Wednesday 5 April 2017

Devil's Advocate - A Fool in Love

Almost everyone I know, has at one point given up on being logical and went with the calling. The calling for what they believed was a once in a lifetime kind of love. Just like you, I or that handsome hunk you set your eyes on in Starbucks (it happened with me today ;)) has fallen for: lies, mysteries, deception, manipulation, crazy-making and what not!

But my question here is why not? Even when someone was really really mean to you, didn't you learn that you don't want to be with that mean soul? Had s/he not happened to you, a great life lesson would have snapped off. Did you realize that while you were trapped with a narcissist, you actually found out that you have an emphatic and compassionate soul? You were able to come to terms with reality, not just yours but those minute details you let go of.

Most tragedies, greatness, realization, et al come from love. It's ok to be a fool in love, what's not okay is to settle for a fool!

He wore black and I wore white.
He would always win the fight. 
Bang Bang, that aweful sound!


  1. Yup, agree. Well said. Every encounter (and I use that word consciously :)) grows us. The more cracked a heart is, the more its value increases.


  2. I guess we get to learn something out of everything, so yeah I agree with you :)
    BTW, I love that song, one of the best by Guetta.

  3. Yes have had these moments too when knowing that he wasnt right for me, I still longed for him.

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  4. Good poem. Well done.

  5. Sometimes when I introspect, I feel that most often than not, what we think is love is actually our fascination with a person whom we have made a muse for our outlandish visions of a love-filled world. It usually ends when the muse disappears or shatters our vision.

    And then we move onto a new muse. The cycle goes on :p



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