Tuesday 13 July 2010


And this is what happens when you turn an year older!

At the outset I would like to thank for all the wishes on my birthday that falls on 12 July! The day and the following day were amazing and I was out of the reach of virtual world! My apologies to all those who messaged / wrote posts on facebook wall wishing me on the day! Thanks a ton guys!

The day was momentous, my room is on a renovation mode and I was struck in bad weather and traffic late at night! And I will always remember this birthday as a out of home super adventure celebrations!

Now what is it that happens when you turn an year older? Friends sing 'many boy friends to you' and her mum correct her 'no just one husband to her!' Well I am not planning to marry this year itself, but I think I am not meant to be single this year! So the guy hunt is on! Please, for all those who feel that they can come ahead and ask me out do so, but its purely upto my discretion to accept it or no!

My cousin sister tells me to find a guy! According to her Abhay Deol is good and I can go ahead and ask him out! Well how do I find his contact number and she is quick to tell me to dive in the virtual world, call him up and he will not come to Delhi to fight with me! She has just stepped into adolescence but she knows it all. She tells me that check out his lifestyle, attitude, personality, behaviour, family!But for me only three things matter! I would rather keep it to myself than having someone changed to those parameters, probably unconsciously. On my asking her how does she know all these matters, well its all thanks to"Rakhi ka Swayamwar"! Sigh

My other cousin could not stop a wow when she was informed that I cut two chocolate cakes on my birthday :)

What is it that would have made my birthday special. Well its rain, it soothes me! But its after effects (read traffic, mucked up, sludged roads etc) freak me out! 'Any surprise is better than no surprise', this can also make my day. 

So what are my resolutions this year? Well I am all fed-up of following resolutions so I resolve the funda of resolution by exclaiming that "I will take life as it comes and be happy!"

Author's Note: This is a post dated post! Love my sisters, family, cousins, and all my friends! I would not have grown this old without you~ (cough cough)

P.S.: Never ask a girl her age, a guy his salary and a student his/her marks, it hurts :p

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Saturday 3 July 2010

Love in Class Three~

I was in class three and so was she

The teacher asked her to sit next to me
She had a pink bag and two pony
And I was in love with she!

When the school arranged a picnic spree
For sailing a ship on the sea
She sang at the opera party
And I was in love with she!

We went fishing at the beach
She had long hair and a streak
Had a great time at the school party
And I was in love with she!

Author's Note: Looking forward to more inputs to this post via comments ;p !

Thursday 1 July 2010

When it rains

Sunny sky turns awry
Birds chirping gets jolly
Trees play see saw with the rain drops
Kids refuse to step inside the house
Lovers stay together till the last drop
Gardens turn in lakes
Men under umbrella stand aside
Waves in sea jump aloud
Tadpoles swim inside every stake
Wooden stool turns soggy
Gangsters go for a murderous drive
Gamblers bet a bit more high
Florists get a good hike
Roads get cleaned and so is the sky
I miss my childhood when I go up high
Sit on the terrace and wish it stays alike
When it rains non stop I wish it stays for a while
But its ironical to think about the child
Who has just lost his best mud made toy in his small hut
Sitting on the roof and wishing it should stop for a while. 
So that his father swim and take him to the other side!

Author's Note: I love when it rains, its all so beautiful when it rains. But many areas are flooded due to rains and many child loose their most relished toys and games. Ironical isn't it?

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