Thursday 24 June 2010

I Detest Crap!

Never compromise in lieu of fear. I could have stayed mum and taken all the crap which my boss had been giving to me, for quite sometime and now that it has crossed professional limits, she was suppose to be told to behave herself. I see many people around who keep mum, tolerate unbearable behavior of other's just because they fear loosing their job, gaining a bad name in the organization, bear humiliation and bla bla. To further add to my agony is the behavior of these chicks which fall in the category fo "butter the superiors".

But why not speak out, let the other person know that it is not acceptable for you to give crap to me. And I am so sorry to disappoint those who feel that they have all the rights to utter crap!

Author's Note: Well people humiliate you when they know that they cannot rise up to your level.

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