Wednesday 30 April 2014

Zeal: A-to-Z Challenge [30 April 2014]

This is the last post of my A-to-Z April Challenge Journey. The challenge was tough to put upto, given that I traveled to Udaipur where I scheduled my posts and the fact that for over 8 days I am sick, the fever is running as high as 102. The doctor also indicated that it could be typhoid.  I am glad that I am writing the day zero post. I finally managed it.

So without much delay, I thank all those who visited my blog, those who commented and those whose comments gave me an idea to write on. I am sorry for not been able to respond to comments. Today as I stand on Day Zero of the contest, I wish to talk only of one thing - Zeal. 


I have a zeal to write, my words may sound out of context to you, but for me I do strive hard to put together my thoughts. As they say that the toughest task for a writer is to write. Perhaps that is why my aspirational novel of 200 pages is not moving ahead from 70 pages.

When you really want to do something, you cannot afford to do injustice to it. It has to be the best, not for the readers, but for you. Because the toughest critic you have to impress ever is no one but you. I know that I will come up with my book, if not tomorrow, then after a year or ten years.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
I dedicate this post to your zeal. Whatever you wanted to do in life, start today, no matter how small or how big that first step is, just start - because it is the first step that matters, it is the first step that is the toughest and it is the first step that can make all the difference. It will be that first step that you will thank yourself for taking the day you actually meet your much zealous aim.

My list of those aims marked by my active interest and enthusiasm appears to be endless. Many people do not seem to get when I try to make them understand, but at the end, making them understand is not as important for me as it is for me to achieve it.

Author's Note: Through my last post for the contest, I wish a happy zealous achievements to all.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Yummy Factor: A-to-Z Challenge [29 April 2014]

Long long ago, I was watching Discovery Travel and Living. A series on best food from across the world was running on screen. That was the day the fact that good food is the essence of survival of foodies, like me. Here are bring to you a trip to must visit eateries in Delhi and the pictures of some yummy stuff that just does not get out of my head.

1. Andhra Bhawan Thali - I can die/kill for it. Food is cheap and unlimited. Besides food, they serve paan while you exit.

Source: Anupriya Karmakar's fb photographs
2. Yummy is the only word for Chacha's Chole Bhature, Kamla Nagar. It has been really long since I gorged on it. Long waiting stretching upto an hour is expected on Saturdays.

3. South African chain if Lebanese food - Nando's serves the best periperi chicken. When two chicken lovers who talk a lot visit this place, all they do is no talk, just eat!

4. Qd's: I love the Garlic Noodles and Tandoori Momo here. The staff is very prompt and if they pack the wrong order, they are quick to replace it - No frown, just good food.
5. Bengali Market, no matter what you eat, you can find it here as long as you are a vegetarian. Two restaurants situated across a small road have the best to help you with a culinary treat. I love golgappas here!


Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: If you are a Delhite then you should have been to all these places, and if you have not been then do pay a visit. And if you are visiting Delhi, then I bet that your trip is incomplete if you have not has these delectable delights. 

P.S.: I am really sick these days, and my taste buds are totally numb, and neither can I pamper them. Just imagine how bad I feel right now! Food is the best I could think of to write on at this moment. 

P.P.S.: A foodie's emotions and expressions are paramount to me. This contest would have not been complete without a mention of food.

Monday 28 April 2014

Xerox: A-to-Z Challenge [28 April 2014]

“I was so disappointed that you did not want to perform at your uncle’s Sangeet function. Look at your cousin Palak, how confidently she gave her performance making your uncle proud. All the guests were asking me about your performance, and I felt so embarrassed.”, scolded a mother of 7 years Kriti.

“Mom, I wanted to do a stand-up comedian performance, something like we saw in Zurich during our vacation.” explained Kriti.

“I told you, that is not a girl thing. You are a girl, and there are some things that are not meant for them. Your dance teacher will be attending to you for extra hours in the coming three days so that you do not goof up the way you did last night.”

This was the conversation between a mother and her 7 years old daughter Kriti. This young girl gets to hear a lot about achievements of her peers, and a bunch of girls who loved dancing, singing, and getting indulged in girl stuff. All that Kriti’s parents wants is her to catch the best from all of them.

Kriti at a young age has a tight 'mechanical' schedule. She is back at 1:30 from school and after that she is paraded in various classes, right from dance to piano lessons to singing classes, everything was so girlie. She did not know what is girlie and what is not, but she did not like what she was supposed to do, she wanted something else.

Are parents trying to get the Xerox of a girlie girl, and not let her be what she is?

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: I see many parents try to make them fit into a typical xerox of what according to them fits perfect in the frame. A boy should be blue and girl should be pink- why a boy can’t like pink and girl blue?

P.S.: If you are a boy, you should not wear pink, it is a girl's colour. A boy of 5 years told me that and all I wondered was who taught him gender segmentation?

P.P.S.: Thanks Shesha for quick edits.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Winner: A-to-Z Challenge [26 April 2014]

On tasting the flavours of being a Winner.
I was addicted to my failures.
Not because they were good.
But their coming was so grand.
I had to work really towards it to make it a win.


Each one of us is a winner in our own way.  What matters is if you see your failures worth to put you up to where you are or where you want to be. Winning is a very relative concept, for a labourer, earning bread for each day could be a big win but for an industrialist, losing a multimillion contract could be just another day.

Stepping out with an intent to embrace your failures is what makes you a winner. No one can be a winner always, if it is about a genuine effort than it will be accompanied by a lot of failures and a big win!

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: They say that failures are the stepping stones to success. In big pursuits, failures are often regarded as big milestones only winners find on their way to success.

P.S.:  When I look back at my life, I see hardship. At the same time it was accompanied by a belief that it will not get worse than this. It will get only better. I have had my share of failures, my share of losses but the lessons that accompanied those failures made me a winner.

P.P.S: Do share your success on the comment box, with a little flavour of failure.

Friday 25 April 2014

Vamp: A-to-Z Challenge [25 April 2014]

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
She knows that she is bad.
She enjoys being a wrecker.
She derives pleasure to see others sad.
She makes a man fall out of love with his girl.
She makes a woman doubt her love for her man.
She knows that she is bad, and she keeps getting better at being bad.

Author's Note: Yes, some people know that they are bad, and they do not do anything about it. They carry on being bad as they derive happiness on seeing others suffer. 

P.P.S: Inspiration for writing this post is Kamolika of Kasautii Zindagii Kay. I have never been a soap opera person, but she was so bad that even a non-follower of the series knew of her bad deeds.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Unsaid: A-to-Z Challenge [24 April 2014]

Unsaid were those words, that had to cross mountains of ego.
They were left unsaid as they had to stumble through tough & rough terrains.
They were unheard as they had to swim through waves of judgments.

They wanted to be understood, without coming out.
The once that were out, were further dissected.
Only to misconstrued the meaning further.

Those words that exist.Got soaked in dry sun on a barren land.
Even when they tried their best, they could not find a way out.

The words which were trying to break barriers.
Did not find the right channel to proceed.
Those words were suffocated while they fought to make a way out.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: Intentions are often understood wrong, not because of words that were said, but because of those that were left unsaid. I wish that the world could read beyond white and black. I wish there was no need to talk grey with anyone to make them understand what is on your mind.

P.S.: This often happens with me, when I find myself misunderstood. That misunderstanding comes for not what was said, but from what was left unsaid.

P.P.S.: Thank you all for your concerns. I am recovering!

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Thinking Cap: A-to-Z Challenge [23 April 2014]

Wear your thinking cap as here are a few questions I have for you: 

1. Is is okay to follow Karam Karo Fal Ki Iccha Mat Karo, (English: Keep doing the work without thinking about the end result)?
2. Do you actually live in the moment or do you go back to past or visit the future?
3. One thing that should not be banned is ......
Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: I am unwell, the thermometer reads 101 degrees. Could not think of anything better, although I was suppose to Hi-Five with Shesha for a T for Travel post, but mine is not complete as yet. But I have 'parked' it for later as I really wish to do justice to the topic of Travel. 

P.S.: Do we actually think over somethings, or sayings that could be so profound and accepted. Why do we ended up accepting some thoughts as a way of life, so much so that we do not eve question them?

P.P.S.: Feel free to add more pointers for us to think over :)

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Stalked: A-to-Z Challenge [22 April 2014]

Besides that real scary crazy mid-night stalking, I am sure each one of us has had a stint with a little harmless Facebook stalking. Unlike LinkedIn, or no more in trend Orkut, Facebook does not allow people to know who visited their profile.So it is safe to stalk on Facebook.

Plus for each profile, there is a possibility to keep one's privacy intact by sharing defined updates amongst friends, with public or with restricted audience. And if you do not want someone to stalk you, just block that person!

I believe that after celebrity crushes, exes are the most stalked items online, where one wants to know what's up with them. Internet is a great invention bestowed upon mankind. It is not that creepy to stalk when you are on social media. Remember the last scene from The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg's character was viewing the profile of his ex.

Talking of the ethical aspect of it, is it good, bad or okay? Ex is someone you fell for, someone who broke your heart, or may be you broke his/her heart, or maybe the situation required you to part ways and you keep wondering was it for real, so we go virtual to keep the memories alive and shed a  tear or two.
Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]

Author's Note: Stalking is fine, as long as it does not scare someone. Plus it should not invite an emotional turmoil to you. Ensure that you are not falling in an emotional rut by indulging in a harmless ride on the memory lane.

P.S.: It is fine, it leads you to understand that the other person has changed. It is not more that same guy/girl that you fell for. You turn off that craving to stalk with an understanding that it is just an emotional assault you are bringing to yourself.

Monday 21 April 2014

Right Age: A-to-Z Challenge [21 April 2014]

I bring to you opinions of a fellow blogger Shesha Chaturvedi on Right Age. Here is the guest post:

Are we living in the right era and doing proper things that are meant for this age?

Some times it seems that somebody has made rules to do specific things at a particular age in ones life. Everyone abides by those rules. If anyone walks out of line, people stare at them, they react with rage and anger. The rule-breaker after looking at others' reactions, starts feeling out-casted and panics.

Here is the chronology:
It is alright to eat crushed ice till the age of 5-10 years, skipping rope till 15, laughing loudly and stupidly till 18, finishing college by the age of 21, getting into job by 22, getting married by 25, having kids by 30 and so on...

Is everyone going as per the plan? Or is it possible that we invite unplanned things to us, follow our instincts more than those plans.

It could be something where - we Live for today, learn from pasts and worry a little of future.
We plan things, we fail, something unexpected happens and we get happy or sad. We fall and rise again, plan again, pass or fail again and so on. And while we think we will go as per plans, life doesn't! There isn't a right age for anything in the world.

One of my uncle learned swimming at the age of 60. Another one took up his passion for photography soon after his retirement. At 80 he is enjoying his newly bought SLR lenses and Photoshop. Some ladies in their twenties are not doing anything and some are even working after their retirements. There is no right or wrong age for anything in the world. We do what we want to do when we want to do it and when we feel its the right time and there is right the opportunity. As they say age is just a number. We can waste our time either in counting it day by day, or we can enjoy while it lasts...

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Shesha Chaturvedi's Note: Be guided by the light in you and not by the number of years you have spent on this earth. Age is not a factor, your wishes are!

Shine Kapoor's Note: As I believe that everyone is unique in one's special way. I wish that it was more to be what you are and go with the flow. Age is just a number, err word!

P.S.: Thank you Shesha :) for sharing your contribution on my blog.

P.P.S.: Shesha Chaturvedi blogs at Elixired.

Saturday 19 April 2014

Queer: A-to-Z Challenge [19 April 2014]

Being a man.
I am in love with another man.
I am a Queer.
We had to sacrifice our love.
To let him marry a woman.
Am I a Queer?

Being a woman.
I kissed another woman (on lips).I am a Queer.
I fought the world, to be with my girl.
It led to her being stoned to death.
We were a Queer pair.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Note: Is love really a matter of consideration for a gender? I have never felt for someone with same gender, but I often think if love a matter of gender?

P.S.: How open are we about choices people make about their life. How does that matter to someone if a person choose to sleep with someone with the same gender?

P.P.S.: I am declaring publically that I am fine with the spirit of queers. After all they are spreading love, and now war or hatered. Do share your thoughts.

Friday 18 April 2014

Pretentious: A-to-Z Challenge [18 April 2014]

It was the day, like everyday, when she thought about the moment she lived with him. Her mind was clouded with his thoughts, as she walked on that crowded street. Her heart skipped a beat as she got a look of him. Steering through the crowd, his face stood out. Smiling and happy with someone who appeared to be his new found love.

That moment brutally killed her pretensions, she chose to walk on her way, without letting an iota of her pain show up on her face.

When they passed by, she did not look at him. When they passed by, he called her name. When they passed by was the moment when she did not listen to him.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
She cremated her pretensions and finally gave up thinking about him.

Author's Note: Many a time we pretend to care, or pretend to not care. Some encounters help in getting us out of a pretentious mode. 

P.S.: This is a fiction to capture that sometimes we pretend, but the emotions behind those pretensions.

P.P.S: When was the last time you pretended? Do share it if you wish to.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Other Woman: A-to-Z Challenge [17 April 2014]

Other is what they call me.
But he tells me that I am the one.

They tell me that he is a liar.
He swears by when he tells me those lies.

They tell me to ask him to leave his wedded wife.
He tells me his plight and why he cannot.

I am pulled in two directions.
One that is ruled by logic.
Other that is ruled by heart.
Is my heart stronger than me?
Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Is it not bringing disgrace to me?

Author's Note: Yes it is the man's fault. But if he is allowed to commit a sin, he will. 

P.S.: I wanted to capture dilemma of the other woman. She knows that it will not lead anywhere but she often ends up adding memories to an impossible accord. Ofcourse it is in line with my theme for the A-to-Z April 2014 Challenge - Emotions and Expressions.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Narcissist: A-to-Z Challenge [16 April 2014]

As the clock ticked, it reflected upon me.
I found reasons that state why I was special.
Every passing moment, I fell in love with myself.
Everything about me was magical, my smile, my car and my girl.
It was like the world was created for me and get destroyed if I wanted it to be.
Everything belonged to me, the moon, the sun and the clouds.
Everything owed it to me, should salute to me and be greatful to me
Because in a way, I am so amazing that I had influenced them to achieve.
I was just consumed in myself that I looked down at everybody.
No one was spared from my wrath, even those who loved me.

In the end, I was left to love myself, because I was wrong.
I tried to get back to those who loved me.
But they carried only hatred for me.
It was too late when I realized that.
I was a narcissist and not a self lover!
Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]

Author's Note: Narcissists claim that they are self lovers. It is narcissism when your love for self hurt those who genuinely love you and you are too consumed in yourself, you do not care if you end up hurting those who deserve to be treated equally. 

If you feel that people you love are too lucky to be with someone like you. Think again, it could be other way round.

P.S.:  Those who hurt others and manipulate others to think that the world revolves around you (the narcissists). Buckle up, you are way to insignificant!

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Morals forbid us: A-to-Z Challenge [15 April 2014]

Sometimes your morals do not let you do what you badly want to do. It could be morals that are imposed on you or imposed on those who affect your decisions.

That could be scream, shout, slap or may be kiss someone. We often struggle to strike a balance between losing and maintaining an image that falls in line with social definition of morals. The better we are at maintaining it, more are the chances of appearing as preservers of our self respect. Maintaining it is the ultimate goal and losing it make you appear like a loser, in the eyes of whoever is aware about your loss. So we hide and manipulate, and make ourselves appear as grand preservers of our SELF RESPECT.

But what about those situation when you are in a tough ideological conflict. Would you do what sorts things out in your mind or would you keep a straight face and preserve your self esteem.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
If you were given a chance in life to do something forbidden would you do it and what would it be?

Author's Note: Does that mean that you should be cautious about not letting the world find that you are doing something forbidden or should you actually forbid.

P.S.: I will go an photograph all the places where camera is not allowed. Here morals do not stop us but morals of those who follow social diktats give them the privilege to stop us.

Monday 14 April 2014

Love Amidst Lust: A-to-Z Challenge [14 April 2014]

While I was lusting over internet
I had a craving of Watsapp and Facebook
My mobile refused to ring and no sms-ing
I had to pass days without network and connectivity
All I was supposed to do was to savour the view 

City Palace, Udaipur.
Credits to be attributed to Shine Kapoor
While I was trekking on forts uphill
Taking a rope-way to a sunset point at the Karni Mata temple.
As my boat steered through Lake Pichola
Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
I found my love for life without internet and mobile

Author's Note:  I was on a travel to the city of Udaipur with an all girl gang. 

P.S.: Sensing that I will not be able to devote time, I had scheduled my J post and K post. Glad that I have managed to survive through the A-to-Z April Contest so far. 

P.P.S.: No mood to pick my phone to talk, I am so in Udaipur mode. While I thought that I had to be available on phone, I was proved wrong.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Kaleidoscope: A-to-Z Challenge [12 April 2014]

When I looked at the sunny sky through it, here's what Kaleidoscope said to me:


It told me that if you can see.
It will show me how beautiful it can be.
It will bring endless stream of colours to me
It will put out dancing patterns for me
Badge: A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
All I have to do is to appreciate the beauty.
Whether a monochrome or polychrome
It can play with light
It can bring beauty to me
It instills happy feelings in me.

Author's Note: In the midst of travel plans, this post is based on quick brainstorming with Shesha Chaturvedi.

P.S.: Non living objects bring in happy emotions to us too. Appreciate them. I do appreciate my room for bringing me comfort :).

Friday 11 April 2014

Judgements: A-to-Z Challenge [11 April 2014]

He picked flaws in others to hide his own. - Shine Kapoor

Many a times, the flaws one picks in others, could be the ones that one holds deep within. It is just an act to console one's conscious that it is okay, many people have it, this society is full of people who have a flaw like me, so let it be and I could be not wrong.

But if 50 people do a foolish thing, it still will be a foolish thing. If you choose to go the right way and you do not have supporters. You still are right!

The point is when do you know if it is right? There is a possibility that those 50 people find doing a foolish thing as doing the right thing.

  • This is the time for a conscious call.
  • Does your conscious allow you to do this?
  • Are you hurting someone?
  • Are you taking advantage of the situation?
We all take our own time to fall out of a trap. There are various phases involved.

Check if it is a trap.
Check again if it is a trap..
Try to mend it...
Try again....
Realize it is beyond repair.....
Move out of the situation......
Look back....... 
Fall in a rut or smile at the experience........
Avoid looking back.........

Look within before you end up deriving a psychoanalysis on someone.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
A manipulator is someone who will try to get the best out of every situation. Will not out-rightly manipulate you but put you in situations where you are likely to behave or act in a desired manner.

Author's Note: Liars lie, cheaters cheat and manipulators manipulate. End of story!

P.S.: I tried to bring out emotions related to judgements and my way to fighting with the wrongs I do.

P.P.S.: Yes I can be wrong, but I would like to commit a wrong and learn my own lesson than to follow what others feel is right.

Thursday 10 April 2014

Introspect what makes you cry: A-to-Z Challenge [10 April 2014]

I know I do not belong here.
I know that I deserve better.
This is not what I can settle for.

It is when we are face to face with a sad, hopeless and helpless crying.  (this line has been inserted post feedback received from a fellow blogger Nisha)

We all know where we belong. Some accept it as it is somewhere they presently are, some keep cursing their luck and some take it as a war to shoot out of a trap like a diwali rocket - they do not intend blast somewhere midway, but land in a paradise.They are the ones who truly create their own paradise.

When you feel low, you could either hide in your quilt, shed a tear and keep feeling low or simple - do something about it. Getting up and doing something about it to go back to that reason that made you cry and introspect. Here are a few givens that are giving you tears:

First... Those of us who get hurt are mostly the ones who say YES, when they want to say NO. Are you one of them? If yes, learn to say NO, stop people pleasing and put out what you really are. Be happy and content with your decisions.

Second... Check your environment, if you are surrounded by negative people - you do not see the Golden Skies because of some Haze in their Eyes! Either block such people from your lives, or learn to block their negativity reach your mind.

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Third... Check your environment again, you might be with people who are not too self motivated, they could be the dead fish, who go with the flow. Spat your fins and scream through the streams. You need to be self motivated to get to where you belong.

Author's Note:  Whenever the thought that you do not belong here crosses your mind, do not let it die. Make it into something that you will feel proud of two years down the line. What to do is best known to no one but you :)

 P.S.: I tried to relate negative emotions with introspection.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Highway or Her Way: A-to-Z Challenge [9 April 2014]

Pulled out from the womb of a city,
Handcuffed and mouth-wrapped shut.
Right from a lavish splendid palace, 
Loaded in a truck, with stench and rut.

As she gave up retaliation and fuss,
Her clutches were untied, one by one.
As she accepted and embraced the present,
The wind kissed her every now and then.

She found the real freedom,
Under the vast sky and an endless journey.
The journey that had no aim,
A journey that had no name.

A journey that allowed her to scream.
On an endless road, that spanned through farms.
She released piled up hills of screams,
Ones which were so far suffocated.

On a highway she realized that,
All her life she was abused in the name of life.
She found real monsters,
Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
In the name of guardian.

On a highway she found her way,
She flew, without wings.
She found a real saviour,
In the face of an abductor.

Author's Note: Through this post, I wanted to bring the emotions and suffocation suffered by the central character Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt) in Imtiaaz Ali's 2014 release Highway.

 P.S.:  This contest would have not been complete without a mention of Imtiaaz Ali.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Guilt: A-to-Z Challenge [8 April 2014]

Here is narration (fictitious):

I was obese since forever. It was that day, when I sat on the floor. Getting up with over 200 pounds of flesh wrapped around me was like dragging a huge mass against gravity. I had to take help of five people to help me get up. From that day onwards I was scared to sit on floor.

Everyday I carried a huge guilt. I was guilty for what I ate. The guilt for how much I ate and the guilt that people around me made to feel when their eyes popped out for what I ate. I tried to mellow my guilt by thinking about the hypocritical double standards of those people. But my guilt did not go.

I could not give up my weakness, that was food. I discovered that I can savour the taste of what ever I liked and started eating and throwing it out in the commode. I ate it all, but I did not let it ruin my body. I relished the taste but I did not let it make me feel guilty about adding pounds to my waist line. That was the day when I begin a journey towards Anorexia.

Two years into it, and I was all slim. I took pride in my body and in the fact that I still relish my food. I felt guilty whenever my food come out of anywhere except my mouth.  Gradually my eyes started dropping, I started looking like a monster, my health went bad and I was under intensive care. My body was not getting required nutrients, and my guilt was killing me for consuming the food, essence of survival.

It was the day I started to eat. It was the day I started to use my mouth only to eat. It was the day I started to use my body to kill the extra calorie through a natural mechanism. I started exercising, I became a fighter. I fought with my guilt and ate as much as I wanted, burned as much as I could. Today people pass by me and compliment me for my health. And they go, wooo hoo what a hot bod!

What is common guilt experienced by: 
  •  Fat person
  • Anorexic
  • Body Builder
Do not read further, but take a moment to think about it.
Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Ok, I will  give you some clues: It is being projected as a dangerous commodity. You have to ensure that you keep its craving under control else you will not fit in the ideal image of a human being. 

Yes, some of you might have got it. For those who are still wondering what is it. It is food, period.

Author's Note: Relish your food and burn that guilt. 

P.S.: Through this narration, I tried to establish a connect between guilt and food into an emotional narration.

Monday 7 April 2014

Feelings: A-to-Z Challenge [7 April 2014]

She fumbled when she stood in front of a huge audience.
She feared that she will miss out on this big task.
She followed her faith and started to speak.
The theme of her poem was feelings....

She stammered when she uttered the first line:

Here I come face to face, with a few feelings. 

She looked right at the audience. Every person, sitting on chairs arranged neatly in rows, was looking at her. She searched for acceptance in their eyes as she carried on with the next part of her verse:

I felt great when I was out in rain for the first time.
But when I saw pictures of flood and death, I felt sick. 
It was the day when my love for rain was put on hold.

By now she had a grip not on the audience, but on her mind. She looked up, till the last row of the auditorium. She saw that many people were standing beyond her range.

I felt great when I dipped in the sea and played with the waves.
When  I witnesses the destruction caused by Tsunami, I was suddenly averse to that feeling.
It was the day when that lovely feeling was arrested.

She knew that audience was listening to her, as she went on an introspection. She thought that nature that bring such soothing feel, could be destructive and harsh if you test its limits.

When I thought of the world without water.
I felt thirsty in an endless dessert, I saw mirage of oasis.
Those feelings that were put on hold or arrested were put to test.

Thank you!

She walked towards the exit of the stage thinking why does nature get destructive. Is mankind testing its limits? She knew that it was a yes, and felt bad. She turned back to the dias and said,

I am indeed thankful to the mother nature
To bless us with so much
And I am ashamed of mankind for raping nature.

Be nice to nature, after all we survive on water and breath oxygen. 
 Badge: A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]

Author's Note: I am a water sign and I love water. When I saw a dangerous Indian Ocean video that went viral, at that moment I was scared of water. It got me thinking that huge spread of water across our planet is for our need. Time and again mankind has tested the patience of it. Global warming is one of the proofs. 

P.S.: Through this post I tried to capture a multitude of feelings, stage fear, fear of survival, fear of water, fear of shame and guilt  that she belonged to a segment of society who is committing a heinous crime. 

P.P.S.: This is 200th live post on my blog :)

Saturday 5 April 2014

Emotions: A-to-Z Challenge [5 April 2014]

Take a second or more to let each of the stories listed below bring an EMOTION in you:

#1 - They met, love happened, but confession took a long time.
#2 - As time dawned upon him, he woke up to reality.
#3 - Stride from life to death and billion stories stitched along.
#4 - She realized that he was gone but his voice didn't.
#5 - How you face the reality is what you truly are.
#6 - When everything around was falling apart, she stiffed her grip.
#7 - He wanted an ego massage, but her esteem bruised it.
#8 - You are as high as you believe yourself to be.
#9 - You do not regret when you go by your heart.
#10 -  Chuck those rules that make you compromise on your existence.

Please tell me which caused most impact on your emotions, which post got you thinking and which made you smile.

Author's Note: Collection of ten word stories themed on Emotions. The lesser the words, the tougher the task!

P.S.: Emotion & Expression is my theme for the A to Z April Challenge. 

Friday 4 April 2014

Dumbfound: A-to-Z Challenge [4 April 2014]

It is not what you say or do, but the depth of your words or deeds that makes an impact. Often they leave you dumbfound.

All of us have been dumbfound-ed at one point or other. Here are some instances where I found myself dumbfound:
  • I was pranked on April 1, 2014, when I should have been cautious. Shesha told me to do weird things to get my foot out of numb sensation. Bhavuk made me come face to face with my fear and I was fuming till I was told it was a prank. And Khayati told me that she has shared my number with Sameer (a guy I know nothing about and perhaps does not even exist).
  • I ordered a pepper spray and thought that I should know how it operates. I read the manual that said it carries a strong irritant, causes itching in eyes, sneeze and cough that lasts for as long as 35 to 40 minutes. I sprayed it on a polythene and my room caught the effects. I coughed and sneezed for over 40 minutes. My mom also experienced it when she entered my room.
  • It was when Kanish (my five year old cousin) and I were watching a cartoon series on TV. I looked at Kanish and his eyes were wet. I asked if he was crying and he said arre ye to khushi ke aansu hain (these are happy tears).
  • While on my way back with my cousin Kanish, I saw a dog. I was scared of it as it barked at me a day before. Sensing that I am scared Kanish asked, aapko dogs se darr lagta hai kya? (are you scared of dogs?). Gaining back my composure I said no. As I cook up stories to tell my cousin that I have 15 pet dogs, I had to add that I am not scared of my pet dogs but street dogs scare me.
  • It was when I asked my niece Nevitta (my best friend's five year old daughter) how her studies are? She said I go to play to school and I will have to study after a really long time. I said ok studying is just like playing, it is fun. And she looked at me said no (with a straight face), studying is not fun.
Author's Note: Well I managed five points, hope they at-least made you smile or best could be a loud laugh.

P.S.: Dumbfound is an emotion. Share if you were dumbfound, and let us smile.

P.P.S: Day 4 and the enthusiasm of A-to-Z April Challenge should keep up. Let us all survive through this challenge. Brace up people!
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