Monday 19 June 2017

Because It Is All About Breaking Free

There are times when even after claiming that a chapter is over, you sob your heart out. Today is one such night.
What went wrong
How could I have avoided it
Was it me or was it him
Why did I wait for so long
Should I call him
He has moved on
He deserves a punch right on his nose!
I fell for him
He was nice
Point is I loved him and he did not love me back. Now no matter what, that is a fact. Because you don't leave those you love.

Source: Google

Because you do not leave them confused
Because you want to be with them as soon as possible
Because you do not say or do things that hurt them
Because you accept them for who they are
Because you are not headstrong
Because you asked her to jump and she did. She looked back and you were still contemplating.
Because you stabbed someone's trust
Because you realized that it was hard for her to fall for someone and she fell for you
Because the next guy will have to bear the brunt of her doubts
Because she will not ask you to write you a letter ever again
Because you will not hear her speak ever again
Because she will remember tonight
Because you too turned out to be a loser
Because love does not hurt
Because she has so much to tell you
Because she wants to stop writing on heartaches and heart breaks
Because she is contemplating whether to keep sobbing or move on like you did
Because you were never enough
Because you were shallow
Because you are a coward!

Author's Note: Each heartbreak comes down to breaking free!
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