Wednesday 30 September 2009


Thought of writing some random stuff. 

Its just no work in office and I keep surfing all day. Thanks to no working mode I have been filling post to post on my secret online portal. I feel accomplished when I read the streams of thoughts that cross my mind. So just sharing a bit of it on this public domain. 

Now, the idea that I just found to write on is
~~What should be hidden and what should be told~~

Human perception is semi-permeable. Accept what sounds logical to one-self and discard everything that sounds absurd. 

- S/he has a big appetite. How can someone eat so much
- S/he does not eat anything. How xcan someone not eat anything
- S/he sense of dressing is strange
- S/he buys expensive accessories
- S/he goes for roadside stuff
- S/he is a looner
- S/he is going around
- S/he says she will remain single forever
- S/he goes around with a new person every other day
- .............. and the list never endsss!!

Interesing enough to justify. People dont accept others the way they are. People have to find topics to talk about. Anything from ones personal life can be projected with a juicey mix of perception semi permeability. The entire message gets distorted.

The entire gossip industry, tabliod world eats, drinks and love this facet of human behaviour.

Author's Note: Wrote JLT ~ Just Like That!


  1. Yes I agree. I am a practitioner of the "Live and Let Live" philosophy. Maybe having spent lots of years of my life in Bombay, this quality (if I can call it that) has been imbibed into me.

    I never really bother about anyone unless he/she steps on my toes. But I guess if my philosophy gets too many followers then many Businesses will loose their revenue.

    But as individuals, I absolutely fail to understand why people do this. Dont they have a life? Dont they have their own problems to sort out.

  2. well i completely agree to this...people are like this...but somehow I feel its human nature...every1 to an extend practice it....we do comment on others don't we??...but that doesn't mean we are trying to interfere in their lives....we just say what we feel...only because that's not too obviously for us or in other words not that acceptable...something we don't like (coz we are not used to it)...but people do change with time....something which is not acceptable for me today can be possible for me tomorrow.isn't it???


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