Friday 27 September 2013

A Hope

I hope that there will be a day when it will rain
And even birds will come out of shades
And they will dance by my side, as I get drenched 
And you will hold me by your side
And you will sing a song or two for me
And just to tell me that I am special for you

I hope that love will find me
And I will find true love in world full of fakes
And I will keep you as a treasure
And I will nurture you, protect you and be at your guard
And I will do that with no condition but one
that is for you to be mine forever

I hope to find love and kind words
And I hope that you say them as I regain my trust in love
And you say them again as you look in my eyes
And you say it again just to make me believe
that no matter how harsh the world is,
how badly I have been tossed over in the name of love
you will always be around and be mine

Author's Note: When Red, in The Shawshank Redemption, said - Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. I buy his point. He says the right thing but with an unconvincing tone. Hope can drive you out of sanity. But who wants to remain sane. Andy was also insane in the sane world that can lock you up if you are

Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. 

Author's Note: Hope is fulfilled, it does not die.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Reach for your Dreams

Whoever has come to be a being is here for a reason. Finding purpose in your being is perhaps the greatest  task we all are endowed to perform, all our lives. Many of us just go with the flow, take life as it comes, while many just can't get to sleep trying to decipher the reason why you have received God's calling to be on earth.

Does God have a script, and we all are acting as mere puppets to it - is it all decided in advance? Or does the god not know what is to come next, is it like an unscripted movie for him/her? He is also relishing the drama in each one of ours lives?

There could be tiny-miny bits of tasks that could have not been accomplished without you. You might have made a huge difference in someone's life. My question is whether your existence has been of any importance/use to you? What difference are you making in your life that can justify your existence.Are you a dreamer and an achiever for yourself?

Do not sleep over your dreams, let your dreams awaken, make you do something better for your better tomorrow. Each day, while the world broods over the economic losses, falling value of currency, make sure that rise higher - as an individual and as a self-supporter. Learn from the bad experiences, look for good in each situation, be a little pessimist - when it comes to preparing yourself to face the worse, but never get stuck - keep moving towards your goals.

Author's Note: Goals, no matter how insignificant they sound to the world, mean a lot. You need not broadcast them, but while you make way for a good night sleep, your goals could be what make you get a fulfilling one.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Finding Answers

It speaks through me, It speaks when I am locked in the room
It speaks when I look for it in endless hallows of words.
Those words that can make sense to me
Those words that can help sort things for me

Words that seethe through the voice and loud screams
Of the vendor or someone who chatted in a night street
I look for them in silence, try to find words in a blank screen
I try to find them making a sense to me in this world full of mindless logic

I want that illogical desire to become logical
These words drop clues in my dreams
Words that meant the world to me
I try to find answers to the questions that life throws at me

Through words you say, they say and every one said

I pick up those that most conveniently help me believe
In the lies that I keep telling myself
In the silence of night, it is a whole lot of story that repeats in my mind.

 Author's Note: Silence kills, at the same time it nurtures you to be strong, in this world full of hollow, meaningless words.

You might hate it, till you learn to live with it. It is not possible to find answer to each situation that we face, at times just leave it, and move on because from those we seek answers have done that, done that long ago. And your repeated wishes are falling in deaf ears.

P.S.: These are thoughts that cloud my mind when I have 101 degrees temperature, could not help but write them with trembling hands.

Monday 2 September 2013

Belittled in Love

I extended my hand, he held it tight
but if he was to leave, why did he hold it?

I flew, he flew along and left in between
but if he was to wither, why did he fly for whatever little distance?

I ran till the end, he ran farther
but if he was to run further, why did he run along my path?

I waited, he did not notice
But if he did not notice, why did he look at me?

I said I want you, he did not listen
But if he did not listen, why did he lend an ear?

Author's Note: Emotional pain is worse than any physical injury, physical injury heals and people console you. Emotions torment you, your mind makes fun of you for being belittled in love. 

P.S.: Some people, just to satisfy their narcissistic tendencies, tend to belittle others. It is the love for convenience for them. But if someone belittles in love, that person is the world's biggest coward. As Bob Marley put's it in his quote (refer to the image).

P.P.S: What is important is that after being belittled you do not give that person any more opportunities to satisfy his sadist tendencies.
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