Friday 28 November 2008

Terrorists yet again attack Mumbai !

Taj Heritage Property - Mumbai

Reflecting deconstruction from Mumbai attacks

Thakrey's are non vocal! Seems they are everready to breed hatered, so how can they miss this chance? Terrorists stroamed into their beloved Mumbai, and the city has come to a still initiated with the shootouts late at night on 26th November 2007.

Terrorist attack, justifying warnings to target Mumbai after attacks in New Delhi.

This is understood as India's gravest terror attack. Its been more than 40 hours now, and no breakthrough has been achieved on the Mumbai terror attack. Taj Heritage, Trident Oberoi and Nariman House, the three battle fields are on the top priority for news feeders across the globe. Everyone around are hooked to television sets to hear on some breakthrough on mission.

As I understand from the news updates that the terror mongers are Pakistan based, we know the reason - illtreatment of one community in India, non-observance of sharia law amongst, Kashmir issue others. They are not ready to negotiate. They are here to kill as many as possible and ultimately lie on hells lap!

But hello, would you be telling us what we should do with our policies? They pretty well control their operations with efficiency, but they cant run an economy, as for operating an economy one has to have constructing psyche, as against bulging brains for distruction.

I am sure we will come out of it, strong and well equiped to get them out from their caves alive. We are not scared, but now we are better able to braved the attacks and make them smell their shoes. In times like this, there in no hero and its not a fictional tale, we have to stand up stronger, be attentive and support the administration.

I look forward to your responses!

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Haridwar Herald - dedicated to Papaji!!

My Haridwar chapter, for the second time again was on a sad note. It left me all the more delighted and refreshed. My paternal grandfather, I use to call him 'Papaji' passed away on 1st November 2008, he died as his suger level was high along with dropping blood pressure, as low as 35. He was admitted in ICU at Tirath Ram Shah Hospital and during his last days he could barely utter, or open his eyes, or even move. he kept lying on the bed, and was being feeded life through a drip on his right hand, oxygen nozzel connecting his nose and his head tilted towards the left. He was paralysed. 

On the 10th November 2008, we had to go to haridwar to perform his last rites. The thought of visiting to haridwar got me thinking that the river would be stinkingly polluted, but as against by belief it was not. We went to Nigam Bodh Ghaat to collect his ashes, which as per hindu mythology are supposed to be simmered in Ganges river. While simmering his askes in the water I felt as if I have lost someone who was very dear to me. He was one of the most jolly, musical, fun loving person for me. He use to help me make strange creative stuff out of piles of rubble. 

I still miss him, when ever I encounter the streets where he use to accompany me, while I go to the bank where he got my account operated, at the barber shop, where we use to have stylish hair cuts from the barber, under his directions!

Author's Note: At last, no matter how logic-less, baseless I found the last rite ceremony, I feel that he has been fared a lovely goodbye from my-side. 
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