: It all comes down to perspective.

P.S.: It is time for introspection, where do you find solace, in ripples or in calmness.

Friday 8 August 2014

A Wish

A wish that was to come out through her murmur.
Was something she kept so dear and close.
The words she choose were carefully put together.
So that it will not fall beck on being misconstrued.

Each time she was about to say that prayer,
She was stopped for a fear.
What if it came true?
Will she regret asking for it?

Author's Note: Something you badly wanted, but still doubt if you should want it.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Perks of falling in love with the wrong person

Many of you will relate to this topic, because at one time or the other we have all been head over heels for the wrong one. Some of us were stuck in for longer than recommended. This recommended duration comes from people who ask you how could you be with him for so long?
The good times you have had with someone you love was the reason you were together, count the bad times - those were not meant to be there.
But there are some perks to it, so if you curse yourself for being with that jerk for longer than you should have, read on:

The battle of Love Quotations and Love Rules 

Those fancy love quotations are just for those real love stories, they are not the rules of relationship.
The only rules of a love relation is respect for each other, for yourself and for the two of you. The moment that balance is let lose the relationship will fall. Now when you will be in that cursing mode, remember that you have learnt your lesson and have to find that person who possesses real qualities, reciprocates your admiration, accepts you and both of you have mutual respect.

You found out where exactly you went wrong

Being let down repeatedly by him/her and accepting it was wrong on your part.
If you are the one sobbing right now, the chances of you being taken for granted are higher. And if that is the case, then you may also narrate endless incidents about what you did for him/her. Yes there would have been situations where the other one would have reciprocates, but to no match. So you might have realized how powerfully truthful was that little voice in your head.

You learn that you are the center of your world

Your dreams about going for a vacation with him/her are yet to be realized. May be you have also dreamt about your kids, a happy family, et al. And you have held that idea so dear to you that you cannot just let it go. Now you know that nothing will count if the other person is the wrong one. Now you know those red flag situations and will not fall prey to such tricks in life ever and say NO when required.

Once you will clear the clutter in your head, you will get over the fear of unknown, and accept yourself completely. Display the spirit of Dew - Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai (victory lies ahead what you fear).

Author's Note: So that little or long relationship experiment was over (had it been a successful relationship, I would have termed it relationship investment), you know yourself better. Your illusions would have been clear by now and ultimately you will have no time and energy to curse him/her and leave it on karma for hurting you.

P.S: When you were with that wrong person and someone asked you why you love him and her, can you recall your answer? Tell me in the comment box.
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