Saturday 3 July 2010

Love in Class Three~

I was in class three and so was she

The teacher asked her to sit next to me
She had a pink bag and two pony
And I was in love with she!

When the school arranged a picnic spree
For sailing a ship on the sea
She sang at the opera party
And I was in love with she!

We went fishing at the beach
She had long hair and a streak
Had a great time at the school party
And I was in love with she!

Author's Note: Looking forward to more inputs to this post via comments ;p !


  1. Hello Shine.

    Good for the guy who found his love at a very early age.

    Hope everything is good at your side.

  2. Wats the conclusion of of dat cute SHE

  3. Abhi: well its for the readers to think. Add on lets form a story here....

    Dr. Parmar: Things great at my end... Sure the guys happy too.~~~

  4. good one. looking forward to the next part. hope they grew up and story continues . . .


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