Saturday 23 February 2013

From necessity to insanity

From necessity to insanity is becoming the mother of all inventions. 

It starts when the few avail the first mover advantage, and then you find many people with it, and the worse of all is to find a cheap version of it. Hope you can relate with it.

Micromax A100 - I hate the ideator of this handset, infact, no thinking has gone into it , it is a copy paste of Samsung Galaxy series. Even Samsung has been so upset that it was quick to counter the competition with  Micromax A100  (a 10 grands handset) by launching Samsung Grand Duos (costing 21 grands), keeping quality and brand in perspective.

Isn't it insane that someone creates a product, and others insanely copy it. and yes, it is very much in context of the reason for which Apple sued Samsung.

The problem emerges when you are a proud owner of a Samsung Note 1.

And one fine day - your colleagues walk upto you, wanting to see your mobile. Suddenly you see a that as one of your colleagues held your phone in one of his hands, he held a similar phone in his other hand. Perturbed! I found out that Micromax has launched a phone to compete with Samsung Note.

The embarrassment continues when your best friend's husband calls and interrogates about your Handset, with ofcourse an intent to bring Micromax in the discussion!

Suddenly my handset lost all the admiration, except for from special few, and that totally includes me, who is truely, madly, deeply in love with my baby, my Note <3 ...="" p="">
With this post I declare my enmity towards Micromax, I pray to god that he gives Samsung the will and wisdom to sue Micromax.

Author's Note: Necessity is driving people to insanity. It depends on your outlook - would you call Facebook insane or something you can't do without (typically the case with me)?


  1. I too am included among the ardent fans of your phone. there's no second to it. I owe 60% of my DPs on FB to it :)

  2. Yes, that's beyond doubt. I was about to put only Nevitta's name, but I realised something is missed, and that's why it reads - special few..


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