Monday 28 July 2008

Nuclear Deal and the bomb attacks: Could this be a nexus?

Terrorism makes loud voice. The sound that kill, slither and horrify!

They don’t like America, they don’t want the nuclear deal!

Mearly days after winning the trust vote, India is rocked.

UPA won the majority in Parliament

Prospects of bagging the Nuclear Deal brighten

25 bomb blasts in two consecutive days (Bangalore and Ahmedabad)

Death toll reaches 45

High Alert across India
Army marching towards sensitive areas
Terror help lines activated
Citizens asked to remain vigilant

The analysts feel that these attacks were inspired by the theme of recently released Bollywood flick, Contract. I hold a different point of view. Terrorists and the Nuclear Deal!

Amongst the reasons for the serial blasts could be, the tendencies to cripple India’s International stand and highlighting nation’s laid back attitude. Additionally laxity on the part of the Intelligence forces further aggravates the contention. Showing the world that India is not a responsible Nation, able enough to be granted Nuclear Support.

What is your take on it? Please Comment on the topic.


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