Friday 31 July 2009

Dev D

This one depicts Delhi’s sub-culture. The movie got me hooked and I really look forward to the directorial ventures by the director Anurag Kashyap. I had minimal knowledge about the prevalence of a deep gutter belly, before I got the opportunity to see this movie. Now I analyze happenings around keeping in perspective the existence of it.

Narrated with the rich brat perspective about the son of Chandigarh based Industrialist, Dev (played by Abhay Deol) is presented as a typical male chauvinist. He was sent by his father to London, who thought that the boy will mend his ways without being with family. This took Dev away from his childhood sweet heart Paro (acted by Mahee Gill).

Some years down the line he comes back, with an implicit understanding of getting along with Paro. It goes along with dramatised nitty-gritties of dopes and alcohol! A parallel narration of Lennie’s (Kalki Koechlin) episode takes place – inspired by the notorious DPS MMS case. She soon becomes ‘Chanda’, a part of the notorious flesh trade based in Delh’s Paharganj.

All in the entire movie clearly indicates how the entire world conspires to take you where you aspire to reach. But often your aspirations and dreams are shattered by trust stabbers around. Beware of them and be smart to lead a respectful life!

Author’s Note: Unlike my previous reviews, which has been the narration of entire movie. I preferred to keep this one has been crisp and to the point. Thanks to the suggestion by a friend who said that my reviews should not be a narrative but something which will compel the readers to see the movie. Thanks dude!

Thursday 30 July 2009

Flash - part I

It was a dark night when I realized that I am not asleep yet! Digging into the mobile phone kept next to the pillow, I realized that its 3:19 by the clock. The sky was all mysterious with frequent lightening advising that water may pour anytime. Knowing that I am not going to fall asleep anytime soon, I decided to walk to the terrace. Ironically the advent of spring saddened me. 

I still get petrified when I recall the mysterious night few years back when a flicker ran on TV, “Plane with 183 on board crashes in Indian Ocean”. Gyan was amongst the passengers and all were believed to be dead. 

I made frequent rounds of the concerned officials to find a ray of hope, to know if he is alive. Seven years have passed and I have received a letter to undertake the formalities associated with his insurance claim.

From terrace I saw a shadow surfacing on the street, without sensing who the person is, I ran down to the door. By the time I opened the door, it started raining heavily. I stepped on the street and he was right in front. The lightening on the sky rejoiced with the homecoming of Gyan. He is alive. We hugged each other and cried out for not being together for so long.

Author's Note: Don't loose hope be it love or life! Please read 

Flash - part II.

Flash - part II

NOTE: Before reading this please read the first part of this sequel at Flash - part I

They say do not speak you fears aloud, that they may come true!

I thank god that I did not. He was back and I was not dreaming. We settle inside our house, I looked up to him with unfathomable number of queries. I just wanted to know where he has been for so long. He was tired grown a bit old. The glow on his face was missing. But his eyes were stuck on me, as if he wants to realize that it is not a dream. I too wanted to shout at the top of my voice and make the world listen that he is back, he is alive and he is still in love with me. He went ahead saying your love helped me survive. Said that he wanted to live in a state of grungy just to get back to me and thank for being the most wonderful person.

He then started to narrate the episode which brought shivers down my spine. He said, I was at the cross-roads of endless nowhere. As I gained my conscious I was lying on a rock surrounded with beautiful sea. As I lifted my face I saw huge stream of water ready to engulf me. I braved it and got up. Behind me was a beautiful sight. At the outset I thought that I was in a beach. All I could recall about the plane crashing episode was shouts of people and how I reached this place was beyond my sense of comprehension.

He said that he lived in inhumane conditions, and never thought that he will ever be able to come out of the island. He suffered and survived on fish, plants and coconut water, reinvented fire and cooked food for so many years. He was rescued after 7 years when a contractor visited the island. I wonder how the rescue operation missed him when the Island was a mere 3 km from the spot of accident!

Author's Note: I plan to write more such sequels. Hope this turns out well. Flash is first such venture. Hope you all enjoy reading it.

Monday 27 July 2009

Yet to catch up

I am yet to catch up with self-proclaimed target of uploading at least two stories every month to my blog. For the month of July, I am left with a few days to catch up!

The month has been full of ups and down for me. The client I handle in office has been on a spree to revise the mandate, credited to the global meltdown. I liked the work profile (primarily content developer for one of the most prominent industry chambers), which now is getting lost in the air.

Second I was down with viral for more than 10 days. On my bithday, which falls on the 12th, I was bed struck and did not celebrate :-(

Third, umm nothin everything else is just in full swng. I enjoyed the view on friday (24th July 2009) when the clouds engulfed the sky. The picturesque scene from the fifth floor office is still very much fresh on my mind. I remember that I just wanted to step out and feel the breeze!

Thursday 16 July 2009

Way to go Mr Sibal!

Yes, the education sector is stalled for huge reforms, ever since Mr. Sibal came to the podium, news about disciplining the private institutions, getting a body bigger than UGC and now scrapping 10th boards exams has been doing the rounds. I feel that the HRD ministry is actively taking up its mandate for the 100 days action plan of UPA government second term. 

Listening to the minister during his previous tenure as Science and Technology minister at industry body's conferences has always been a good and motivating experience. His speech sends signals about a far-sighted approach on issues like glocalisation, innovation and R&D. I see him as a person with real capabilities and displays genuine enthusiasm to take forth reforms. 

Learning should be for fun and Mr. Sibal is on a full swing. Hope the previous counterpart, Mr. Arjun Singh and his admirers learn that we need to change, see education as a asset resting with all, and not as a mode that divides the society, playing the cheap vote bank gimmick. Though the previous HRD minister doesn't matter to me anymore, I wish that people reluctant to change and those who promote class based division should be scrapped off the cabinet ASAP!

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