Monday 20 September 2010


I look out through strands of steel.
I fail to chase the beaming streams.
I am trapped without hope and zeal.
I am caged and want to break free!

My wings get torned when I flutter them.
My beak gets hurt when I eat from the golden bin.
My eyes cannot see beyond concrete screen.
My cage is where I live and dream.

I want to fly up high.
Reaching for the streams and endless skies.
I wish to swap my wing to great highs.
And reside on the branches of green serene.

Author's Note: I am against caging of living beings, not just birds, eve fish are miserable inside an aquarium. Its not just the fact that theyare trapped, but each time they reach at the glas walls of the aquarium, they cannot see the glass wall, and get banged on to it. Lets not treat them are decorative pieces. Let each being be freaa as a flowing stream. Let us pledge to not and never to cage a being. 


  1. hey nice job..!
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    do pay a visit !

  2. The poem is beautiful to start with.
    It has a significant meaning without much use of fancy language it hits head and heart!!
    I am so touched with the message and I support you in that!!

    I would love to read more of you..


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