Monday 15 September 2008

A Wednesday - should have been a non fiction

I wish someone would actualize this fiction!

This flick is a day's account of planning by a "stupid common man" which shook Mumbai's administration. It attempts to convey to the people, it attempts to educate the administration, it attempts to inform the terror! The movie has three dimensions attached to it as to! Namingly, how the administration looks at it? What do the terrorists think of it? And what a common man does?

It begun with a “stupid common man” – named? Anonymous! He visits the police station to file a complaint of his lost wallet, and successfully places a bomb in the Mumbai Police Headquarters. Follows a call to the top cop warning him of bomb blasts across Mumbai, which can be avoided if 4 terrorists were relieved. The negotiations proceeds in a very strategic way. In the meantime he informs a TV journalist to keep himself abreast with live developments on the idiot box.

This is no melodrama, it shows how confidentially and abruptly the police force gets to the act, to knowingly surrender to the demands of an anonymous. Side by side the police arrange a professional hacker, a college dropout by choice, to crack the location of anonymous. Mildly mentioning the laxity on technology updation by the police department, the hacker gets on to the task assigned. Also they try to fetch the sketch os the person who came to file the FIR for his lost wallet, as the police man who filed the case made out that this bag was with the same man.

Assigning deadlines to every negotiation, the anonymous finally succeeds in getting the terror mongers to the desired location, the Air force base. He orders the police in a con-call to follow as he says, make the four of terrorists stand at bench close-by and step out of the place immediately. They followed his orders, but left only 3 of the terrorists at the spot assigned so that they don’t loose the hold on the situation. Walking merely a few steps, a mobile phone set below the bench rings. One of the terrorists picks it up and they explode to ashes.

The explosion leaves the police clueless. The fourth terrorist is terrorized. Again a con-call with the anonymous reveals that he is a common man trying to take revenge from those who blew apart his acquaintances, people whom he did not know by name, but met then everyday in the train and said “hello” to them. He demands the fourth terrorist to be killed then only he would reveal the location of the bombs, and the same should be verified on TV. He got the news, “four terrorists killed in a bid to run away. They were being relocated. Police had to kill them”. Hacker’s computer screen blinks with the location of Mr. Anonymous.
His last call to the top cop says “there were no bombs”. ACP Rathor consents to him by saying that I know, and heads towards the location which the hacker cracked. And Mr. Anonymous destroys his apparatus and rushes out of the place with his vegetable bag.

They met, had a brief chat, not about the incidence, just a normal chat, what’s the time? ACP Rathor was sure of the identity of Mr. Anonymous as he had the sketch of the person who came to file the FIR. They introduce each other, but Mr. Anomymous remains anonymous for the audience. For the ACP, name depicts ones religion – which is the cause of concern.


  1. After reading your post on movie Wednesday I hope I will watch it. Thanks

  2. I saw 'A Wednesday' yesterday on cable TV but only second half.

    Well made and as usual Naseeruddin Shah at his best.
    A must watch for every common man.
    Now m palnning to see from beginning till end.


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