Wednesday 30 September 2009

Flash part - V (final)

This is the final part of the Flash sequel!
Do read the initial parts here: Part I, Part IIPart IIIPart IV..

Listening to something can never be as devastating as experiencing the same. For us the number years that we could have been together, passes like a trauma and feeling of helplessness for both of us. I could feel the pain and dismay he witnessed, as I was a part of him! 

I decided to take him to a therapist, though he sounded reluctatn, hopeless, helpless etc. The decision turned out in our favour. Today we are together, taking those seven years as a bitter reality of this world. He has started following his passion, and his art pieces are renowned globally. I work with him for the marketing of his paintings and art pieces. 

We have two kids and a happy family. We urge everyone to live life to the fullest and dont breakdown when standing in a difficult situation. 

Author's Note: Great that I finally posted the last part of the sequel. Many friends wanted me to end it in a fashionable way. Hope I did it as per their expectations!


Thought of writing some random stuff. 

Its just no work in office and I keep surfing all day. Thanks to no working mode I have been filling post to post on my secret online portal. I feel accomplished when I read the streams of thoughts that cross my mind. So just sharing a bit of it on this public domain. 

Now, the idea that I just found to write on is
~~What should be hidden and what should be told~~

Human perception is semi-permeable. Accept what sounds logical to one-self and discard everything that sounds absurd. 

- S/he has a big appetite. How can someone eat so much
- S/he does not eat anything. How xcan someone not eat anything
- S/he sense of dressing is strange
- S/he buys expensive accessories
- S/he goes for roadside stuff
- S/he is a looner
- S/he is going around
- S/he says she will remain single forever
- S/he goes around with a new person every other day
- .............. and the list never endsss!!

Interesing enough to justify. People dont accept others the way they are. People have to find topics to talk about. Anything from ones personal life can be projected with a juicey mix of perception semi permeability. The entire message gets distorted.

The entire gossip industry, tabliod world eats, drinks and love this facet of human behaviour.

Author's Note: Wrote JLT ~ Just Like That!

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Visuals speak

You call it; themes, templates, background bla bla bla~~~

I call it the reflection of my blog. 

Finally I changed the theme, something different from the regular theme available in blogger. I did not know that googling a bit on ' blogger theme' will take me to a new world. A world which will put a background on my blog. I had to search a bit to choose an apt one, and I still cant figure out how to correct, or set default font etc. 

Here is how to change it:

Layout - Edit HTML - paste HTML code or download the template and upload the background - confirm changes and you are done. -  a bit confusing, a YouTube video on its home page was helpful

Go ahead bloggers, give a beautiful background to you blog. 

Author's Note: Should a blog be visually appealing too?? The visuals should speak a thousand words!!

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Crossed Fingers

I read my personal diary, which was written long back, some 5-6 years back, and was stuck on this quote,

You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. 

And many more inspirational stuff written randomly, while watching TV, surfing the net, in a bus, sitting in the college canteen. Today things are not the same. The diary was full of incidents that I shared with my beloved. But now things are not the same, rather I am not the same. I have just grown into a tough corporate professional. I still keep my fingers crossed to not encounter any unpleasant indcident. He made me hate love. I dont feel the need for being loved.

I just wanted to tell him how much I still need him, but unfortunately he was a wrong choice, just wanted to convey that, 
When you lied, I still believed you coz you could never be wrong
When you broke my heart, it was your, you did..
I still have mine !!! 

She joted this in her personal diary, and went off to sleep, with crossed fingers!

Author's Note: This is a random verse written with no planning.

Monday 14 September 2009

Meddling with maps

China teases India, build international border. The map clearly corrodes India's throne. 

I was a bit careless about current affairs off late and the news here, urged me to go back to 1962 Indo-China war. China is no doubt stronger than India, and this is a natural tendency that a powerful neighbor will try and impose its dominace on the weaker counterpart. 

Well India too is a big nation, but it behaves small. I dont see why should we sit idle, anticipating next moves by China. China for sure will be insensitive to India's reactions. But let it me. We have to give equally pumping punch to China. 

Now it takes question, whether India is capable of it. I would say yes India is capable of this, therefore we have to show that the missels paraded during the republic day parade work. 

Alright the point is taken, now the issue of human rights violations come up. 

The truth is that we live with the idea that since India lost the battle of 1962, India can never come out. But the trick should be to keep judging your limits. This is what all the superpowers do / did. Be it US, Soviet Union, and now China. 

China cares to differ in everything like
- Currency Fluctuations
- WTO membership
- Seek status in ASEAN
- Meddles with international borders
- Sings the song of SEZs
- UN Security Council

India on the other hand wants to pretend as a week follower, like
- I too want to be in UN Security Council
- We too have SEZs, though I dont see any need of exports processing units in a capitalist economy. Give it a better defination that what has been given by China
- Taking anti-dumping measures for Chinese goods, rather than having huge potential of dumping services in China. I would not like to touch on it any further as I am not well informed about this domain
- Wht China is friends with Pakistan and not India

Please dear policy makers, stop pointing fingers and move from what is visible. Dont do what China is doing. This will only make india a sharing associative relationship with China, dont be like a small fish which swims behind the shark. India has to come up with its Jumbo fancy and get things in shape. 

Investments are coming to India, but what benefit is it giving to the large pool of small and medium industries. Entrepreneurship is high on the spirits of India, but this has been segmented to a niche population. The term has been confused with businessmen who move upto other domains to extensify businesses. Nothing concrete has comeup as an exceptional case study on entrepreneurship from the services class.

Author's Note: India has to come up with its Jumbo fancy and get things in shape. It has to become a shark which swims alone. 

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