Wednesday 27 February 2013

As I think of you

As I think of love, I think of you!
For all the beautiful things in the world,
I reckon it was your style.
For all the best feelings in the world,
I reckon it was when you were around.
For all the meaningful words in the world,
I reckon were the ones when you said them.

For the years that we parted, I have realized!
It was never you who was special,
But I was the way you made me feel.
It was not you who I fell in love with,
But your charm did the magic.
It was never you who I missed,
But your voice just went amiss.

Author's Note: Going back in time! This one comes from the old files. 

Monday 25 February 2013

Passion Parade

There is a creative Maven in each of us, who can either be nurtured or be suffocated. 

Here is a reference from my favourite movie, Jab We Met. When the male protagonist, Shahid Kapur tells Kareena that there was a time when he use to sing, and now it has fizzled away. 

This fizzling away of your talent, totally depends on your intent to follow it. If you are really passionate about something, you will chase it until you have it like your breath. This is very much my relationship with my blog, at times I feel that my schedule does not allow me to take up my passion. But a guilt keeps poking me!

My passion is writing. While I write the flow of my thoughts gives me a sense of life. The flair that I have managed to gather, tells me, as words get crafted on the screen, there is a moment with each of them. Like breathing.. Like the tick tock of a clock!

Discover that passion, find it if you have lost it somewhere in the past and work towards strengthening it. In this journey, you are likely to keep discovering newer aspects about you. You will never know if you can cook round chapati's untill you starve for a home cooked roti.

I remember that long ago, it was someone who wanted to be a photographer. And she became one! One of her masterpieces is lifted in this post. To view some of her other pics, Click here>>

P.S.: A motivational element always helps who will tell you that the pessimism of  some people is not worthy to suck your passion. This post is dedicated to Anupriya Karmakar, who often captures my pictures, which you get to see on my facebook profile. She has been motivating me to help me get in shape with my blog. And I am hopeful that she will get visible with her passion soon.

Author's Note: There are more critics in the world than those who appreciate. So never get conked off with those who let you down. 

Sunday 24 February 2013

Kai Po Che - Checked!

Many a times you come out of the theatre, wondering if this is what you expected of the movie. For Kai Po Che, I knew how it would shape - It was a revival of Chetan Bhagat's Novel - The Three Mistakes of My Life. However there is difference in my visualisation and the way a director projects it when a novel is scripted in a movie.

There was a revival of one more thing from the past. It being Abhishek Kapoor's directorial venture, and coming from my experience of Rock On, I had high hopes from this movie, which were met. Movies around sports mostly do well in our country, remember Chak De, Iqbal, Lagaan, and.... please go on to google search for more.

Kai Po Che has a pinch of everything: friendship, love, hatred, violence, enmity, loss, passion, aspirations, risk, entrepreneurship, regret, and much more. All in all, this is more than a one time watch, yes because of the story line and for the visuals captured. I simply wanted to jump off the cliff with them when the three best buddies had a gala time on a Sunday and yes not to forget mentioning a car drive on a wagon (''o). You have got to watch it to know it. However, the only thing I did not understand was why this name?

On a serious note: While we keep calling a neighbouring country as a source of infiltrating terror, which obviously is wrong, there is a more serious situation here - terrorism breeding in the name of Hindutva. And now with the elections coming in 2014, BJP is on an image cleaning spree, I am happy if the political party has learnt a lesson, for not been able to come to power during the last two General Elections.

P.S.: I wish after watching this movie people will stop justifying violence during the Gujarat riots, as a counteraction for sympathising with those who were killed in Sabarmati Express attack (official count 40). People who were killed in riots (official count 2000) were not the ones who attached the train.

Author's Note: Stop Religious profiling, and it will start with neither BJP nor Congress but you!

Saturday 23 February 2013

Beware - Male Chauvinist Around

If you are a man and I call you a Male Chauvinist Pig, what will you understand of it? Would you, in the first place, get an idea of it?

I have found a stark contrast in the mentality of some educated men who can be totally balanced against the mentality of an abusive alcoholic husband. Both the categories fall in the segment of Male Chauvinist Pig.  Here comes what I have picked up about Male Chauvinist Pigs from my experience so far:

He lacks chivalry: He might have got together a few acts to impress you - he held the door for you while entering a restaurant. But what counts is if he will hold it while you exit.

He gives False Hopes: Knowingly he might give someone false hopes and wrong signals. And then suddenly tell you that I am confused!

He crosses the limits you set: If you have been setting limits, and he intrudes that space, then it is taken that he is a loser. A real man will allow a woman to go by her heart, and there can never be a case when one does not know one's limits - not just in action but also while talking.

Show-off runs in his blood: He has all the stuff to show off to the world, and ultimately would want to make you into a Barbie doll and flaunt you around. The day you gain weight, he will leave you!

Will be your appointed critic: He will tell you that you are wrong, either out-rightly or drop mild clues, almost for every action of your. He would criticize and say that since you are close he needs to tell you. He  will decide how many breaths you should take in an hour!

If you have noticed these clues in your boy, get your mind together girl, he can be a total mamma's boy. It is not that being a mamma's boy is wrong, but he will from the very start work towards building a fear in you about his mommy, just to indicate that you have to please her and be her slave. His mommy might not be bad.

For every argument that you will have with him, he might leave you in a state of big dilemma, totally making you feel sorry and get back to him. Rethink about it, do you really want to be with someone who wants to change you, who does not give you space to grow as an individual, but as an abla naari, who just cannot do without a man next to her.

P.S.: My friendly, unfriendly, no-more-friendly and Blocked being friendly encounters have taught me this. Although most of the times I get along well with guys, but the Chauvinists just pester me off, they are the Male Janaanis (Punjabi word for over-analytical women).

Author's Note: An abusive alcoholic man is better than an educated man with such a mental structure, for the reasons that he is honest with his mentality  and expresses it bluntly. An abusive alcoholic man can still be treated with psychological intervention, but hopes for a Male Chauvinist Pig are too bleak.

From necessity to insanity

From necessity to insanity is becoming the mother of all inventions. 

It starts when the few avail the first mover advantage, and then you find many people with it, and the worse of all is to find a cheap version of it. Hope you can relate with it.

Micromax A100 - I hate the ideator of this handset, infact, no thinking has gone into it , it is a copy paste of Samsung Galaxy series. Even Samsung has been so upset that it was quick to counter the competition with  Micromax A100  (a 10 grands handset) by launching Samsung Grand Duos (costing 21 grands), keeping quality and brand in perspective.

Isn't it insane that someone creates a product, and others insanely copy it. and yes, it is very much in context of the reason for which Apple sued Samsung.

The problem emerges when you are a proud owner of a Samsung Note 1.

And one fine day - your colleagues walk upto you, wanting to see your mobile. Suddenly you see a that as one of your colleagues held your phone in one of his hands, he held a similar phone in his other hand. Perturbed! I found out that Micromax has launched a phone to compete with Samsung Note.

The embarrassment continues when your best friend's husband calls and interrogates about your Handset, with ofcourse an intent to bring Micromax in the discussion!

Suddenly my handset lost all the admiration, except for from special few, and that totally includes me, who is truely, madly, deeply in love with my baby, my Note <3 ...="" p="">
With this post I declare my enmity towards Micromax, I pray to god that he gives Samsung the will and wisdom to sue Micromax.

Author's Note: Necessity is driving people to insanity. It depends on your outlook - would you call Facebook insane or something you can't do without (typically the case with me)?

Thursday 21 February 2013

Heights of Heels

All my childhood, I was let down by snooty loud mouthed aunties and specifically relatives, that I am short. As a child, it made me feel that I have something amiss in me. The day I went to college, was the day I noticed that I was never short, I was a height of an average Indian female - I stand around 5'2".

There are a lot of interesting things that happen to people who wish to stand taller than they originally are. Nothing is wrong in wearing a heel, it lifts you a little higher, makes you feel feminine, but it can also give you a shoe bite, or a foot pain besides being something that makes you uncomfortable. But the worse of all is - picture this - a girl with all the confidence walks with her high heels on a busy street and suddenly you cannot see her.

She just tripped - somebody will give her a hand to get up, ask if she is alright, and some might blast laughing at the scene. But there is something that is happening deep in the girl who just tripped. It tells her - told you not to get high, and be what you are - smile graciously or may be laugh at it (as long as you did not fall with nose hitting the floor) and get up!

P.S: No matter how tall or short you stand, how obese or anorexic you are, no matter if you don't fall in the conventional matrix of - fair, beautiful, slim girl or a tall, dark, handsome boy, know that you are unique and not a carbon copy of someone. People (like the laughing passer by) have all sorts of comments to make, to bruise your esteem, but that reflects on them, not on you.

Author's Note: Start accepting the way you are, the world will envy you for your differences. 
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