Wednesday 29 September 2010

Babri Masjid Verdict (बाबरी मस्जि का फैसला)

बाबरी मस्जिद का फैसला आने वाला है, हो सकता हे इस फैसले से कुछ विवाद हो,विभिन्न धार्मिक पार्टी उकसाए, मंदिर और मस्जिद की बात करे, तब एक बात याद रखना की दंगो में मरने वाला ना हिन्दू होता है ना मुसलमान वो सिर्फ किसी का भाई , बेटा , बाप या किसी के घर का चिराग होता है. कोई हिन्दू या मुसलमान नहीं होता है और इसी इंसानियत के नाते एस मेसेजे को ...जितना हो सके फैला दो और बचा लो बेगुनाहों को....

The verdict for Babri Masjid will be out tomorrow i.e. September 30, 2010. This verdict will lead to controversies, religious parties will come forth, and may lead to riots. Remember that whoever dies in riot is neither a hindu or a muslim.. The person who sacrifices his life ts some one's brother, son, father or the bread winner of a family. For humanitarian reasons, please spread this message, and save the innocents.  

Author's Note: Waiting for a peaceful verdict. Refer to the story here, which says that the political parties have started crafting their strategies for the verdict.

Tuesday 21 September 2010


This post is dedicated to all the fellow and aspiring blogger. Through this post I attempt to share how I reach to the blog post ideas. Its not rare that I get up in the middle of night just to scribble a few thoughts that can make an interesting read. Sometimes I post it on my blog and sometimes I do not (perhaps not when it reveals some deepest darkest secrets)...  

What are ideas? Especially for a communications personnel, we have to come up with innovative ideas. Adding to this is a blogger's zeal to sound interested to the dedicated stream of readers. Most of the followers/readers of my blog ask how do I come to think of these blog post ideas? This is one of the second most toughest question I come across, the first one is when people ask me to define myself. 

I believe that a blogger has to be creative, with an understanding about the concepts. And most importantly have an opinion, biased or unbiased... I as a blogger try to be as objective as possible, but the universal truth remains, each one of us live with spectrum of our own biases, steming from preconceived notions, psychological setup, concerns etc. Opinion develops from thinking. So a blogger has to think, and develop an opinion about the topic. 

Moreover, reading helps a lot. It not only helps in developing an instinct for catching ideas but also in understanding the flow of writing. No two people can write the same, the way of expression differs. A blogger should stick to her/his own writing style, rather than copying styles from others... However one should improvise on their own writing style, with newer ideas and way of expressions. Its something like those people who keep changing their attitude to mimic the the group they hang out with or people they wish as their ideal. So while writing a person should stay original and simple. That's what being classic is all about! I believe that anyone can write, its simply putting in words what you really feel :)

Author's Note: This is one of my midnight scribble post~

PS: I dont think I have to upload a picture to each of my blog post.. Reaffirming this belief is the state of mind which reads, I am being lazy! 

Monday 20 September 2010


I look out through strands of steel.

I fail to chase the beaming streams.

I am trapped without hope and zeal.

I am caged and want to break free!

For the remainig part of the verse, Click HERE


I look out through strands of steel.
I fail to chase the beaming streams.
I am trapped without hope and zeal.
I am caged and want to break free!

My wings get torned when I flutter them.
My beak gets hurt when I eat from the golden bin.
My eyes cannot see beyond concrete screen.
My cage is where I live and dream.

I want to fly up high.
Reaching for the streams and endless skies.
I wish to swap my wing to great highs.
And reside on the branches of green serene.

Author's Note: I am against caging of living beings, not just birds, eve fish are miserable inside an aquarium. Its not just the fact that theyare trapped, but each time they reach at the glas walls of the aquarium, they cannot see the glass wall, and get banged on to it. Lets not treat them are decorative pieces. Let each being be freaa as a flowing stream. Let us pledge to not and never to cage a being. 

Tuesday 14 September 2010

When I would be in love with you!

When I would be in love with you!
It would be just you and its true
Your smile will be with me and you
Each day will be swayed with fun and hue...

When I would be in love with you!
All the hunks will wither to the zoo.
You would be my prince charming, a knight in shining armour.
Taking my hand for a rain dance spree. 

When I would be in love with you!
We will go on long drives on a highway next to the sea.
We will sit on the wooden bench, looking at the moon till the wee.
Hazing out our dreams and what we should be!

When I would be in love with you!
We will dive in the endless streams.
Streer away up in the pitch.
Ski our way on the slippery deke .

When I would be in love with you!
We will walk on unknown passages.
Board the bikes with a high speed.
It would be just you and its true!

Author's Note: Please share how does it feel to be in love?? or that one word that defines love, for me its 'Dance'~~

Monday 13 September 2010

Riches and the Poor

So how many of you know about Salman Khan's comment on Mumbai attack on 26/11 2008? What is your opinion on the entire crisis? And the aftermath!

The moment I held newspaper in the morning today, I could relate his statement to something which is highly terrorising and has been instigated by the state. Guess what? 

Lemme guess what would cross your mind, Maoists? Naxalites? Attrocities? State turning into Mafia? Land Acquisitions? Upset Tribal society?

No, none of the above, perhaps some of the above can be related to it.. True, when Salman Khan talks about the hype created as the rich were targeted. Attacks on poor is rarely of interest to anyone. Influential people make the world dance to their tunes. Its the poor who are subverted. 

Usmanpur flooded! Otherwise the city of Delhi would have been flushed. I can recall, every year such stories grab the headlines during monsoon. The State of Haryana releases water, which leads to flood threat in the capital. But in the meantime some other poor village is flooded to save who? Moreover we have a better argument to support the flooding of small villages. You see Delhi is holding CWG 2010, a big international sports event. Delhi cannot afford to project such a miserable situation, especially after thousands of athletes have backed of due to threat on Security, Health (read Dengue) etc. 

So much so drill runs have started on the dedicated lanes in the city roads are being reserved for the tourists. You see to save them from the harrowing traffic that we Delhites encounter everyday. 

How many of us? read females come across instances of inappropriate gestures, harrasment from random men. I dont think any of us would be an exception to this. These men belong to each of the segment of society, be it the affluent or the others. They seem to have been thinking that they have all the rights  in the world to insult a woman. Behave guys, otherwise soon we will get to learn that a dedicated transporation system has come in place to ferry the tourists.

My point is to begin with the floods, why the city has never considered saving and using this water? Why is it that water shortage news hogs the headlines and why do we always flood the areas where the poor reside. Furthermore, does the government ever compensate the flood victims? I am clueless about it. Save water, makea mechanism to do that, we have this opprotunity now, rather than doing it when we are head on with the crisis.

Second issue is the comment by Salman Khan, I feel he has said the truth. Why did he apologise then? Probably because this byte was given to a Pakistani channel. And BJP did not help but tap this opportunity to strengthen its hindutatva agenda.

CWG 2010, I am really happy that these games are happening in India. It will bring in prosperity and beautification of the city is already visible. But my point is why is it being done to receive the foreigners? Why did the government never think about the capital before? Why is the civil society being taught to behave now? I, as a citizen of the nation, of the city, have to be treated with if not equal, but more respect. Because I am again amongst those who, in the near future would be voting under section 49 (o).  

Author's Note: People here criticise, probably that is what I am doing through this post. No one seem to be convinced that CWG could happen in Delhi, around three weeks to go for that. No one could take a democratic remark by an actor, ultimately he had to say sorry. No one heard the villagers, who had their houses flooded! Isn't it cruel and violent?

P.S.: Islands of prosperity cannot sustain with the sea of deprivation

Monday 6 September 2010

Rain and Adventure!

An adventure trek, a rain cycling expedition, swings & snails, a true culinary delight, re-living childhood, planning to make it big! All in one.. and that too on a Sunday!!

My long lost and recently found friends (Shesha and Rochana) called, asking if I would accompany for a cycling trip tomorrow. No prize for guessing that I was prompt to agree. Cycling and that too at Bonta (Kamala Nehru Ridge, near North Campus, Delhi) has always been my favourite. Unlike the all concrete Gurgaon, or uncomfortable gaze of Noida people.. My city has diversity of being the classic city and the nature at North Campus invoke a sense of I in me. Despite being born and bought up in Delhi, I still feel that there is so many yet to be explored weekend-getaways I got to visit. 

My plans for the trip kept tossing between 'yes I can get up' and 'no I'm too sleepy to get up early', I messaged her with a very heavy heart that I don't think that I will be coming, as getting to sleep that day was tough. But the excitement for the trip kept a mental alarm on me and I was awake by 4:45..... Great I messaged her and fixed meeting at 7.

Adding to the euphoria was a cloudy morning. So thankfully its not going to be too hot to ride. I keep going for these trips and have stumbled quite often. Now I am no more wary of loosing track and falling head on, perhaps, I feel that it is all the more fun to fall while riding a cycle. And I already warned my cycling buddies to not make fun of me if I fall... 

Five of us assembled at DU Metro Station by 7:30.. It was raining cats and dogs! We kept our stuff at a safe place and rain did not deter up from taking on the planned adventure trip! We hired cycles from the Metro Station (as economical as Rs. 10 for four hours, do check the breaks).

After exploring bonta, where we met the monkeys, snails, worms among others, we planned to visit Xaviers. As we had two of the alumini with us who were more than eager to reach their school that they sped their cycle often and often waited somewhere on the way for us to reach. But it was me and followed by Shesha who got there first :p!

Then we gorged on Chole Poori and a glass full of Lassi at Bille Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar! After that we headed straight to the destination from where we started, slipping the wheels of our cycles through logged waters.

Back home I realised that it has been really long that I took rides. Got to visit WOW soon! Lets plan guys...

Author's Note: Nothing can stop me to take an adventurous trip. Not even 2.5 hours of sleep.

P.S: Click here to read what Shesha has to share!

Saturday 4 September 2010


The only thing I am fearful of is when I see a Lizard around.. I am not scared of rat, dog, perhaps, even a lion!But when I see a Lizard, what crosses my mind is awful!.

I jump away the moment I see a lizard, as I imagine the lizard's shooting tongue aiming at me.. Like it does to insects. Now in less that a blink of eye, I have been gorged by this small reptile. Awful naa?? No!

Well then read on if you really have the guts of spend time here.

After that lizard becomes huge, hunting for the next prey. Its bigger than I was. Its haunting you now, right?? Well I would not know if it really haunts you or no, but whenever I see a lizard this thought always crosses my mind, and I freak out!

So I think about the concept of fear. What is fear, not the dictionary meaning here... I mean to ask what do you mean by fear. Something like what I explained above.

My belief is that fear is the threat we see from something unknown. I have never been friendly with lizards. But now whenever I come to my sister's room, I don't scare away from their pet Lizzy... Probably my sisters are in good terms with her and she does not seem to be targeting me as a prey. But I know the ones who keep roaming around in my room are no less than a monster!! Eeeeewwwwwwuuuu

PS: Share your thoughts on Lizards!
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