Friday 14 June 2013

Modi - The Prime Time Indian Tamasha

Secular state is meant to be a state where the government does not recognise the existence of any religion. Is BJP moving towards it? After the failed Hindutva shield, now we are witnessing a grave wave of Modi-ising BJP. Hinduism is not a word I get to hear in news anymore, and Modi promises to be the face of Indian democratic (read authoritarian democracy).

People feel that if you will get elected, you will replicate the Gujarat model to India. I foresee that you are going to be the Indian Prime Time Tamasha for some time now till we zero-on on the Prime Minister for 2014-2019. I wish to know will you be able to manage inflation better? and how will you do that? Will there be more opportunities for me to grow professionally? Will there be more jobs? Will I be able to travel safe at night or even during the day time? How much of my salary will be exempted from taxes? Will there be no power cuts?

But besides these typical questions, I wish to discuss something with Mr Modi. I do not care if he is a challenge to the congress party, whether he will adorn the throne of the Indian Prime Minister, whether his right-wing policies will help India shine or sparkle, but I have an ideological disconnect with him...

Disconnect 1 - Inflicting terror in the name of Religion. Does the burning of a train by allegedly a sect of society justify a civil war? I remember when I was in some conference and a Star News anchor shared his experience while covering Gujarat during the riots - He said ambulances were parked, police personnel stationed at the riot site, but no one was ready to help the injured. Ultimately we used the Star News van to take the injured man to the hospital. How will you ensure that you will not hide in your shell if you are the national ruler and some riots break somewhere?

Disconnect 2 - Choking the freedom of speech. When Indian Media, BBC, CNN extensively covered the riots, why was Al Jazeera, Arab based news channel, not permitted to cover, or for that matter even enter India? Tell me will you let me write my blog or will you be causing turmoil on my tweets? (much like Mr. Sibal has been doing lately)

I am wondering that why is Mr Modi not addressing people like me? Mr Modi, can we talk across the table and discuss our concerns, rather than trying to put across justifications to outsiders and being in news about Whartons of the world.

Author's Note: Once I was crossing North Campus, saw a poster, I tried to click the picture but it did not come out well. I thought I will click the next day.. But the next day there was no poster. The only thing I read on the posted that Modi is trying to unite the nation, and was paying a visit to my city. Political rivalry you see.

P.S.: Those who think that they are an appointed spokesperson for Mr Modi are more than welcome to comment and try hard to change my mind.

P.P.S.: To my friends, if you find me in jail once this post goes live, do come to pay me a visit or two.
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