Monday 25 February 2013

Passion Parade

There is a creative Maven in each of us, who can either be nurtured or be suffocated. 

Here is a reference from my favourite movie, Jab We Met. When the male protagonist, Shahid Kapur tells Kareena that there was a time when he use to sing, and now it has fizzled away. 

This fizzling away of your talent, totally depends on your intent to follow it. If you are really passionate about something, you will chase it until you have it like your breath. This is very much my relationship with my blog, at times I feel that my schedule does not allow me to take up my passion. But a guilt keeps poking me!

My passion is writing. While I write the flow of my thoughts gives me a sense of life. The flair that I have managed to gather, tells me, as words get crafted on the screen, there is a moment with each of them. Like breathing.. Like the tick tock of a clock!

Discover that passion, find it if you have lost it somewhere in the past and work towards strengthening it. In this journey, you are likely to keep discovering newer aspects about you. You will never know if you can cook round chapati's untill you starve for a home cooked roti.

I remember that long ago, it was someone who wanted to be a photographer. And she became one! One of her masterpieces is lifted in this post. To view some of her other pics, Click here>>

P.S.: A motivational element always helps who will tell you that the pessimism of  some people is not worthy to suck your passion. This post is dedicated to Anupriya Karmakar, who often captures my pictures, which you get to see on my facebook profile. She has been motivating me to help me get in shape with my blog. And I am hopeful that she will get visible with her passion soon.

Author's Note: There are more critics in the world than those who appreciate. So never get conked off with those who let you down. 


  1. What should be my sentiments after reading this post? Sentimental or joyous? Actually, they are mixed. Firstly, let me tell you Shine today, I am a bit miserly when it comes to giving compliments o others, especially to those from whom I could sense competition or who could give me a run for my money. But you are one person who I think is worthy of all the praise that you receive, not only from me but all those who appreciate your work. Do yo know why? That's because you are pure and so is your masterpieces that you create. It's straight from the heart. Often in the rat race, to impress others with flowery words to absurd images, we tend to lose purity in your creations. And that kind of creativity is not timeless.

    Yes, you are 100 percent true when you say, chase you dreams if you are truly passionate. Being passionate is IMPORTANT. I'd say if you want to try your hands in everything in this lifetime, go for it (only if you have or can arrange for the resources ;). But put in your soul in everything you do. You'll fail, people will make fun of it, bully you and do everything to pull your morale down. But so what? At least 10 years down the road you won't repent later that you did not give it a shot. And you'll only be able to put in your heart to something when you're truly passoionate about it.

    Coming to the pictures of you taken by me - let me notify you, the number of my DPs on my FB profile clicked by you surpasses what I haved clicked of yours. So you can take away a bit of that credit. For the remaining - I graciously accept. Love you. Always remain pure and PASSIONATE :)

  2. As I revisit my comment, I see innumerable errors in it. That's what happens when I have excited about sharing my thoughts in writing. I think faster then I type - but whatever it is, it's from the heart to you :*

  3. really awesome and u really write good keep it up your passion............

  4. Anupriya.. I like the 10 years down the line bit.. One should not live a life of regrets.

  5. Thanks Manan.. Hope you carry on with your passion to sing :)


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