Tuesday 11 November 2008

Haridwar Herald - dedicated to Papaji!!

My Haridwar chapter, for the second time again was on a sad note. It left me all the more delighted and refreshed. My paternal grandfather, I use to call him 'Papaji' passed away on 1st November 2008, he died as his suger level was high along with dropping blood pressure, as low as 35. He was admitted in ICU at Tirath Ram Shah Hospital and during his last days he could barely utter, or open his eyes, or even move. he kept lying on the bed, and was being feeded life through a drip on his right hand, oxygen nozzel connecting his nose and his head tilted towards the left. He was paralysed. 

On the 10th November 2008, we had to go to haridwar to perform his last rites. The thought of visiting to haridwar got me thinking that the river would be stinkingly polluted, but as against by belief it was not. We went to Nigam Bodh Ghaat to collect his ashes, which as per hindu mythology are supposed to be simmered in Ganges river. While simmering his askes in the water I felt as if I have lost someone who was very dear to me. He was one of the most jolly, musical, fun loving person for me. He use to help me make strange creative stuff out of piles of rubble. 

I still miss him, when ever I encounter the streets where he use to accompany me, while I go to the bank where he got my account operated, at the barber shop, where we use to have stylish hair cuts from the barber, under his directions!

Author's Note: At last, no matter how logic-less, baseless I found the last rite ceremony, I feel that he has been fared a lovely goodbye from my-side. 

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  1. Losing someone dear is like detaching from a body part of yours but as they say what comes has to go.

    He may not be present physically but he will certainly live forever in your heart and memories.


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