Thursday 24 June 2010

I Detest Crap!

Never compromise in lieu of fear. I could have stayed mum and taken all the crap which my boss had been giving to me, for quite sometime and now that it has crossed professional limits, she was suppose to be told to behave herself. I see many people around who keep mum, tolerate unbearable behavior of other's just because they fear loosing their job, gaining a bad name in the organization, bear humiliation and bla bla. To further add to my agony is the behavior of these chicks which fall in the category fo "butter the superiors".

But why not speak out, let the other person know that it is not acceptable for you to give crap to me. And I am so sorry to disappoint those who feel that they have all the rights to utter crap!

Author's Note: Well people humiliate you when they know that they cannot rise up to your level.

Friday 18 June 2010


Think Aloud, Think Afar, Think Again

Sing on like a frail
Dance your way to fame
Jump off the drain
Swim to catch the yacth laurels
Fear no one while saying over again
Reach for skies
Take a dive

Think Aloud, Think Afar, Think Again

How important is ones sense to think? I know its important for everyone to think, as I would be crippled if I was deprived of my ability to think. So what is it that one thinks of?  I think about a lot of things and thinking actually braces one with the ability to answer, debate, blog (of course:D). Thoughts can take you to un-imaginable limits, thoughts can motivate you to do what everyone told you is impossible. 

My cousin who has just hit the teen age thinks about what her favourite actoress Kareena said while she was drunk in '3 idiots'. She asked me Di what is a Gay? I replied to her that gay is a person who is attracted towards a person of same sex, females are called lesbians and males are called gays. Great I managed to answer a teenager's thought process, and then came question number two, Di what does impotent mean? Impotent is a man who cannot produce kids. Ohh what is it that a man has to do to produce kids? Thats where I was confused as to how to explain to her. But I tried my best to give her a satisfactory answer. 

Shine Di: See you know people produce kids after getting married, and not before it! Right? 
She gave an expression of consent. 
Shine Di: So there is something that a man contributes while a woman have babies. 
She said ok. 

Sigh! Did I do it well and did I clear her doubt. Well I was satisfied that she said ok, I was rather feeling proud of myself. I just taught a sex education lesson. She thought of something and thought that she can ask me to clear her doubts. 

There are many things one think about, some find people to clear doubts about their thought process and some don't. I at times get answers to my thought process on my own or through family, but when I am struck somewhere I don't know if what I think is right of wrong, I feel really feel lost. But then that is what human nature is about, philosophies give rise to hypothesis, which are challenged to give birth to laws.

Author's Note: Its important to think to be able to live and gauge the energies of being a human being! Ponder over it :D

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Mister Bean

Today I happen to chat with Kaabil Kavi which has inspired me to write a kaabil rachna. 

Heres how it goes:

Mr. Bean took a Train.
Hopping on it from pane to pane.
He heard a kid calling his name.
Asking if he is really insane!

Mr. Bean said nothing and got off the train.
Sat on the platform with a humpty dame.
As he cried the dame asked why.
Telling him its not his fault to be insane.

Mr. Bean said nothing and walked towards the road.
It had lots of traffic and a few moroon.
Each passed by him laughing at him.
Telling him its silly to not know he is insane.

Mr. Bean was sad and did not know where to go.
He went back home and slept on the couch.
Dreamt that its ok to be insane.
He smiled and took the train!

Author's Note: This verse is dedicated to Kaabil Kavi !

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Who is this "You"?

Of late I am coming to think about a lot of things. Professionally, personally something (read many things) is (read are) not falling in place. I had some plans and seems that I have lost track of those. I had many dreams and cannot recall them back! Gosh I need help!

I am super confused. Is this what I wanted to do when I use to tell people about my relished qualifications and a sense of accomplishment that I got when I received an acknowledging response from aunts and uncles. That sheer recognition took me to square up!

Thats what a quarter life crisis is about and I know that I have fallen right there! 

And then I found you! Whenever I feel that I have no one to share it with I turn to you. My cries and smiles, the sorrow and applauds are all listed in you. You are always available for me. The most beautiful creation, my mentor who guides me. This you has many forms and shapes. 

I have had many such yous in my life:  
Remember that I as child, all the trees in the locality were the you. They use to swing when I spoke to them. I use to talk to them very often.
Then I grew up to find that the stars also listen to me, they twinkle along my songs. Stars became my night pals.
Then I found that my siblings are also the you, since then we have been the best of the buddies.
Then I found that my family was a shell that was a collective you.
My pals held me through thick and thin of life.

Author's Note: If you share a similar experience, find the you and everything will fall just in place.

P.S.: I do acknowledge that I still have all the above-listed yous in place. In addition there is one more. Guess who's it?

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