Sunday 24 February 2013

Kai Po Che - Checked!

Many a times you come out of the theatre, wondering if this is what you expected of the movie. For Kai Po Che, I knew how it would shape - It was a revival of Chetan Bhagat's Novel - The Three Mistakes of My Life. However there is difference in my visualisation and the way a director projects it when a novel is scripted in a movie.

There was a revival of one more thing from the past. It being Abhishek Kapoor's directorial venture, and coming from my experience of Rock On, I had high hopes from this movie, which were met. Movies around sports mostly do well in our country, remember Chak De, Iqbal, Lagaan, and.... please go on to google search for more.

Kai Po Che has a pinch of everything: friendship, love, hatred, violence, enmity, loss, passion, aspirations, risk, entrepreneurship, regret, and much more. All in all, this is more than a one time watch, yes because of the story line and for the visuals captured. I simply wanted to jump off the cliff with them when the three best buddies had a gala time on a Sunday and yes not to forget mentioning a car drive on a wagon (''o). You have got to watch it to know it. However, the only thing I did not understand was why this name?

On a serious note: While we keep calling a neighbouring country as a source of infiltrating terror, which obviously is wrong, there is a more serious situation here - terrorism breeding in the name of Hindutva. And now with the elections coming in 2014, BJP is on an image cleaning spree, I am happy if the political party has learnt a lesson, for not been able to come to power during the last two General Elections.

P.S.: I wish after watching this movie people will stop justifying violence during the Gujarat riots, as a counteraction for sympathising with those who were killed in Sabarmati Express attack (official count 40). People who were killed in riots (official count 2000) were not the ones who attached the train.

Author's Note: Stop Religious profiling, and it will start with neither BJP nor Congress but you!


  1. Great views. I dont know what the film is all about but definitely your thumbs up suggests it is worth watching... I feel about voting we can suggest some new party -arvind kejriwal's to win election... I dont know if it come up it can rule, but why not give a new comer a chance. what will happen at most- some more money lost and some chaos are we not living in the same??? and yes you are right we can not justify pogrom as a reaction of one incidence!!! anyway i wanna watch the movie!

  2. Yes Shesha. We already have tasted the blunders committed by two leading parties. No harm in having an alternative, but the point is to bring an end to this highly corrupt, unstructured and unorganised governance.

  3. what is the best feasible solution acc to you?

    1. Well after a long time came across an unattended comment.
      Shesha - with all due respect to the judiciary in India, I think the feasible solution is a more stronger and accessible legal framework in India.


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