Monday 3 April 2017

Break Free | Be Brave

My darling let go and then be brave. Break free of the shallows created by the world that hold you a prisoner. The past that left you with bruise & tattered, by those brave hearts who held the shining armor were not the real brave. For it to be real, the armor has to be tattered and dull, like that of a real warrior. The day that went dull was a reminder that you need more than just routine in it. As you struggle through the day, you are break to break free.

Brave is when your heart pounds, but you tell the truth
It is when you leave them wondering why they have been let free
Brave is when you set them free to face their own demons

Break free of knuckles, chuckles, claps and accreditation, in the end it is only the talk you have with you.

What else makes one brave? Add in the comment.


  1. Poetic! Here from the A-Z and wish you all the best for the challenge,

    From Madly-in-Verse

  2. Being your authentic self. Nice job with this.

    1. I'm also participating in the challenge - good luck with it. A to Z 2017

  3. That is beautiful! The imagery in your writing is wonderful. Best of luck with the A to Z!
    B is for Belief

    Kaye Draper, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Romance Author

  4. Just Be!

    Beth Lapin

  5. Being brave is usually only for a short time - after that it is a way of life...


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