Sunday 9 April 2017

First Hello and Last Goodbye

The first hello and last goodbye are the toughest!

We all crave for a connection that clicks, that stays, that tells us that we are finally home. She felt it too, perhaps many a time. She felt it in his voice, touch and the way he looked at her. It was magic because she thought she was not made for love and now she was falling in love.

Much like a typical love story!

Saturday 8 April 2017

Everybody is a Bikini Body!

For as much as I recollect memories from my set experience, people judge others based on possibly every trait. Be it colour - fair, dark, medium; region, religion, and body. Not that they are perfect themselves, but if you don't fall in line with their idea of perfection - you are doomed.

So the clue I am taking here is whether it is about colour, caste, creed or anything at all, there are shallow people out there. Sad part is that they do not see their level of degraded mindset. It is all cool, to perhaps take down someone's head to a level when they feel that they are not good enough.

I now know that there is not point trying to change them, it is more important to say that whatever they think is quite insignificant, because one of the ways it ends up to is the bikini body concept.

Source: Google

I would like to end this post by reiterating that Everybody is a bikini body, just because there are shallow, judgmental and small-minded people out there, everyone get to know that no matter what - their bodies, heritage, colour is just fine. There are goals to achieve, but let's not judge people based on the choices they make.

Let them all don their fancy swimsuits - xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl and so one to enjoy their times at the beach!

Friday 7 April 2017

Getting Hurt

It's ok to get hurt.
It is ok to cry.
Get the pain out of you.
Or make it stay to create art out of it
Derive your strength from it.
There is no number of days or weeks or months that can assure when you will not feel the pain. It stays!
And we learn to live with it...

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Devil's Advocate - A Fool in Love

Almost everyone I know, has at one point given up on being logical and went with the calling. The calling for what they believed was a once in a lifetime kind of love. Just like you, I or that handsome hunk you set your eyes on in Starbucks (it happened with me today ;)) has fallen for: lies, mysteries, deception, manipulation, crazy-making and what not!

But my question here is why not? Even when someone was really really mean to you, didn't you learn that you don't want to be with that mean soul? Had s/he not happened to you, a great life lesson would have snapped off. Did you realize that while you were trapped with a narcissist, you actually found out that you have an emphatic and compassionate soul? You were able to come to terms with reality, not just yours but those minute details you let go of.

Most tragedies, greatness, realization, et al come from love. It's ok to be a fool in love, what's not okay is to settle for a fool!

He wore black and I wore white.
He would always win the fight. 
Bang Bang, that aweful sound!

Tuesday 4 April 2017


So much has changed today
It was not so long that we stayed
Beneath the trees and sang aloud
The songs that made us wanting
To come to each other in moments
The moments when we smiled for parting
And cried for love to stay

Even when I count on the days
When we are way past the glory days
And the hair string grows grey
It will still be not so long ago
That so much could have been changed
As I will keep you fresh in my mind

Monday 3 April 2017

Break Free | Be Brave

My darling let go and then be brave. Break free of the shallows created by the world that hold you a prisoner. The past that left you with bruise & tattered, by those brave hearts who held the shining armor were not the real brave. For it to be real, the armor has to be tattered and dull, like that of a real warrior. The day that went dull was a reminder that you need more than just routine in it. As you struggle through the day, you are break to break free.

Brave is when your heart pounds, but you tell the truth
It is when you leave them wondering why they have been let free
Brave is when you set them free to face their own demons

Break free of knuckles, chuckles, claps and accreditation, in the end it is only the talk you have with you.

What else makes one brave? Add in the comment.

Saturday 1 April 2017


Every morning a 'buzz, snooze, sleep, buzz' activity goes on for at-least an hour before I hop out of my bed and start getting ready for office. Although my morning start a little late than most of you.

I hope you don't get me wrong here - I am not lazy to keep sleeping.. Sleep is the gateway to dreams ;p

Alarm is the wake up call! Take it practically or metaphorically.
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