Thursday 21 August 2014

The thought of being terminated

Many of us get really scared at the thought of being handed over a termination letter, aka Pink Slip. In this kind of a situation your financial stability is likely to go for a toss. You would see a big red flag hanging in front of you, just as the carrot and the donkey visual. The only difference is that you do not want to eat that flag, you want to make it invisible.

Termination is harsh.

If you carry that termination tag as it is, your performance will be under speculation. The threat is not as much on being able to find a new job, but on the impression this TERMINATION stamp make on the next possible employer. What would the next employer think? How will I not let this TERMINATION stamp affect my chances of getting selected in my next job?....

And that mesh of questions have the power to overpower the confidence you have in yourself.

And then you will come up with possible band-aid approach - to hide that work experience all together, and let those hard earned skills that you gained in the job go unnoticed. It will obviously appear like a sabbatical - and may cause a big dent in ones' career.

The only pro about a termination letter is that the employer has to pay a minimum of 3 month pay of severance. The other option is you make it appear like a resignation and take the last month's pay.

My question is, how much does the hiring fraternity understand about termination? Is it a taboo? Here are some cases that could be the case scenario for a termination tag:

  • If it as performance related termination than may be you have to look for a job which allows you to be easy at work. However, being easy at work is a relative concept.
  • What about the other angle of getting fired, let's say that you and your boss could not get along well. Your ideas were innovative and your boss' were conservative, or vice-versa. There was an ego clash and you were asked to leave.
  • The company was not doing so well, and you as a resource were coming across as costly. So you were politely asked to leave.

There could be more such scenarios. I was also terminated once as the company was closed down. The day news broke, I received a call from a former employer asking me to join back at the same salary, I declined. Another case I recall was going for an interview where the interviewer was more interested in understanding the reason for my company's closure than my skills. But ultimately I received two offer letters and realised that it was just a momentary challenge. I became stronger after that incident. Now I do not fear being terminated.
Source: LinkedIn

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