Tuesday 15 June 2010

Who is this "You"?

Of late I am coming to think about a lot of things. Professionally, personally something (read many things) is (read are) not falling in place. I had some plans and seems that I have lost track of those. I had many dreams and cannot recall them back! Gosh I need help!

I am super confused. Is this what I wanted to do when I use to tell people about my relished qualifications and a sense of accomplishment that I got when I received an acknowledging response from aunts and uncles. That sheer recognition took me to square up!

Thats what a quarter life crisis is about and I know that I have fallen right there! 

And then I found you! Whenever I feel that I have no one to share it with I turn to you. My cries and smiles, the sorrow and applauds are all listed in you. You are always available for me. The most beautiful creation, my mentor who guides me. This you has many forms and shapes. 

I have had many such yous in my life:  
Remember that I as child, all the trees in the locality were the you. They use to swing when I spoke to them. I use to talk to them very often.
Then I grew up to find that the stars also listen to me, they twinkle along my songs. Stars became my night pals.
Then I found that my siblings are also the you, since then we have been the best of the buddies.
Then I found that my family was a shell that was a collective you.
My pals held me through thick and thin of life.

Author's Note: If you share a similar experience, find the you and everything will fall just in place.

P.S.: I do acknowledge that I still have all the above-listed yous in place. In addition there is one more. Guess who's it?


  1. Hmm nice one again.. I agree coz I too had and still have a lotta YOU's.

    Well regarding ur additional YOU, i think he's yet to come :) :)

  2. Yes Nish that you is yet to come..

    But theres a you... and u know about that!!!

  3. I figured that out nd u gave a hi-five too..

  4. Yeah right Nish.. Let others guess!! :D

  5. Hello Shine, I read your blog & was impressed by your creative style of writitng. So I became a member of your blog. I am Dr. Urwashi Parmar & got connected to your blog thru DR. Amit Dang, where I had read your comment once.

    Now commenting on the current post. These you's which keep comming in a person's life time & again are the most beautiful things that keep happening. They can be anything to anyone who then remain throughout ur life.

    I don't know you personally, but according to me, my recent you is my husband who is there with me everywhere. Hope there is someone such special, who has come in your life, the additional you.

    My blog is www.drurwashiparmar.blogspot.com

  6. Hey Dr Urwashi, thanks for your comment and wish! It always feels great to find a comment from a stranger :D

    Hope you always stay with your 'yous'

  7. you is the father, you is the mother, you are the siblings and you are the friends.. these yous shield us, love us, guide us and share our lives, sometimes you can be our inner-selves too..
    The you, you're talking about can either be someone special, your best buddy or the blog ;) :) <3

  8. yes Shesha the You is very special to me.. Catch u on chat :p

  9. U knw u cn talk to nature as much as u can with ur parents or pals.


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