Monday 2 September 2013

Belittled in Love

I extended my hand, he held it tight
but if he was to leave, why did he hold it?

I flew, he flew along and left in between
but if he was to wither, why did he fly for whatever little distance?

I ran till the end, he ran farther
but if he was to run further, why did he run along my path?

I waited, he did not notice
But if he did not notice, why did he look at me?

I said I want you, he did not listen
But if he did not listen, why did he lend an ear?

Author's Note: Emotional pain is worse than any physical injury, physical injury heals and people console you. Emotions torment you, your mind makes fun of you for being belittled in love. 

P.S.: Some people, just to satisfy their narcissistic tendencies, tend to belittle others. It is the love for convenience for them. But if someone belittles in love, that person is the world's biggest coward. As Bob Marley put's it in his quote (refer to the image).

P.P.S: What is important is that after being belittled you do not give that person any more opportunities to satisfy his sadist tendencies.

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