Thursday 16 July 2009

Way to go Mr Sibal!

Yes, the education sector is stalled for huge reforms, ever since Mr. Sibal came to the podium, news about disciplining the private institutions, getting a body bigger than UGC and now scrapping 10th boards exams has been doing the rounds. I feel that the HRD ministry is actively taking up its mandate for the 100 days action plan of UPA government second term. 

Listening to the minister during his previous tenure as Science and Technology minister at industry body's conferences has always been a good and motivating experience. His speech sends signals about a far-sighted approach on issues like glocalisation, innovation and R&D. I see him as a person with real capabilities and displays genuine enthusiasm to take forth reforms. 

Learning should be for fun and Mr. Sibal is on a full swing. Hope the previous counterpart, Mr. Arjun Singh and his admirers learn that we need to change, see education as a asset resting with all, and not as a mode that divides the society, playing the cheap vote bank gimmick. Though the previous HRD minister doesn't matter to me anymore, I wish that people reluctant to change and those who promote class based division should be scrapped off the cabinet ASAP!

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