Saturday 29 March 2014

A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]

Now that I try my hands at second contest as a blogger, I opted for a tiring assignment - A to Z Challenge [April 2014].

All thanks to Shesha Chaturvedi, she convinced me to be a part of yet another contest.

I decided on a few theme and finally shortlisted the one I can relate with the most, Expressions and Emotions. I will put my thoughts out through fiction, poetry or just an easy read around words that justify my theme.

All set to get my lot of posts in place and read the ones posted by fellow bloggers.

Good Luck everyone, may your thoughts flow to the best of creativity!

Thursday 27 March 2014

Stench, stink and more..

You are known for the fragrance you carry. Smell is also believed to carry a memory along with it and vice versa..

  • That's why when it rains we love the smell of wet mud. And wet mud reminds us or Rains. 
  • Paint's smell carry a memory of clean and fresh environment.
  • Fragrance of fresh pakoras remind me of the day when I got my barbie married with my sister's teddy bear.
Smell is not always pleasant. Sometime is too unpleasant that you run away. But there are situations when you cannot afford to run but hold your breath. Yes it happens in loo when your stomach is upset. But what about situations when you cannot run away. I experience it every now and then in metro, women hold the handle to maintain a balance, but their armpit stink. You can always run away, only if there is space. Else hold your breath, because these kind of people will stand next to you practically everywhere, no matter where you try to hide.

What is so typical about these kind of people? When they talk their foul breath pollutes the air, when they walk past you, their sweat add a pungent tinge to the atmosphere, the moment the take off their shoes stink exudes, it is just the word stinking that comes from their attitude. The worse part is that its the people around them who suffer. In order to put a stop to it, I have listed a few techniques, to-do list when everything about someone stinks? Here are some quick tips to bell the cat without being bad:

What if your boss stinks? I had a former boss who use to stink and the challenge was to stand besides him. Here are some of the tricks I learnt during my association with a stinking boss.

1. Leave a polite anonymous note. Tell them that they have a bad body odour, or bad breath and they should do something about it. It is damaging their reputation. I bet the person will sprinkle some deodorant the very next day. Though continued usage of deodorant or perfumes is not guaranteed.

2. Actions speak louder than words. Show them that they stink through your actions. Carry a hanker-chief and gently block your nose when you have them around. If that is not possible than take a deep breath by intentionally creating a distance. This will make it apparent that you are attempting to breath in fresh air.

3. Send them a parcel with deodorant  and/or mouthwash. Now the choice is yours whether you want to put your name on it or no. A deodorant can still be take as a present, but the chances of a mouthwash being considered a present are grim.

4. Involve them in discussion around people who stink. May be they do not know that it is socially awkward to stink, they will get enlightened with such discussions that are not directly targeted at them.

5. Say out loud.. Somethings stinking here, and look right in their eyes. They will make them cautious and if they have some civic sense, they will move away from you..

If the problem still persists then avoid contact with them, or just muster the guts go and tell them.

Author's Note: If nothing works, bring them on to this blog post.

P.S.: Through this post I have officially entered into contest participants fraternity by Indiblogger and Racold.

Monday 24 March 2014


It is love, that you get.
It comes naturally, without asking.
The giver knows and the recipient cherishes.
No one defines the rules except the giver.
No one sets the limits except the recipient.

Clearing the mist.
That you left on my mind.
It is easier for me to define.
What it feels when I have to beg.
For what I do not need to ask for.

As two people write their stories.
Chapter by chapter in each other's diary.
It is something that is carved in memory.
It never dies or fades away.
Keeps coming every season, like mist..

Author's Note:  
Real feelings never die. 
Real love is never denied. 

Monday 17 March 2014

Five Lessons from Candy Crush Saga

As I crossed level 100 on Candy Crush Saga, for the second time - because my phone had to be formatted and since I did not sync the game with my social account, I had to start all over again. Just to be on the safe side, now it is synced to my Facebook account.

Candy Crush is not just a game, it's a self help application. I learnt and those who want to know, read on:

Self Help Lesson # 1 - Failures should not stop you: When I encountered repeated failures while struggling to crack levels of Candy Crush saga I found this hidden lesson. Some levels are easy and some are not. You keep failing in some, while you get past some easily. It is the addiction to succeed that keeps you going.

Self Help Lesson # 2 - Help from your friends makes the game smoother: There are some levels that you need your network to help you in order to pass through, otherwise it will take more time - you have to get past three previous levels, all over again. Seeking help is normal, you may require help to make a tough task easier. Be open to receive it, and be generous to give it.

Self Help Lesson # 3 - There is no short cut to success, your strategy matters: After being stuck on a level for more than two months, I was thinking about a shortcut. What stuck me was there could be a trick online, may be somebody might have uploaded a video to indicate how to crack the level. There was nothing, just a little wisdom - get rid of the chocolates first. Now, on Candy Crush saga, chocolates are like weeds here, they keep growing, diminishing your chances to clear the level. Strategize to kill the weeds, keep climbing to the next level.

Self Help Lesson # 4 - Some trials are not forever, number of attempts are bound: Now there are bombs, which are moves-bound. On the level that I am, it requires the user to diffuse those bombs in order to survive through the game. Similarly in life, you have to burn a few bridges, in order to pass through. 

Self Help Lesson # 5 - Chocolates (weeds) and Bombs (time bounds) may co-exist: As you go further, there are levels where you will find both - Chocolates (weeds, point 3) and Bombs (time bound, lesson 4). Do not give up, fight harder. At the end of each success there is repeated failures, many obstacles and a sense of getting past them.  

P.S.: Those who fear driving, should opt for racing games. A few crashes, and that addiction to keep trying to reach to the next level could take away your fear to hit the road. 

Saturday 15 March 2014

A Letter: On completion of 6 months of marriage!

Here comes a letter from a husband who completed 6 months of marriage today. This is a guest post by a dost Ravi Maurya, dedicated to his beautiful wife Bimalpreet Kaur. Before you start reading this post, I would like to take the opportunity to wish this newly permanent couple, years of happiness, love, good food,  badminton, cricket and understanding. Happy for you dost!

Here goes the letter and the first guest post on my blog:

Dear Wife,

With due respect, I wanted to bring to your notice that it has been 6 months since I have been assigned the role "Husband".

With pleasure, I can proudly announce that today, I have completed my probation under your command and would like you to discuss my performance objectively for confirmation and strengthening my position under your influence.

As you are aware, to make this process categorically open and competitive under the guidelines of Universal Marriage Act, which knowingly and unknowingly abides by all married partners across the globe, is a tough task. But since we are following WAWM level 5 (Wife Always Wins Model level 5), we need to go through it.

Under this probation review, you need to make an assessment of my skills and thereby provide me a grading on the basis of fulfillment of my Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs). The grading of my KRAs will prove my position and assert whether I have proved to be a good resource for you or not. This assessment will make me eligible for further performance incentives, in case I am found to be a strong contributor throughout my probation period.

In the lack of underlying evidences of good performance, non-fulfillment of my KRA and negative feedback, you have every right to penalize me. The penalty may include expensive gifts, unconditional shopping extravaganza, tours to the most exotic and expensive locations and last but not the least, wasting money on jewellery.

Please list down the important parameters on which you will judge me. Please share the KRAs template with me where I can self–review against the completion of each goal. After a self-review, I’ll submit my performance goal sheet where you will share your feedback and assessment grading. We’ll go further and evaluate significance of each goal and discuss them thoroughly against the desired level of achievement. After successful evaluation we’ll be in a good position to have a broader vision for our mutual growth. 

Looking forward for your co-operation during this tedious process yet lovely process.

Yours Sincerely,
Just A Husband

And this is what the wife has to say:

P.S: Thank you Ravi to allow me to go ahead and copy this. It was the first message I saw in the morning on my Facebook feeds. All I wanted was to have it as a guest post.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Smile Please

Smile smile, please smile
Smile is so profound
Yet so hard to get
It is all over - On Domino's posters, on TV Advertisements, tele-series trailers
But not on everyone's face

Every kid has it
But kids do not make the world
Human make kids
As kids grow, they forget to smile

It is not just for the time
When you are clicked
It  is also for the times
When you are alone

Pass it one to someone who needs it
Give it on to a kid who looks at you
May be your street dog too
To the one who u see from inside a mirror

P.S.: There is nothing as seductive as a smile, there is nothing more beautiful than a smile...

Did you smile today?
Did you make someone smile?
And did you smile with all your heart?

Author's Note: My question is how many of us are actually burdening us with a useless frown, when a smile can replace it.
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