Saturday 29 December 2007

A Welcome Note

New Year???
New Month
New Week
New Day
New Hour
New Minute
New Second

NEW ME (No way!)

Plan a resolution to follow this time.
See the world from a different sight.
The earth has revolved 365 (1/4) times.
Don't change unless you acknowledge 'that you were not right!'

Author's Note: Welcoming the new year.

Monday 24 December 2007

Follow the path you decide

Huge mountains to scale
For a blissful sunlight.
Cross the vast Oceans
to rest on green sight.
Walk along the clouds
make way for your path to success.
Don't accept life as it comes.
Follow on the path you decide.

Author's Note: Make your own rules, let the world follow them.

Tuesday 18 December 2007

As I lookout for light...

A cold day with bright sun today
Acknowledges one day and a feeling is added
to the list of endless days to recall in future.

"We need to scale the mountains to reach at the top &
cross the speed of light to achieve a lot,
move beyond what you can see with your eyes,
move towards the guiding light."

"Be known as a LEGEND!"

Sunday 16 December 2007

Day on 16th December 2007

On my way back home.
I could relate the day with a past memory.
As I walked through the crowd.
I felt the chilly air hitting my face.
A cold smell brushing past me.
I loved the feeling!

I wish the days to remain soothing & calm.

Author's Note: Soon spring will bloom, spreading the fragrance of flowers, reminding me of some memory. Each day brings with it new challenges and achievement. I am ready to accept them with open arms.

Match the Speed Of Light

Cross borders, and bridge them too.
Aim high and scaling it too.
Work hard to Match the Speed of Light.

Let the world speak out for you

Do what you desire to
Let the rain fall don't stop you
Keep walking to Match the Speed Of Light

Author's Note: With this I welcome myself to the world of blogging.
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