Sunday 12 May 2013


It shouts for peace when there is pin drop silence.
It wants to be lonely when I am alone.
It wishes to break free when I am not bound.
Something holds me back and I fail to understand who.

It is a challenge to know what is it that can free me from the inverted acclivities of life. It often makes me slide to the bottom, shattering the palace where I felt safe and sound.

It is like still waters, which refuse to move.
It is fuller and content in itself but doesn't roar.
It seems like a giant mass but is of no use.
It just waits, for the unknown and the uninvited.

When struck with such a stagnation, waiting is the only option for many. Waiting for something undefined.

It kills, for me to know there is no getting away.
It suffocates, for me to know that I am still. 
But it is a false statement that there is no getting away.

The cage that you limit yourself to is never locked! You don't get to choose what you eat inside a cage, it is only when you are out in the open. Unless you take the step ahead, your view is blocked. Take one mini step and you will see that a door to salvation.

Author's Note: Philosophical mode, and the thoughts are on my blog!
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