Monday 24 March 2014


It is love, that you get.
It comes naturally, without asking.
The giver knows and the recipient cherishes.
No one defines the rules except the giver.
No one sets the limits except the recipient.

Clearing the mist.
That you left on my mind.
It is easier for me to define.
What it feels when I have to beg.
For what I do not need to ask for.

As two people write their stories.
Chapter by chapter in each other's diary.
It is something that is carved in memory.
It never dies or fades away.
Keeps coming every season, like mist..

Author's Note:  
Real feelings never die. 
Real love is never denied. 


  1. Love is not to be begged. It can't be dobated. Real love cannot come with rules and yes, has no limts. No one sets conditions. If it was then why would they say 'love unconditionallt'?

  2. It doesn't* come with cobditions. Apologies for wating up a word, I guess. Realises after posting.


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