Sunday 8 September 2013

Reach for your Dreams

Whoever has come to be a being is here for a reason. Finding purpose in your being is perhaps the greatest  task we all are endowed to perform, all our lives. Many of us just go with the flow, take life as it comes, while many just can't get to sleep trying to decipher the reason why you have received God's calling to be on earth.

Does God have a script, and we all are acting as mere puppets to it - is it all decided in advance? Or does the god not know what is to come next, is it like an unscripted movie for him/her? He is also relishing the drama in each one of ours lives?

There could be tiny-miny bits of tasks that could have not been accomplished without you. You might have made a huge difference in someone's life. My question is whether your existence has been of any importance/use to you? What difference are you making in your life that can justify your existence.Are you a dreamer and an achiever for yourself?

Do not sleep over your dreams, let your dreams awaken, make you do something better for your better tomorrow. Each day, while the world broods over the economic losses, falling value of currency, make sure that rise higher - as an individual and as a self-supporter. Learn from the bad experiences, look for good in each situation, be a little pessimist - when it comes to preparing yourself to face the worse, but never get stuck - keep moving towards your goals.

Author's Note: Goals, no matter how insignificant they sound to the world, mean a lot. You need not broadcast them, but while you make way for a good night sleep, your goals could be what make you get a fulfilling one.

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