Thursday 29 August 2013

Get Some 'Me Time'

Have you ever been in a situation where you so badly wanted to get an answer and the person you seek response from is just deaf to your questions?
These people are either too bored of your questions, factoring in the fact that you repeatedly ask them, or they are amongst those category of human race who are Escapists. There are innumerable benefits of being an escapist - you do not have to be answerable for some misunderstandings, do not need to dig where you went wrong, you do not care and just live in the moment.

Here's some wisdom for escapists (though there is a possibility of them ignoring it) - Do not fly, fight off bad situations. If possible, make them better, but make a decision. If nothing works, then just let it be - you will not regret later in life.

And for those who seek answers from escapists, you need not find answers in words, but in actions. There are times when you need a 'Me' time, and I am amongst those who make time for the 'Me Time'. I no matter how tried, how unwell, I make sure that I make my way to the terrace and spend some time with myself, it rejuvenates me. No one can answer your doubts as clearly as your own mind, and your intuition.

Author's Note: You cannot wake someone who is pretending to be asleep, is an ancient Navajo proverb. They are the people who will not be of any help either to you or to themselves. They sleep, even while being awake.

Sunday 25 August 2013

Madras Cafe - Review

One man's terrorist is other man's revolutionary. 

This topic has never been spoken about in the Bollywood space, and thus I wanted to watch it. The movie revolves around the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, the LTTE (referred to as LTF in the movie) connection and the role played by RAW. It captured the sentiments of an Army Man's wife, it carried the message about how businesses run countries' national policies, it can become a nasty game. Politics is nothing but the information game and reinstating who is powerful in a region.

West wanted a strong hold in Indian subcontinent and India wanted to avert it, thus decided to intervene in Sri Lankan civil war during the 1990s. It showed failure of Indian military power, world's 4th largest military power to a revolutionay, Anna Bhaskara.

An army man confessing that the killing could have been averted. Although it was not clear to me how could it be averted?

Nargis Fakri role as a war correspondent, Jaya, was real, and her acting was far better than it was in Rockstar. Although I liked her in Rockstar as well.

John Abraham as Major Vikram Singh was naturally a hero. The movie was projected from his narrative perspective. I find John picking up on serious roles as a great decision. Even in Shootout at Wadala, I liked his role.

The songs are just great, I changed my hello tune to one of the songs from the movie Madras Cafe, Mera Kaun hai...

Author's Note: If you can see blood bath, become a war correspondent, and if you will puke when you see blood bath become a romantic novel writer. This though might be reflected in later posts.

P.S: I still have the image of Rajiv Gandhi's assassination intact, as we watched it on TV. And for a 7 years old me, it was something thrilling, full of horror.

P.P.S: This reminds me of an incident about one of the top business houses in India. There was a negative story about the business house carried by the Forbes Magazine. The Corporate Communications head was being targeted at by the company management for providing sensitive information to the media. Based on mere acquisitions, he was house arrested for 2 months, and threatened by the mafia. He ended up committing suicide. This is not an old story, happened recently, something like 2 months back. But there is no action that can possibly be taken against the company, because there is no proof.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Adam teasing - Do they have a say?

We have had innumerable examples of eve teasing. Today, my question to all the girls and guys, have you ever been involved in Adam teasing? Here are some confessions from guys: 
  • Subir said, a  hooker approached him! And of-course it was kinda teasing session, whilst she asked chalega kya?
  • Manas admitted being Adam teased, but did not divulge much information. But he said that initially it is more of a question on one's manhood, but then after sometime it is a feel good factor.
  • Gagan was still thinking if that ever happened, and said damn man it never happened with me, and after that he seem a little disappointed.
  • Sandeep said nope, never. I asked his to recall, but the answer was no.
  • Someone anonymous had an elaborate take, where in a gang of girls were after this fair guy. It was not only they were calling him chikna, but also interrogated if he has a girlfriend. It took an awkward turn, and ultimately he called them didi, kicked his bike and left. Another instance he shared was more in terms of harassment, where he had to shout at this girl in a party to get rid of her.
I witnessed long long time ago, when I was out with a girl's gang. It was one of my friend's birthday and a hunk walked by at Eatopia, India Habitat Centre. All the girls hooted at the guy, who was seemingly pretty okay with it. As it was a crush at first sight for the birthday girl, one of the girls went ahead and got his number.

I have never been involved in Adam teasing, except for times when I indulge in a brief chat with friends if we get to cross past a hunk. And if the hunk happen to live in the vicinity of my friend, there is some grave moral pressure on that friend to know more about him, as this girl is single, ready to mingle.

Now the point to ponder, when does teasing become harassment? It is the limit till the recipient is playful and enjoying the commentary. There have been times when I enjoy being the recipient of someone's comment, as long as their intent is to compliment you in a playful fashion. The problem starts when it takes a form of an adult being bullied? When ever it crosses the comfort level of anyone, the comment becomes morally rotten.

Author's Note: We have laws against eve teasing, but do we have anything for the Adams being teased?

P.S.: Thanks to all those who came forth to share their brief encounters with Adam teasing.

Saturday 17 August 2013

Gold Filled Broken Trust

Trust, if lost once, cannot be regained. So are relations, there is some bitterness likely to remain and that does make it ugly. One of my friend kept telling me that once a cup is cracked, it will never be the same. I somehow felt that it can be the same and one day I came across this image on Facebook.

I just could not help but bring it to my friend's notice. This quotation convinced me that broken trust can be re-established, made more beautiful. I believe that quotations have deep meaning, and no matter what your emotional state is, while scrolling through Facebook wall you will find something that speaks of your state of mind.

On seeing this image, I went into a self realisation mode and tried to mend something that was broken for years, and after 1 month of trying I realised that I was not being a logical person, but an emotional fool. I did not care what everyone else suggested to me and just went on with whatever I could do to mend it. I realised that I should not try to fit in the lives of those who do not want me in theirs. It is painful to see them closing the door on my face. It is hurting to see that you do not find any place in someone's life who you thought so high of. But it is good to get clarity and I admire their straight-forwardness.

There's a catch in such a situation - The Reality Check. Is the image you carry, of the person in question, real? Sometimes we are so engrossed in our beliefs that we fail to acknowledge the pitfalls. I realised that I was just being human by being emotional, but it is not that emotions are welcome everywhere.

Author's Note: When in doubt, you back to the time when you suggested a friend what to do while your friend was in a tough situation. Your suggestions are more for you to implement and follow.

P.S.: Post this, my friend reiterated, no matter what you fill the cracks with, the cup is still cracked.

P.P.S: Here is Shesha's take on  the topic, Click here to read: Tale of a Gold-filled Broken Bowl.

Friday 16 August 2013

The Devastating Dream

As still smog passes through a running train and,
the milk vendor waits at the railway crossways.
I get up in the morning,
with a cold smell of something burning.
It was up the hill,
in the woods that the forests caught fire.
They say it was the whirl-wind that caused the calamity,
I say it was you in my dreams that brought this fire.

Herds of sheep were running hay-wire,
and some horses were visibly tired.
They wanted to sleep, and rest in their home,
that got burned, it was the same place that caught fire.
I was wide awake, out of the dream and,
it was not me who wanted to sleep.
It was the tantamount need of having you with me,
That my mind was never without you even in dreams.

They stayed outside my chalet,
and it appeared that my lawn was their new home.
I got up and fed them with fodder,
offered them some water to drink.
I was happy to have them there,
as I know you would never come.
They will not fill your void,
but I will have many to dream of.

Author's Note: Sometime all that you need is a clarity and your mind is at peace. In dreams we reach for what our heart wants and does not take into consideration the reality. I dreamt of many things and some of them will become reality.

P.S.: A lame poetry with a lame mind, thank you for your time.

Sunday 11 August 2013

Mysteries of Love and Mind Games

"Love is like a wild flower, always found in unlike places."
You cannot condition your mind to love, not love or hate someone. However, no matter how you feel you are likely to test if the feelings are mutual. So there is a great possibility that you may try and put them in situations to know how they react. Then you will be able to lift clues, assume and infer what they feel for you.

It is easier in case of people you hate or do not love but when it comes to love, here's something this image profoundly explains:

How do you know if it is Love? Mind games do not work in case of love. If you are into such games then it is not love, it is more of a strategic, thought through decision to weigh your options. In love, you often overlook the bads and just go with the goods in a person. But the point is that you have to accept both the bad and the good. It is a completely different individual that you are considering here and not your clone. Refrain from thinking that you will change the person, get the one who closely fit your image.

For me it is love when (please add on to the list in the comments section)

  • You get a text from him when you are thinking about him
  • You call her when she is just to step for an exam and you wish her luck
  • No matter after long you meet, it feels that you have been meeting forever
  • You do not have to explain your goof-ups to someone
  • You are sure that you are not just an option for someone

Love is simple, it is when someone cares too much for you. So what is it that matters, why do relationships fail, why do we complicate them? When people suggest that you be practical, it could sound hackneyed, and I bet you do not fall in this trap, you believe that you are different and better be treated like one. You break the rules, go against your principles, defy mindsets and just do what ever you feel could be done to get the answer to - If s/he genuinely loves me?

But in the end, you just have to live with the reality - take a stance - walk away or stay.

Author's Note: Perhaps that is the reason that I am so against the concept of so called arranged marriages. All that they want to know is how much money you make and are you a good cook. People hardly invest time in understanding the other person and start imposing the 'what you have to do to be the one for me' considerations.

P.S.: You never really stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them.

P.P.S.: Miseries of love sounds like a better title for this ;p

Wednesday 7 August 2013

It Awaits You

The thought of walking in a tunnel, all darkened, quite and perhaps echoing your footsteps can be scary. But the wise men say that there is light at the end of it.

This has a deep meaning in itself. While we strive for enlightenment, attainment, success and material accomplishments, we often fumble, stumble and fall. Some of us find a treasure while being in the dark, while some have to get out there, find the light and be free.

This reminds me of my favourite movie, The Shawshak Redemption, where the protagonist Andy,played by Tim Robbins, finds his way out of the jail by digging a tunnel for 2 decades. If you have seen the movie, you know how filthy it was to make a way out of a narrow gutter, but what lied ahead was what kept him going.

I derive immense motivation from this movie, whenever something seem to not be working, not hapenning - I turn on my laptop and tune into it. I know that you do not get what you want in life, you get what you work for. Therefore, to find light at the end of the tunnel, you should be willing to walk in the dark, perhaps walk alone.

Author's Note:
The light that is at the end of tunnel awaits you, get up and do something about it. God might have a plan for each one of us but we have to execute it to make it happen. The tough times are just signals from thee almighty!

Thursday 1 August 2013

Love your Life

Yeah, right we keep cribbing about the should haves, would haves and could haves of the worlds. But now that when these are not realised what to do?

I am feeling content today that I did not leave an opportunity to talk my mind out, and no matter what - if you put across the truth you will be content. In this phase of emotional rigmarole, I often felt like a fool, but in the end I was sure of what I do not want from my life.

They say if you want to amuse God, tell him about your plans. 

While I fight hard to achieve what I plan, I sometimes picture god smiling at me and not amused. I feel that the god wants to tell each one of us that no one in this world knows what is to come next. Everyone is clueless, some just go with the flow, some get up & do something and some rely on others to make things happen for them. I am amongst those who will get up, and do something about it.

My pet line cannot be discounted here - the fittest survives. Do not let failure bog you down, find lessons in them and get up - if need be change your strategy - keep moving - like a river. This life is meant to be relished, each chapter in your life holds a lesson, make sure that you do not regret - take chances with it. There is no book on how to live your life, it's you who knows the best. Take chances, make mistakes and smile at them.

Author's Note: Leave no room for regrets! If you feel you did something wrong, do something to mend it.

P.S.: Love your life, it comes just once.

P.P.S: If you love life and love my being a part of your life, do drop in a few lines :)
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