Monday 28 July 2008

Nuclear Deal and the bomb attacks: Could this be a nexus?

Terrorism makes loud voice. The sound that kill, slither and horrify!

They don’t like America, they don’t want the nuclear deal!

Mearly days after winning the trust vote, India is rocked.

UPA won the majority in Parliament

Prospects of bagging the Nuclear Deal brighten

25 bomb blasts in two consecutive days (Bangalore and Ahmedabad)

Death toll reaches 45

High Alert across India
Army marching towards sensitive areas
Terror help lines activated
Citizens asked to remain vigilant

The analysts feel that these attacks were inspired by the theme of recently released Bollywood flick, Contract. I hold a different point of view. Terrorists and the Nuclear Deal!

Amongst the reasons for the serial blasts could be, the tendencies to cripple India’s International stand and highlighting nation’s laid back attitude. Additionally laxity on the part of the Intelligence forces further aggravates the contention. Showing the world that India is not a responsible Nation, able enough to be granted Nuclear Support.

What is your take on it? Please Comment on the topic.


Saturday 19 July 2008

The Shopping Expedition

Delhi has recently witnessed mushrooming shopping complexes, malls, hyper marts among others. On the contrary, the old world charm of some traditional unorganised markets remains intact. However these shopping outlets have evolved with time.

My shopping expedition starts and ends at Kamla Nagar, this is one of the hippest hangout options for me. I am not comfortable with the idea to shop at any other shop-out, than to stroll around, on the enthusiastic streets of Kamla Nagar. The market presents a contrast of the modern and conventional, of the young and the evolved section of society. The major crowd puller towards the market is the University of Delhi North Campus.

To begun with, Bunglow Road is a paradise for the youth. Name a brand and you will find hoards of shopping outlets offering the best under the category. Lee, Levis, Spykar, UCB are the prominent ones. As you walk down towards the Bada Gol Chakkar, branded outlets of Pepe, USI, Buddy Davis, Priknit showrooms offers the youth of today a perfect shopping retreat.

Not just the branded stuff, one can take hold of hip kurtis, trendy belts, accessories, shoes, juttis, suits etc from the roadside the stalls. These stalls offers the best of the fashion at the most competitive rates.

Eating here is a pleasure-able experience. At every second step, one can easily locate an eating joint to pamper the taste buds. Chacha's chole bhature is an ultimate delicacy, which attracts visitors from the far flung areas, which certainly includes the students of the campus. Momo's point situated at a secluded spot catches the attention of the people from North east as well as the youth, despite the visible fact that many competitors Chinese eatouts have set shops right next to it, Momos point retains its charm.

Kamla Nagar is the conventional cum enthusiastic hangout option for the youth of today. Even the evolved section of the society cannot afford to offer a compulsory visit to the market during the festive seasons. My shopping expedition revolves around Kamla Nagar where I can find the best of Indian, formals and casuals, to carry home in a shopping bag.
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