Thursday 1 July 2010

When it rains

Sunny sky turns awry
Birds chirping gets jolly
Trees play see saw with the rain drops
Kids refuse to step inside the house
Lovers stay together till the last drop
Gardens turn in lakes
Men under umbrella stand aside
Waves in sea jump aloud
Tadpoles swim inside every stake
Wooden stool turns soggy
Gangsters go for a murderous drive
Gamblers bet a bit more high
Florists get a good hike
Roads get cleaned and so is the sky
I miss my childhood when I go up high
Sit on the terrace and wish it stays alike
When it rains non stop I wish it stays for a while
But its ironical to think about the child
Who has just lost his best mud made toy in his small hut
Sitting on the roof and wishing it should stop for a while. 
So that his father swim and take him to the other side!

Author's Note: I love when it rains, its all so beautiful when it rains. But many areas are flooded due to rains and many child loose their most relished toys and games. Ironical isn't it?


  1. wow. beautiful.. i love it too when it rains. and eagerly waiting for their arrival. A good welcome to the upcoming monsoon showers

  2. Awesome yar
    as beauti as wen the first rains pour down the chin.

  3. Oh I loved the post just like I love the rain..

    Yes it's ironical how rain proves to be a boon for some and on the other hand shatters someone's world in a flash.

  4. i am flattered.... :)
    good going.. keep it up :D


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