Thursday 29 August 2013

Get Some 'Me Time'

Have you ever been in a situation where you so badly wanted to get an answer and the person you seek response from is just deaf to your questions?
These people are either too bored of your questions, factoring in the fact that you repeatedly ask them, or they are amongst those category of human race who are Escapists. There are innumerable benefits of being an escapist - you do not have to be answerable for some misunderstandings, do not need to dig where you went wrong, you do not care and just live in the moment.

Here's some wisdom for escapists (though there is a possibility of them ignoring it) - Do not fly, fight off bad situations. If possible, make them better, but make a decision. If nothing works, then just let it be - you will not regret later in life.

And for those who seek answers from escapists, you need not find answers in words, but in actions. There are times when you need a 'Me' time, and I am amongst those who make time for the 'Me Time'. I no matter how tried, how unwell, I make sure that I make my way to the terrace and spend some time with myself, it rejuvenates me. No one can answer your doubts as clearly as your own mind, and your intuition.

Author's Note: You cannot wake someone who is pretending to be asleep, is an ancient Navajo proverb. They are the people who will not be of any help either to you or to themselves. They sleep, even while being awake.

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